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The timeline of this story is explained if you have a keen eye at a few details.

Star Gazing

Chapter 1

I sat in the school library looking at my homework with no enthusiasm to finish it. 'I can't focus' she thought frustrated.

She tried so hard to get 'him' out of her mind but she just could not find it possible.

It was just so unnatural, just so... wrong. But somehow she had a crush on him.

Mind you a few days ago it was mindless curiosity. But slowly it was turning into an obsession.

'Probably one of the biggest crushes of my 14 year old life.' She thought.

It drove Star crazy just how hard it was to stop thinking about it. That this one insignificant boy could have such huge effect on her daily life.

'What did this little nerd have that attracted her?' Star thought in dismay

He had no redeeming qualities. He wasn't super smart, he wasn't rich and most certainly wasn't athletic. She saw him in gym class through her childhood. Being usually picked last or second last because of how clumsy he was.

Star was also part of the A-list. One of the people who are supposed to squash him like a cockroach, dumb jocks like Dash and Kwan found it easy to squish him into a locker! Why did she find it hard to squash his spirits with her A-list superiority?

She tried to rack her brain of qualities that could explain why she would like him. Was it his raven black hair? Maybe, I mean it was amazing how messy his hair can be.

Was it his smile? No way, it was just too goofy. She started to think up an image of his smile. There was no cockiness with the smile, it was pure exhilaration, pure joy. Unlike a smile of some jock throwing the winning touchdown pass in some worthless football game. The smile would show his teeth that weren't perfect, but seemed straight enough not to require braces.

Before she could stop herself, she sighed as she admired the image in her mind.

'Ok, I obviously like his smile' She thought embarrassed.

What else could he have? He's as skinny as a jutted fish. He wasn't overly tall nor short, just somewhere in-between.

His eyes were... and then she saw him, the boy that had been plaguing her mind for the past week just passed by her with little to no indication of noticing her.

'How could he not notice me? I'm an A-list!' She thought furiously.

She looked out towards him in his usual get up, a white t-shirt with blue jeans and red running shoes. She looked at his face and noticed his sparkling ice blue eyes.

Her heart almost melted. The colour of them was the most beautiful eyes she'd have ever seen, and the light from the window just amplified just how shockingly blue they were.

'I guess I like his eyes too.' She thought as she continued to stare.

He looked into the book shelves but she barely noticed as she unknowingly looked at his butt. Realizing what she was doing, she shook her head trying to rid herself of these thoughts.

'Damn hormones, he's just a nerd. You should be thinking of someone else! Like the lead singer of Dumpty Humpty.' She told herself in her mind.

As she continued to stare the Goth geek stepped up from the end of the shelf and started to talk to him. This made her blood start to boil.

'What did she have that I don't?' She thought furiously.

The girl started to smile as the boy said something and the Goth geek, Sam was it? Started to laugh.

'I should be the one over there laughing at whatever he just said' Star thought furiously. 'I should be the one who could wow him with her good looks'

She tossed her shining hair as an agreement to her inner argument. But instead she was stuck.

Stuck behind invisible guideline between him and her. There was a line that told her that he was off limits, but not because he was too good for her. It was because of her status as an A-list, and if she talked to him at any time then there'd be a major backlash in her life.

She would be kicked out of the A-list, leaving her friend less and unpopular. And she didn't want that. Despite what others may think, she likes the shallow lifestyle of being popular.

It may be a more complicated life, but it was her life.

"And I guess he's just out of my reach." The girl whispered.

Then the door to the library slammed open revealing a beautiful 14 year old Hispanic girl wearing a blue long sleeve shirt with black pants. Paulina was the queen bee of the A-list and I was her satellite.

"Star! Star! There's a sale going on at the mall! Let's go!" Paulina exclaimed in excitement.

Not expecting the Hispanics appearance, Star jumped in surprise.

The librarian quickly shushed Paulina while giving her a cold glare. Paulina just ignored the librarian, looking back to Star.

"Come on, already let's get going." Paulina said more calmly.

"Yeah, just a sec." Star said exasperated.

Star started to pack up her bag looking up to observe her crush, Danny Fenton and Sam Manson had stepped away from the shelf and were both walking towards her and Paulina.

"So, you and Tucker are coming to my house for my parents, grand unveiling of their prized invention" Danny asked with a hint of sarcasm.

"Oh I wouldn't miss it for the world." Sam said returning Danny's sarcasm with a laugh.

As the two passed Paulina and me, Sam just gave Paulina the hard glare that Paulina just returned. Danny just rolled his eyes at the staring contest between the two young teens. Danny started to guide Sam away from Paulina trying to leave the library without a fight breaking out.

Once Paulina felt that Sam was far enough, she looked down at Star. "God I hate that Goth freak!" Paulina said in venom.

Star had to agree, since she had a firm grasp on her crush. "Yeah, me too!"

Star got her packed backpack off the ground and stood up straight, tossing her well moisturized blond her into the air a bit

"Now let's go to the mall." Star told the queen bee of the school.

"Yeah! I'm sooo going to get that pink tank-top with the sky blue jeans that I found at that store beside..." Paulina said.

Star soon just blocked out Paulina as she talked about clothes, thinking back to Danny.

'Maybe it's just not meant to be' Star thought sadly.

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