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A warm breeze blew gently against my face as I walked off the plane towards the terminal. Charlie, my dad was waiting for me. He was the chief of police at the Forks police department.

I hadn't seen him in years. When I was younger, I used to spend my summer vacation with him in Forks. As I grew bigger my visit became shorter and eventually stopped. But when my mom remarried, staying with Charlie was the only thing I could come up with to make my mom travel with her new husband.

Phil was a minor baseball player and moved around a lot. My mom wanted to go with him but could not because of me. So I decide to exile myself to the sunless little town, Forks.

The ride to my new house was quite. Charlie was not much into conversations. He was a man of few words.

I was enjoying the feel of cool air on my face when a new sensation erupted inside me. I felt energized as if an invisible force had entered my body. I shook my head to get rid of whatever trick that my mind was playing on me but the feeling remained unaffected.

"Are you ok, Bella?"

"Yeah I am fine, just enjoying the weather." I said even though I didn't feel ok.

Charlie stared at me for a few seconds before moving his eyes to the road.

I couldn't stop the feeling of energy spreading through my entire body. Maybe I was just imagining things due to my lack of sleep.

I had been having weird dreams for quite sometime now. It had messed up my sleeping habits as I spent countless nights thinking about them and trying to find the meaning of them.

Every night I saw a boy with golden eyes running through a thick forest. The forest was like the one that I had seen around Forks. As the boy starts running, the forest becomes a green blur.

Though I could not see his face properly, his eyes had been haunting me since I dreamt of him for the first time. I searched every book in the library about recurring dreams to find the meaning of the dreams but could not find anything solid. Maybe it was just my confused mind playing tricks on me.

Eventually we made it to Charlie's. It was the same old house where I spent my summer vacations when I was younger. An old red Chevy was parked in the front of the house.

"Whose truck is that?"

"It's yours if you want it." Charlie replied with a smile.

"You bought me a truck?"

I was surprised that he had thought of buying me a present.

"Yeah, bought it from my old friend Billy. Do you like it?"

"I love it dad. Thanks."

"Now go and settle down. You know your room right?"

"Yeah. Thanks again for the truck dad."

Charlie left for work after an hour and I started exploring the house. It was the same as I remembered from my childhood. I sat in the oak chair in the kitchen and thought back to all the memories that I had of this house.

The weird energy was still buzzing inside me. I tried to forget about it hoping that it would go away if I ignored it. But to my disappointment nothing changed.

After a couple hours of exploring the house, I went to my room and unpacked. Tomorrow I would be starting my new school. I was positive that I would be the latest gossip topic being the daughter of the chief and his runaway wife.

I hated too much attention but I knew that it was inevitable. I didn't want to think about it as it could only lead to one more sleepless night. I took a cold pill so I could sleep without worrying about anything.

I woke up early the next day feeling happy. I was not exactly sure why. Normally I would be a nervous wreck when it comes to the first day of school. My dreams yesterday were much clearer. Maybe that was the reason for my pleasant mood.

My stomach made weird noise alerting me about the need of food. I remembered that I had not had dinner yesterday as I slept through it, thanks to the cold pills.

I found a note from Charlie on the fridge saying that he had left for work and had left some money on the table for me.

After eating my breakfast I got ready for school. The ride was short but peaceful. The roads were virtually empty compared to Phoenix. The sides of the roads were covered with green plants and trees.

Soon I reached the school. It looked more like a collection of matching houses built with maroon colored bricks than a high school.

There were many cars parked in the parking lot. Most of them were old and rusted like mine except for a silver Volvo which looked brand new.

I parked my truck in an empty spot near a blue van and walked into the building all the while giving myself a pep talk. To my great relief, the office was easy to find.

A red haired woman looked up when I entered into the room.

"Can I help you?" she asked.

"I am Isabella Swan. I am new here."

"Oh, the Chief's daughter! Everybody is so exited to have you back."

I felt my cheeks turning red from blush. I knew that my arrival was main topic of gossips and rumors but did not expect to hear about it on the first day of school.

I collected my schedule and map from the red haired woman whose name was Mrs. Cope and walked through the hallway searching for my first class.

I became more and more nervous with each and every step. Suddenly the energy which I felt earlier doubled and calmness washed over me.

All my nervousness was gone and I felt more confident and sure of myself. I walked into the room without even a bit of fear.

The morning classes passed quickly without any problem except for the constant staring. Soon it was lunch time. A girl named Jessica asked me to sit with her and her friends. I accepted the offer gladly as I didn't want to sit by myself and be a target of all the stares.

I sat near Angela, a sweet girl. Soon I met all her other friends. I recognized many faces from my classes including the overfriendly Mike, Tyler and Eric. They asked me about my old school and the reason why I enrolled at Forks High School in the middle of Junior year.

I was getting uncomfortable with all the attention that I was getting. It was then that I noticed a group of five extremely beautiful people sitting in the corner of the cafeteria.

They looked more like Greek gods than high school students. Suddenly one of them who was facing the other side turned towards me as if someone had called his name.

Everything faded away as I stared into his face. His eyes were the same which haunted me everyday since the first time I dreamt of them.

Even though I could not see the face of the boy in my dreams, I was sure it was him. The boy who was the reason for my sleepless nights. The one who made me act like crazy searching for the meaning of the dreams through the hallways of libraries.

The energy which I felt inside me started flowing towards him at the same time as a new flow of energy came to me from him.

I felt someone shaking me and calling my name but I did not care. Nothing mattered except him. It felt like I had found the reason for my existence. My mind filled with joy as I looked into his beautiful golden eyes.

I rose out of my chair and walked towards him as he did the same. We met in the middle of the cafeteria. The entire cafeteria turned silent as we stood staring at each other. Suddenly he grabbed me by my waist and kissed me.