Ranma: Protector of Nerima

Somewhere in Nerima...

"You shouldn't be out all alone at night!" the man with the coat hanger hanging from his nose taunted, "There are scary and dangerous people out here!" He snickered, while idly flipping a large knife around menacingly.

"Yeah," started the guy with the mohawk that had each spike capped with pink bow ties, flashing the woman a mal-treated smile that was missing several pieces of teeth. He spit on the ground and started fiddling with the thick chain he had wrapped around his arm, "there are crazy people out all over here!"

"Yeah, you can get hurt!" the third man with a shaven head that was wearing his boxer shorts outside his pleather pants as a fashion statement, "And that would be a cry'n shame!"

All three chuckled sinisterly as they eyed the woman, allowing a bit of drool to escape from their mouths.

The blonde and extremely attrative woman who was obviously rape bait in unoriginal story setups like this, backed up while shifting her groceries protectively, "Uh, then, what would be a safer route?" She asked timidly.

"Why, just go back about half a block, go left until you come to a small market place in an alley, and cut through there. It's usually pretty well lit and everyone's friendly so you won't be bothered too much. Hey, talk to tha guy running the Gyro cart, his name's Hiro, to that Eazy B sent ya, he'll hook ya up with a phat sandwich!"

"Oh, why, thank you," the woman replied with a meek, yet gratified tone, "I had must moved to this area, and don't know my way around."

"No problem, just be careful, alright?" the one named Eazy-B warned.

"Feh, out of towners," the one with the coat hanger quipped.

"I hear ya," replied the one with the bows. All three of then went back to looking sinister.

Somewhere else in Nerima

A redhead overlooked the city, her city, while petting her shaven pussy sensually. There was nothing that went on in her city that she didn't first have knowlege of before hand, mainly because it was her city. Truthfully, it wasn't her city, but she believed it was her city without a doubt, so that was all that mattered.

"My city," the redhead whispered in that sinister way that lets everyone know that the one using the sinister whisper is most likely an evil villiness. The hairless animal in her lap mewed in reply, causing the redhead to pick it up and put its face to hers and coo at it, "Yes its mommy's city! yes it is! Mommy's city! Oh yes yes yes!"

She returned to rubbing her box, the one that was next to her plush throne. Eventually, she was going to get a really cool and sinister looking table to replace the box. The redhead shook her head, now was not the time for petty thoughts, she was supposed to be claiming her city.

"My city."

"Ranma, dinner's ready!" Akane called out, as she climbed onto the roof. She saw the redhead, and rolled her eyes, "Damn it, Ranma! How many times do we have to tell ya to get that damn lazy-boy off the roof and away from here? You can smell it all the way in the house!!!!"

Ranma turned a cold glare towards the impudent short-haired girl that dared be so cavalier toward her; didn't she realise that Ranma owned this city? "You're just mad because I found it before you!"

Akane sighed, before replying, "Honestly, there's a reason the Yamatos were throwing that thing out!" Akane then paused, and looked at the redhead girl with a contemplative expression, "Uh, Ranma? I thought you were scared to death of cats?"

The redhead paused in stroking the animal in her lap. Once it noticed the attention stopped, the animal turned to the redhead and mewed curiously.

"CAAAAAAAATTTTT!!!!!!!" Ranma screeched, as she dropped the cat in fright, and tumbled off the roof.

Ranma walked into the house, returning from her recent gig and flopped onto the couch with her butt pointing up.

At that moment, Nabiki walked in, "GEEZ! Ranma, cover those cheeks up! No body wants to see your curvacious, succulent, bare, delicious looking and utterly smackable femenine ass; with your modesty only protected by a thin string of cloth."

"Sorry," Ranma replied, flopping her cape down over herself, "I didn't take you guys into consideration."

Nabiki waived the apology off, when she noticed Ranma's tone, "Another botched job?"

"I really thought the monkey with the huge maraccas would be a great addition to my act!" Ranma sighed, fustrated. She turned herself over . She grimaced, and then reached behind her to pull out a blow dryer from her thong, "How in the world did I hide this in there?"

"Don't worry about it, Ranma," Nabiki said reassuringly, "The men around here just don't know quality entertainment."

"It was a fourteen year old girl's birthday party," Ranma replied, sullenly. Nabiki sat for a few minutes, unable to get the words to come out of her mouth. Finally, the reboot process for her brain finished into MandrakeLinux OS 8.2, and Nabiki continued, "Mount drive D:..."


"What I mean to say is, the girl was probably too immature to enjoy it. Don't let it get you down."

Ranma smiled, "Thanks, sis, you always know the right things to day."

"No prob," Nabiki replied, "But can you do me a favor?"

"Uh, what is it?"

"Can you stop gyrating your hips like that? It's... distracting." Ranma paused, and stilled herself.

"I'm sorry, I... don't know what came over me," the redhead replied slowly and evenly.

Ranma leapt from rooftop to rooftop, exhillarating in his abilities as a top rate martial artist. He looked down on the mere mortals who had to walk on the ground this morning. They were all grounded by their immense limitations; limatations he didn't have. Why didn't he have these limitations?

Because he was a top rate martial artist.

Mr. Jay says go to the head of the class.

Ranma decided to revel in his superiority, and started to make faces at the people down below. The action had a certain therapeutic aspect to it, which went to offset the painful feeling of running into a steel pipe sticking up from a roof and racking himself.

Ranma recovered quickly, reveling in his superiority, and went back to mocking the people down below, while paying more attention to where he was going. Ranma made a particularly grotesque face, when a couple being mugged in an alley caught his attention.

His parents, it was *his* parents who were being attacked! To his horror, he realized the one attacking them was none other than the very theif he let escape in his brashness during junior high...

**Gratuitous flashback scene**

"STOP! THIEF!" The police officer, that looked quite out of place chasing a young man through a junior high school, shouted.

Ranma looked up from standing on Ryoga's head while munching on a lunchbread, but allowed the thief to escape.

The thief was well escaped, before the red headed cop got to Ranma,"Now, Laddie! Why you go and be lett'n hardened criminals get away, now?"

"Sorry, but it ain't my problem," Ranma replied casually.

"Let his future victims be on your concious, young laddie!"

**End gratuitous flashback scene**

Putting on an extra boost of speed, Ranma only hoped he would get there in time...


Ranma froze, as he realized he was too late, "MOM, POP, NOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!"

The pigtailed boy quickly finished the iced cappachino he was indulging himself with at a closeby cafe, and ran into the alley across the street.

Ranma got to the two cold bodies of his parents laying down and cooling in the alley, and fell to his knees. He failed his parents, because he didn't use his abilities as a martial artist. At that moment, he realized, that with great power comes great responsibility.

"Mom, Pop, from this moment on, I swear to use my abilities to protect, so swears RANMA SAOTOME!" Ranma Saotome shouted, and cradled his mother's body to his chest. The pigtailed boy blinked, and looked at both the bodies, "Hey, you're not my parents!"