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The AI Personality Program

"Once you've placed your angel in the 'customization chamber', insert the 'AI Personality Program' CD into the CD drive on the side of the 'Custom Angel-top'…" Misaki blinked slowly, glancing at the silver CD in her left hand, before leaning over in her chair to examine the side of the small, laptop-like, device used for creating and customizing angels. Sure enough, there was a small slot to slide CD's into, and the sapphire-eyed girl nodded to herself silently, before sliding the CD into the drive. Picking up the instruction manual she'd been reading form earlier, she began to scan its contents again, "After you insert the 'AI Personality Program' a window should pop up after a few seconds, asking you to start the program. Select 'yes', and wait until the program starts."

Misaki glanced up at the screen, staring at the small popup box that had appeared on the screen reading, 'Would you like to start the AI Custom Personality Program?, at the bottom of which two buttons read 'yes' and 'no'. Using the finger-pad to move her mouse over the 'yes' button, she clicked, then looked at the small booklet in her hands again, reading its contents aloud to herself, as one of the yellow rings from the customization chamber floated upward, encasing Hikaru in the same yellow chamber-like space as when she had first been created,

"The program will load itself onto the angel-top (this may take a few moments, depending on the model you own), once the program is loaded, it will ask you a series of questions about yourself, and your angel, to create it's custom personality…" she lowered the booklet slowly, looking at the screen of her angel-top, which now read,

"Angel: Hikaru, light-weight model specializing in speed. Dues: Misaki Suzuhara. Is this information correct?" Misaki looked over at Hikaru, who was floating in the small chamber, staring at her almost emotionless ruby eyes, before returning her eyes to the screen once again, and selecting 'correct'.

The screen went blank for a moment, before flashing several times, the winged Angelic Layer logo appeared on the screen for a few moments, followed by the words 'AI Personality Program' with a picture of a white angel in the background, who Misaki instantly recognized as Athena, "I guess this is what mom and Mr. Icchan were working on recently… she was talking about an 'exciting upgrade' for all the angels… but I didn't expect something like this…" She fell silent as the screen faded to blank, words quickly began to scroll up the screen, in the form of questions with various answers available to choose from, with some having blanks for answers to be typed in.

Sapphire eyes scanned the first question, followed shortly by an exasperated gasp,

"Question one of two-hundred?" Misaki glanced at the clock, and sighed softly, "Well…It's only nine-thirty if I start now, and go quickly, I should be able to finish before ten…" And after that…Misaki continued silently in her head, I'll have to go to bed… since I have to wake up early tomorrow. Nodding to herself in determination, Misaki flexed her fingers, before looking back at the first question again, "Let's see…'Question 1: Is your angel male, or female?'… Oh, Hikaru is female of course!" she clicked on the bubble for the answer, then glanced down at the next one, "Alright, 'Question 2: About how old would you assume your angel to be? (I.E- Child 1-10, Pre-teen 11-12, Teen 13-19, Young adult 20-29, Adult 30-49 or Veteran 50+ Please do not select an age higher than 100.' These are easy enough… I should get done in no time…" Clicking on the blank box, Misaki quickly typed in 16, "That would make her older than me but, I don't want her too young…Now let's see, next, 'Question 3: Does your angel…'…"

Misaki let out a large yawn, stretching her arms as she leaned back in her chair. She let out a small groan as her back cracked, "Wow… that look a lot longer than expected…but… I didn't expect questions like…" a blush quickly spread across her face as questions 172 and 173 flashed in her mind.

"Question 172: Do you have a crush, and if so, who?" below that one had been the answers 'yes' and 'no', and next to the 'yes' selection, there had been a blank to type in a name. Question 173 had read,

"Question 173: Does your angel have a crush, or do you think they would have one? If so, who would it be?" the answer selection to this one had been identical to the one above it, with 'yes' and 'no' and a blank box for typing in a name. The next question had asked if the user had a 'lover' and not simply a 'crush' and several after had followed asking about if marriage or engagement was involved.

Why this information was needed, Misaki would only imagine, but the fact that Icchan and her mother had made it, seemed to make the questions slightly less foreboding, and closer to somewhat of a joke, but the poor girl was too tired to think much on it now, she had had a busy day, and the questions, which she had hoped would only take half an hour, ended up taking well over an hour, as some of them had been much deeper than one would expect from something that was supposed to be 'a toy'.

Reaching out to the angel-top once more, Misaki hovered her mouse over 'submit and finish' for a moment, before clicking. The program flashed several times, and another window popped up with a 'progress bar'. In the lower right corner of the box, in small text read 'Estimated time of finish: 05:45:05'. Occasionally a green sphere that Misaki recognised as Athena's attack flashed through the crystalline blue bar.

"Almost six hours…" Misaki sighed again, running a hand slowly through her hair, though, thinking about it, she couldn't expect something like this to just happen instantly. With all the questions she'd been asked, and how elaborate the instruction manual had made the AI program sound, it was nothing of a surprise to see how long it would take for the process to be complete.

Standing up, she stretched once more, before walking over to the light-switch, flipping it off,

"I guess, you'll have to stay at the desk tonight, Hikaru…" she muttered, giving the angel a sympathetic look, "Sorry about that, but hopefully, this new program will make it up to you…" Walking over to her bed, Misaki sat down on the edge, picking up a sheet of paper from her bedside table, her eyes drifting over the elegant script like writing that graced its' whiteness, a small blushed and smile on her face, as she read through the letter for the ump-teenth time that day.


I know you don't enjoy being treated special, or receiving things like this in advance, but when my brother told me about it, and asked if I'd help him test it, I couldn't wait to try it out. Your mother was planning on giving you a copy of the program as soon as it came out, but I was able to convince my brother to give me a second copy of the program to give to you myself when I got mine.

As I write this, Wizard is next to me, having the program installed into him right now, it may take a while, and the question list is… Unique to say the least, but since it was my brother, and your mother, working on the program (with the help of the rest of the crew I'm sure) I can safely say, there is nothing in there I wouldn't expect from them…At least, not really

I've reserved us one of the private practice rooms tomorrow in 'Piffle Princess', for eight in the morning. I apologize if this is too early for you, but I was able to get the room for the whole day, so if you wish to sleep in, don't worry about a time-limit, and I'll be happy to wait until you've gotten your desired amount of sleep, and done anything else you've had planned. I truly hope I have not messed up and previous plans you might have had… I must sound like a small child in a candy shop about this whole ordeal, and I admit, even as I write, I seem to be trembling with excitement, and I feel like I am getting far to ahead of myself with this.

I look forward to seeing how you use the program with Hikaru (and I'm sure Wizard is as well), and if all goes well, I hope that, the four of us, can all have an enjoyable time tomorrow.

I look forward to seeing you tomorrow, Misaki.


PS- After you install the program, in case we don't get to meet up, even if you only use the training layer I gave you several years ago before the finals, you should still be able to see, and try out, the results of the program just fine, but I do hope we get the chance to try it for the first time, together.

The letter had been attacked to a manila-envelope, with the AI PP software inside, and an instruction manual, and was waiting for her on her desk when she got hope. Scrawled across the envelope in a more rushed, but obviously still his, version of the same script that the letter had been written in was, 'I stopped by your house after I finished training at the lab, your aunt said you weren't home, but don't worry, I gave this to her. I didn't actually put it inside your room myself; I'd never go into your room without your consent, or you with me. The small message had made her laugh when she read it, but the letter itself had her face a bright cherry-red by the time she'd finished reading it.

Yawning, she folded the letter back up, opened the drawer on her bedside table, and placed it inside, before sliding it shut again, and turning off the small lamp on the table. The room was immediately encased in darkness, save for the soft glow coming from the screen of the angel-top, but it wasn't bright enough to bother Misaki's sleep, and even if it was, she was too exhausted to let it bother her.

Falling back against the pillow, she called out a faint,

"Goodnight, Hikaru, see you in the morning…" before turning over in bed, slipping under her covers, and shutting her eyes, her mind drifting away in a dreamland filled with all the possibilities of what the next day might bring.


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