The Rope: A Salvatore War

Damon comes back to Mystic Falls with Katherine on his arm. To stop the destruction they caused, Bonnie does a spell to go back in time and prevent it all, but accidentally sends Elena back to 1864 in Katherine's place.

Chapter 1: He's Back

Elena made her way up the Salvatore driveway, gazing in awe at the amazing house before her. She had only known Stefan a few weeks but she found herself really liking him. He was sweet and intense, but he was also mysterious at the same time. She wanted to know more about him but he didn't really share much about himself. Today she decided to stop in and see him, hoping to get to know him better. Elena knocked on the door and waited for the massive door to open.

Stefan opened the door looking serious. "Elena…hi."

She smiled nervously. "Hey, I'm sorry to just drop by like this-" she fiddled with her hands.

Stefan smiled slightly. "No, it's alright…come in." He opened the door wider for her and led her into the extravagant living room. "Is everything okay?" he asked in a worried tone.

"Yeah, I just wanted to talk…I haven't seen you in a couple of days." She stated stepping closer to him. He hadn't been at school and she missed having his presence around her.

"I'm sorry." He apologized sincerely, tucking a lock of hair behind her ear. "A lot has been going on lately."

Elena frowned in concern. "Is everything okay…do you wanna talk about it?" she asked hoping he would open up to her.

He shook his head. "It's not important." He evaded smoothly. He flashed a grin before continuing. "Listen, I just need to talk to my uncle briefly, can you occupy yourself in here for a few minutes?" she nodded. "Okay, I'll be right back."

He left the room to enter the kitchen and Elena turned around with a deep sigh. Of course he wasn't going to tell her what was going on. She busied herself by drifting over to the mantle over the fireplace. There were pictures of who she assumed was Stefan's uncle with another woman, and a picture of Stefan with another man she didn't know. He was gorgeous! She picked up the frame and her lips quirked into a grin. It was in black and white, and each man had an arm thrown over the others shoulders, smiling brightly. They were wearing period costumes. Must be from Founder's Day. She thought to herself.

She turned around when Stefan walked back into the room sighing loudly. "Who is this with you?" she questioned, showing him the picture.

He stared at it unblinking, his jaw tensing, before answering. "That's my brother…Damon." He bit out his name with sourness.

"Hm…" she placed the picture back and sauntered closer to him. "I didn't know you had a brother." She smiled up at him.

Stefan rubbed the back of his neck uncomfortably. "Yeah well you'll be meeting him soon enough…he's coming into town tomorrow." He grumbled annoyed.

Elena's brows knitted together noticing the stress he seemed to be under at this knowledge. She snaked her arms around his waist in a comforting gesture. "You don't sound too happy about that."

Stefan gazed at her seriously. "My brother's not a good person. I would be a lot happier if he didn't come back to ruin my life."

Elena couldn't help herself from laughing. "That's a little dramatic don't you think?" she teased him. He sounded like her brother.

"You don't know Damon…"

"Aw…he can't be that bad! Maybe he's just misunderstood." A loud voice exclaimed from the entrance of the living room.

Stefan turned around and glared at the lithe form leaning in the door jab. "I thought you wouldn't be here until tomorrow?"

Damon smirked and pushed himself off the frame. "I lied." He looked around Stefan to catch Elena's eyes, before swinging back to Stefan with a raised brow. "Really?" he swaggered right up to Elena and held out his hand. "I'm Damon…Stefan's older, more interesting brother." He introduced smugly.

Elena placed her hand in his and was surprised when he lifted it to his lips for a kiss. "Elena." She forced out. That one kiss sent a shiver down her entire body.

"A pleasure to meet you Elena." His voice oozed with sex appeal. His startlingly blue eyes stayed locked on hers.

"What are you doing here Damon?" Stefan huffed, crossing his arms. "I thought you and Katherine were roaming the world." He was still mad at his brother for stealing her right from under his nose, and mad at her for not thinking twice about leaving him.

Damon shrugged. "We were…but there's no place like home, right?" he moved towards the mantle and picked up the same picture Elena was looking at. "This is such a cute picture of us Stef! Oh the good old days." He stated overzealously. He carelessly put it back facedown, and waltzed back towards his brother. "So I was thinking…I'd like to have my old room back, if you don't mind." He raised his eyebrows. "Katherine and I would like to make some new memories." He laughed at the revulsion on Stefan's face.

"Katherine's here?" he subtly glanced at Elena, who was looking more than a little confused.

Damon smirked. "Yea! She went out for a bite though." He clapped his hand down hard on Stefan's shoulder. "Well, I'm going to go unpack. So nice to meet you Elena…" he left the room whistling a jaunty tune. "Hey Zack!"

Elena looked at Stefan in puzzlement. "What was that all about?" he didn't answer, he seemed to be lost in his own thoughts. "Stefan…are you going to tell me what just happened? Who's Katherine?"

He sighed loudly. "Katherine is…my ex." He admitted.

Elena eyes widened. "And she's with Damon now?" he nodded. "How could he do that to you? Stefan I'm so sorry." She reached out and hugged him. "She's back now?"

Stefan nodded against her. "Yes…Elena I need you to know that I'm over Katherine. It was a long time ago, Damon just likes to throw it in my face every once in a while." He didn't know how he was going to keep them away from each other. He knew Katherine would enjoy messing with him and would probably confront Elena. He needed to tell her…but not now.

"Okay…" She knew there was more than what he was telling her, but she hoped he would tell her in time.

Damon lounged in Stefan's room, reading through his diaries. His feet were kicked up on his desk and he chuckled every so often. He didn't look up when Stefan walked into the room. "Very Emerson, the way you reveal your soul in so many-" Stefan speeds over and snatches the journal from his hands. "Adjectives." Damon threw his legs off the desk and stood up. "Let's talk about Elena…what's that about?"

Stefan sighed. "What's what about?" he grumbled putting his journals back in the armoire. He didn't want to talk about this with him.

Damon gave him a look of incredulity. "Um…the fact that she's the human version of Katherine herself. If you want to pretend that she isn't a product of your obsession Stef, then fine who am I to judge." Damon shrugged holding his hands out; he strolled up and looked dead in Stefan's eyes. "But if you think that I'm not going to torture you with this information you're an idiot." His blue eyes held a sparkle of amusement. "So…are you gonna tell her? Or should we just throw Katherine in front of her and let her figure it out herself?"

Stefan got in his older brother's face, glaring at him with a heavy brow. "You keep her away from Elena!"

Damon put on a scared face. "Ooh I'm so scared of your lack to fight me. Still snacking on squirrels, or have you moved up to bunnies now?" he taunted sarcastically. "Please I'm curious…what's going to stop me or Katherine for that matter, from doing whatever we want?" Damon crossed his arms bringing his hand up to his chin.

Stefan stood down but kept his eyes focused on Damon intensely. "What are you doing back here? What is it you want?" he demanded following Damon with his eyes as he roamed around the room.

"Brotherly bonding. I was hoping we could start over, let bygones by bygones, sweep it under the rug, turn a new leaf-" Damon rambled touching the spines of the books with one hand and gesturing vaguely with the other.

"Are you done?" the younger vampire interrupted impatiently.

"Almost…" Damon sped up to Stefan and stopped right in front of him. "Give in Stefan. Give in to the bloodlust…stop fighting it and live it!" Damon pushed adamantly holding his brother's shoulders tightly.

"No. This isn't going to work, I won't do it." Stefan forced himself not to be tempted by Damon's offer. It had been too long since he'd tasted human blood he wasn't going to ruin everything he built now.

Damon shrugged heedlessly. "Oh well…I guess we'll just have to do this the hard way. This could have been fun for you Stef…now it's just going to be fun for us." He winked before speeding out of Stefan's room.

Stefan plopped into his chair and leaned his head back. What was he going to do now? Damon and Kat were up to something…they always had an agenda; what it was he had no idea. The hardest part was keeping Elena away from it all. He had two choices: tell her, and bare the repercussions, or make her stay away.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Elena regretted not bringing her car. She thought the walk would be nice, and it was on the way here but now the sky had clouded over and it was colder. She looked to her left and frowned curiously when a blue Chevy Camero pulled up slowly.

The window came down and she relaxed a little. "Stefan didn't offer to give you a ride? That's pretty rude of him." He stated feigning concern.

"I wanted to walk…but I wasn't expecting the weather to start getting ugly on me." She replied glancing up at the dark sky.

Damon opened to door for her. "Get in; I'll give you a ride." She seemed hesitant at first but he threw on a charming smile. "I'll be a total gentleman, I promise."

Elena got in the car, and buckled up rubbing her palms on her jeans. She didn't know why but Damon made her feel nervous. Like if she looked at him she wouldn't be able to look away. Elena gave him the directions to her house quietly, as Damon pulled away from the curb.

Damon glanced at her from the corner of his eyes and smirked at her unease. "So, you and Stefan huh?"

Elena nodded. "Yeah…sort of anyway." She added as an afterthought. "We haven't really gotten past the sharing stage yet." She admitted quietly.

Damon chuckled. "Yeah, he's got a lot to share. So I'm assuming he didn't tell you all about Katherine: love of his life?" he baited casually.

Elena frowned in discomfort. She didn't know she was the love of his life. "Not exactly…just that she was his ex and he's over her." Stefan cared about her; she didn't want to worry about this Katherine coming back.

Damon scoffed to himself. "That is a lie." He glanced at her quickly before looking back at the road. "If you saw her you'd understand."

Elena nodded in acceptance. "She's pretty." Of course she was. She thought to herself.

"She's gorgeous, but that's not what I meant." He emphasized.

Elena huffed. "Well what do you mean?" she asked impatiently, knowing that she wasn't going to like the answer, whatever it may be.

Damon pulled on to her street and into the driveway she pointed out. Damon parked and turned towards her slightly. "Stefan's replacing her with you." He put as much concern and regret as he could into his tone.

Elena shook her head. "That's ridiculous!" she couldn't believe that, she'd be crazy to think that.

Damon raised a brow. "Is it? How well do you know my brother?" Damon stretched his arm out along the top on the bench seat.

"Better than I know you." She shot back, raising her brow in challenge.

Damon shrugged. "True…but the difference between me and Stefan is that I don't lie." He stated honestly. That was what made this whole conversation bittersweet; because he was telling the God's honest truth…well not his God.

"How do I know you're not lying right now?" she asked apprehensively. She had no idea why he was divulging all this information, but she was too curious not to find out.

Damon shrugged again. "I don't have any reason to." He leaned in a little closer, getting her full attention. "Trust me Elena, this obsession Stefan has with you and Katherine is not healthy, so get out while you still can." He loved being the one to plant the seed of doubt. It was so much fun seeing the confusion run rampant on her face.

Elena was quiet for a minute while she took it all in. "Why are you telling me this? Aren't you supposed to be the bad brother?" she teased a little.

Damon smirked; widening his eyes briefly in a way that made Elena's heart beat faster. "Oh I am…but it doesn't mean you need to get caught up in it." He forced a sincere smile. "It was really nice meeting you Elena."

Elena tried not to shiver at the way her name rolled off his tongue…she was dating his brother for God sakes! She nodded. "Thanks for the ride." She threw him a tight smile before opening the door and quickly making her way up to the door.

She called out a hello and ran up to her room intent on writing an entry in her diary. She decided to peek out her window just to see if Damon had left yet, and to her surprise he was still parked in her driveway. There was something about him that screamed at her but for the life of her she couldn't figure out what it was.

She sighed loudly, and reached behind her horse painting grabbing her journal. She leaned up against her headboard and opened the book to the last entry.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

Katherine walked around Damon's room wearing nothing but a black lacey bra and matching booty shorts, Damon was taking way to long and she was getting bored. She heard Stefan before she saw him. She turned around uncaring that she was next to naked. "Hello Stefan…" she looked at him from under her lashes.

Stefan couldn't help appraising her for a moment. "Katherine."

She frowned playfully. "Ooh, so formal. After all we've been through?" She sauntered over to him, letting her hips sway seductively.

Stefan crossed his arms over his chest. "After all you've put me through, be happy that I'm not killing you."

Katherine laughed out loud. "You honestly think you could?" She stepped closer to him, running a finger up his chest. "You couldn't and it has nothing to do with me being stronger than you." It amused her that after all time she still had his love even though she didn't return it.

Stefan struggled to not show any emotion. She was right, just the thought of ridding her from this world no matter how much she put him through, made him feel a loneliness he wasn't prepared to face. "Maybe…but it doesn't mean I want you here complicating my life." He explained removing her hand from his chest with much effort.

Katherine smiled brightly. "Sure it does. Admit it, you love that I turn your world upside down; it's what drew you to me in the first place." She used to love how eager he was to please her, how he loved her so dearly that even though she loved his brother more he stuck around. But eventually it got tedious. His love turned into an obsession, one that had her choosing Damon over him in the long run…he was more fun anyway. "You were always so eager to please…I loved that."

"But you didn't love me." Stefan choked out, the pain of her rejection as fresh as it was so many years ago.

Katherine's face showed no emotion at his words. "I didn't…and I told you that, but you continued to follow me around like a lost little puppy…I found an opportunity and I took it." She shrugged offhandedly.

Stefan's face was one of anguish and anger. "You faked your own death! You sentenced twenty six of you're friends to their death to get away from me!" he shouted in her face, his voice strained.

She was unaffected by his pain. "It worked didn't it?" she turned away from him making her way to the window looking out and touching the glass. "But I had other reasons for doing that." She trailed off thoughtfully, bringing herself back to that day and the decision she came to.

Stefan stared at her; her long wavy hair cascading down her back and the way her lace panties hugged her ass. Why couldn't he stop loving her? Stefan closed his eyes, gathering himself. "Why did you leave?"

Katherine glanced at him over her shoulder. "Ah, but the better question is, why did I come back?" she smirked in that sex kitten way that he always loved.

"Why did you come back?" he asked, watching as she roamed around Damon's room.

Katherine raised a finger. "I said it was a better question, not that I would answer it. I would like to know about this Elena though…she seems nice." She commented in a sweet nonchalant tone. She knew she had a doppelganger somewhere and she was just slightly perturbed that Stefan found her first. When Stefan didn't answer her she rolled her eyes up. "Oh come on Stefan you and I both know you're going to tell me anyways so why drag it out?" She cocked her hip to the side and rested her delicate hand on it.

"Please don't involve her in this; she's totally innocent." Stefan pleaded, although knowing that if Katherine wanted something she would do whatever it takes to get it.

Katherine shook her head. "I didn't come here for her…I do find her existence fascinating though, as well as your interest in her." She was amused by his discomfort.

Stefan hated having to answer these questions that she and Damon were asking; it was making his feelings for Elena sound wrong. "Elena is a great person my feelings for her have nothing to do with you." He expressed as strongly as he could muster. Her presence after not seeing her for over a hundred years was undoing him.

Katherine make a face like it all made sense. "Oh, so you're not replacing me for her…God I was under the impression that you were using her as a little sex toy: yours to compel and play with to feed your addiction to me." She rattled off sarcastically with conceited poise. She shrugged. "Do what you want with her, use her for all your dirty fantasies, I don't care…all I ask is that you stay out of our way." She said in a sugary sweet tone. Her eyes drifted from him to the doorway and her smile turned into a sexy smirk. She sped up to Damon who was standing in the doorway, and jumped up wrapping her legs around his waist and smashing her lips to his passionately.

Damon wrapped his arms around her back, his hands making contact with her skin and silky hair. He knew Stefan was watching, probably with the biggest brooding forehead ever. They broke the kiss and Katherine looked and Stefan over her shoulder.

"I'm sorry Stefan, does this make you uncomfortable?" she asked with false coyness.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

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