Chapter 38: Hell Hath No Fury...

Elena felt as if weeks had gone by without speaking to Damon, which in reality were only a few days. She stuck to her word, and gave him the space he needed but only under the circumstances that Caroline give her regular updates on how he was doing.

Summer was coming to an end, school would be starting up again in a short few weeks and she was nowhere near prepared. She had missed so many classes and tests her previous year, Elena wasn't even sure she'd have enough credit to graduate without having Caroline compel the entire faculty into giving her passing grades. But school was the least of her worries.

Damon was always at the forefront of her thoughts; she didn't know if he'd ever be able to move on from this. She stared at her phone, re reading the last text message he had sent to her.


Tyler bit Stefan. He's at the house...I need you.

He needed her then, now it seemed like she was the last thing he needed. She felt useless; sitting up in her room, waiting for news, any news on what was going on with him. The buzzing of her phone made her jump, and she answered it before it rang a second time.

"Caroline..." she answered rushed, both relieved and worried. "How is he?" Elena, stood and paced her floor waiting eagerly for her friend's response.

"Well..." Caroline sounded stressed. "It's not good..."

Elena stopped dead in her tracks. "What happened?"


Elena had to keep her hand to her mouth so she wouldn't get sick at the sight before her. She had sped to the boarding house, even though Caroline had told her that she and Bonnie would take care of it. Her friends weren't very forthcoming about what 'it' was but Elena was dead set on finding out.

"Oh my God." Tear formed in her eyes as she looked around at the mess Damon left behind. "He did this?" It looked like a scene from a bad horror movie. There were three girls; one in jean shorts and a bra, one in a tank top and underwear and the other who seemed only to be wearing Damon's black t-shirt. The littered the living room, lifeless and drained of blood. They all looked like raggedy dolls, broken and limp, although arranged almost on purpose...staged dramatically for whoever was to find them.

Caroline sighed. "I came to check on him this morning, he was gone but..." she didn't to be the one to tell Elena that Damon had turned off his humanity. She didn't want to be the one that made Elena she him as a monster...she didn't even want to admit to herself that he was capable of this. But she recalled the massacre at the bonfire that started this whole thing, and if he was capable of that, then this wasn't much of a stretch. "He turned it off Elena...he's gone." It made her sad to think that someone she considered to be a close friend, that taught her how to be a vampire, that believed in her when not even she could believe in herself, was gone.

Elena shook her head. ", I can't accept that." She headed for the door, but Caroline sped in front of her.

"Elena, what are you doing! You cannot go after him!"

She tried to push passed her friend, but Caroline's firm grip on her shoulders kept her in place. "I have to Caroline! If there's anyone that could get through to him it's me."

"No Elena! The only person that could get through to Damon right now is dead! I'm sorry, but no! I'm not going to let you end up like them!" she gestured with her chin to the collection of dead bodies.

Elena pinned her with a hard glare. "I'm the reason this is even happening! I have to fix it!"

Caroline dropped her hands from Elena's shoulders and crossed her arms. "You know Damon's right. Playing the martyr card is your go to, Elena. You lay all the blame on yourself, and then justify it by putting your life in danger to save everyone else so at the end of the day you can give yourself a nice pat on the back and not feel so God damn guilty!"

Elena was stunned into silence. Her heart knew it was the truth, but her pride would not let her back down. "That's bullshit." Her voice trembled.

"Is it?" Caroline tilted her head to the side sardonically. "Let's take a count shall we?" She held her hand out and started to list of over her fingers. "You sacrificed yourself to Katherine and Julian; you gave yourself up to Klaus when he wanted to use your blood to make hybrids; and let's not forget the fact that the whole reason you wanted me to go through the transition was because you felt like Stefan turning me was your fault in the first place. But the one that tops it all is your parents." Caroline didn't stop or even falter at the shock and pain that came over Elena's face like a wave. "You feel so guilty for their death, that you allow yourself to make these selfless sacrifices because you think it will somehow make up for that fact that it was your selfishness that put them on Wickery Bridge to begin with." Caroline took in a breath. "I'm sorry that the truth is so harsh, Elena…but someone had to tell you." Caroline softened at the tears on her friend's face. She noticed that Elena didn't seem angry or headstrong anymore; she saw acceptance and relief as if she was finally letting herself believe it as true. "Sometimes we need to just accept that the world is a shitty place…and we can't fix everything. You don't have to fix everything, Elena."

Elena knew that deep down her friend was right. It was the guilt she carried that made her brave; that made her fearless. It was the reason why she would do anything for the people she loved...because for some reason they always put her first, and the price was always devastating. So she would let it go for now, and help Caroline clean up the mess Damon made; doing the best she could to hold down what little food she had eaten...but she wouldn't give up on him.

Later that night, Elena, Bonnie, Jeremy and Caroline gathered at Caroline's. They couldn't chance going back to the Boarding House in case Damon came back. Their numbers were small, and the only two people that could even touch Damon were Bonnie and Caroline, but they would still be no match.

Bonnie watched Caroline, standing by the window anxiously. "Do you see something?" she questioned, rising from her spot on the couch.

Caroline flipped around, snapped out of her thoughts. "'s nothing." She popped down into the lazy boy across from the couch. "I'm just trying to think of what the hell we're going to do."

"Well we can't just wait for him to kill more people, Caroline. We need to stop him." Jeremy piped up and crossed his arms.

Bonnie nearly laughed. "And how exactly do you plan on doing that? You got some superpowers we don't know about because no one in this room is anywhere close to being strong even to subdue him. And even if we did, what would we do? Lock him in the cellar and dry him out...Dr. Phil him to death?" She shook her head, and sat back down, flipping through an old grimoire.

Jeremy started pacing. "What about Tyler? He's strong enough."

"Oh, you mean the werewolf-vampire hybrid that killed his brother? Oh sure...that's a great idea!" Caroline bit out sarcastically. "While we're at it, why don't we just call Klaus? He was so good at helping us when we asked for it the first time."

For the first time, Elena spoke up. "Actually...Caroline, that's not a bad idea."

"Excuse me?"

Elena sat up from her curled up position on the couch. "Klaus is an Original vampire. Originals can use compulsion on other vampires. Maybe we can compel Damon to turn his humanity back on."

She seemed hopeful all of a sudden, and although Bonnie agreed that it was wasn't probable. "But who's to say that Klaus will even do it?"

She nodded. "He won't...but I know who will."

An hour later and after much debating Bonnie made a call, she really did not want to make. She waited patiently, as it rang silently hoping that no one would answer.


She sighed. ""

"Bonnie." Surprise was evident in Abby's voice. There was a bit of shuffling before she responded. "How are you?"

Bonnie had to resist the urge to roll her eyes. "This isn't a social call...I need a favor. Are you still in town?"

"Yes, I'm staying at the bed and breakfast." It was obvious that Abby was willing to do whatever she could to make up for not being there for her daughter in the past, and Bonnie was shamelessly using this to her advantage.

"I'll be there in ten minutes." She explained to everyone where she was going and jumped in her car.

Abby opened the door with a smile, happy to see her daughter no matter the circumstance. "Hi Bonnie...come in."

"Hi." She slipped passed her mother, bypassing the potential hug and moved to the centre of the room.

Abby faced her and closed the door. "What's the look stressed." She moved closer but Bonnie stepped back.

"I need you to tell me where you hid the bodies of the Originals."

"What? No, absolutely not."

"It's important! I wouldn't ask if I didn't think I could handle it." Her arms crossed defensively.

"They are hidden for a reason, Bonnie. They are incredibly dangerous and cannot be trusted. They shouldn't be woken up...ever! Why in God's name would you even want to?" Horror was plastered all over her face, as she tried to figure out the reason for Bonnie's favor.

"I don't want to wake them all up...just one; and I have my reasons." Bonnie's response was short and clipped.

"No Bonnie. I'm sorry...I can't tell you."

Bonnie nodded, and closed the distance between them. "I didn't think you would." She stated with defeat. "That's why I needed to see you in person." Abby noticed the tinge of remorse in her tone. "I'm sorry."

Abby's eyes widened. "Bonnie, whatever you're thinking...don't!"

Bonnie's hands gripped each side of her mother's head. "Phesmatos Physium Calva." Abby resisted and tried to block her out, Bonnie continued. "Phesmatos Physium Calva, Phesmatos Physium Calva, Phesmatos Physium Calva." She repeated it over and over again in a haunting whisper as she searched through Abby's mind for the location of the Originals.

The older witch was nearly on her knees. "Bonnie, stop!" She knew she was dangerously close to finding what she was looking for. "Phesmatos Tribium...Exum..." She tried to block her power but Bonnie was weakening her as she invaded her mind.

The young witch's eyes snapped open, and she let go of Abby. They were both breathing heavily as they stared at each other, one with disbelief, and the other with regret. "I'm sorry Abby..." She ran towards the door, knowing that Abby would try to follow her. "Vis Porta." The door slammed behind her and she could hear Abby banging, but unable to get out. She felt terrible that she had used her like that...but she did what was least that is what she told herself.


She made it back to Caroline's and everyone looked up at her. She walked up to Elena. "I know where they are. Are you sure we should be doing this? This could backfire."

"It's risky...but what else is going to fix this? None of us are strong enough, people are dying..." It made her sick to think that Damon was the one doing it. "Elijah may be an Original vampire, but he was always an honorable man. He can be trusted."

Jeremy scoffed. "You must know this from being his captive at hybrid camp." The sarcasm dripped off his words like honey.

Elena glared at him pointedly. "I went willingly, first of all. And second, I know because I was the host to Klaus and Elijah's dead long lost love. Everything she knew, I know. Everything she felt, I felt." She directed her attention back to Bonnie and Caroline. "Elijah was on our side when we planning to take out Klaus."

Caroline nodded. "And I don't think Elijah will be very pleased with Klaus for stabbing him in the back and locking him in a coffin for all eternity...he'd be a good ally."

"We'll do it first thing in the morning." Bonnie asserted.


Early the next morning, after an hour travel out of Mystic Falls, Bonnie finally pulled up to what seemed to be an abandoned house in the middle of nowhere.

They all got out and Caroline raised a brow in scepticism. "This is it?" They started walking towards it but found themselves unable to move within five feet of the house. "Um...what the hell?"

Bonnie dropped her tote bag on the ground and put her hands against the invisible barrier. "It's a boundary spell...the witches probably put it up to keep anyone from going in. I can take it down."

"Phasmatos salves nas ex malon. Terra mora vanitis quo incandis. Et vasa quo eros signos." She dropped her hands and stepped through. "Cool." Elena and Caroline looked at her like she had three heads.

"How did you know how to do that?" the blonde asked surprised as they moved forward towards the house.

"I had time to go through Klaus' mother's's extensive." She let them walk ahead of her as she felt the tell tale sign of a nose bleed. She'd been getting more frequently the more she did magic, but she didn't want to worry them. She wiped it on the inside sleeve of her sweater, and kept moving.

They crept through the house, the occasional floor board creaking when they took a step. Bonnie led them to the stairs going down to the basement, and turned on the lights.

"Holy shit." Caroline whispered as she gazed at the five coffins. She walked up to the only coffin that was opened. "This one was reserved for Klaus no doubt...bastard. Who are the rest of them?"

"Klaus and Elijah have an older brother Finn...Kol and Rebekah are younger." Elena walked over to one, feeling more drawn to it than the others. "It's this one." Upon opening it, she was nearly floored with the fact that she was right. Even though Tatya was no longer a part of her, she still felt a connection through her. She looked the Original over; still weighing on whether this was a good idea, but her hand was already gripping the dagger that stuck out of his chest.

Before she did, Caroline sped over and slipped the daylight ring off his finger. "Just in case." She shrugged.

As discussed previously, Bonnie set up a spell to cloak the other three coffins while Elena pulled the dagger out slowly. It took a lot more effort with her tiny human frame, and then they waited.

And waited...and waited some more. It was over an hour later; Caroline was sitting in Klaus' open coffin, her feet dangling, Bonnie was leaning against the far wall and Elena was standing at the foot of the mahogany casket. "My God...if he ever going to wake up?"

As if on cue, Elijah shot out of his slumber. "What..." his eyes darted around in confusion before landing on Bonnie. His eyes darkened and the veins below his eyes pulsed. He lunged towards her but stumbled back, when the beam of sunlight streaming through the small window near the ceiling. "What is this?"

Elena stepped forward. "Klaus daggered you...we thought we could help." She showed him a bag of blood, but made certain her hand was in the sunlight.

He nearly laughed. "Why would you want to help me? Unless you need something in return." He concluded.

"We do need something..."

Elijah stood taller. "And why should I help you?"

Caroline hopped out of the coffin. "Well for starters, I hid your little daylight ring somewhere...oh within a 500 mile radius." She smiled brightly.

Bonnie pushed off the far wall. "and this house is surrounded by a barrier that you can't get through without a witch."

"We also just woke you out of a sleep that could have lasted forever...literally. You could be grateful." Elena teased slightly.

Elijah sighed and eyed the bag of blood. "If I promise to cooperate, could you allow me the privilege of sating my hunger?" The sarcasm of having to negotiate with her was evident in his voice. "It would also prevent me from taking it from the source." He had smelt Bonnie's blood the second he awoke.

She stared at him for a long time. "I need your word."

The Original reeled back, surprised. His word was his bond. It was something very important and cherished to would she know that? His chin lifted, in a show of respect. "You have my word Elena."

"Thank you." She passed him the bag, and he surprisingly was able to drink from it with restraint and poise even though he must have been ravenous with hunger. "As he finished up, pulling the handkerchief out of the pocket square out of him suit jacket, Elena started to fill him in. She explained that Mikael had come and daggered Klaus and that Stefan had somehow pulled it out, and the downhill spiral that followed.

"Now Damon has flipped the switch and went on a bender. No one can get through to him...we were hoping you'd be able to compel him to turn it back on." She rang her hands as she waited for Elijah to process this.

He chuckled slightly to himself as he tossed the empty blood bag to the side carelessly. "And where exactly is the value for me in helping you with this predicament?"

Bonnie took a step forward. "Because we know where the rest of your family is. You help us, we help you get them back."

The appeal of having his long since separate brothers and sister back was very apparent on his face, and it didn't take long for Elijah to accept the deal. "You have my word. Where can we find Damon Salvatore?"

"I don't know...he's not exactly keeping in touch right now." Elena stated with distain.

"I can do a locator spell." Bonnie jumped in. "But we need to move quickly...the longer we wait the more bodies pile up." Elena bowed her head, and Caroline shot Bonnie a dirty look. "Sorry."

"No you're right." Elena swallowed hard. "We need to get going."

Caroline closed the distance between her and Elijah, and held out the ring that was in her palm. His eyes narrowed at her. "'d think I'd be running around the woods in these shoes?"