Chapter 1: Chapter 1

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' dream world Gabe'

Sammy's Tricksters

Sam had been back for six months. He had stopped by to check on Dean every once and awhile, Not because he cared, he didn't .Just because that's what Bobby would expect him to do. He never let Dean see him, always keeping a good distance away. He didn't want Bobby, or Samuel, his grandfather realise that something isn't right. God knows they'd call Dean if they thought their Sammy was suffering any ill effects from his brief span in hell. And he defiantly didn't want to have to try and hide his...affliction from Dean, the man who knew him best.

Sam hadn't slept at all in the last six months. That didn't stop him from dreaming though, they came almost every night mot of the time, but occasionally they didn't come for weeks. They had started his second day back. He had gone first to see Dean, then he hitched to Bobby's when he had knocked on the door, Bobby was ecstatic, He gave Sam a huge bear hug, which the old man would never admit to. He stayed at Bobby's for two months, every night he'd walk up the stairs to his room, and pretend to sleep. The first night he just laid there staring at the ceiling trying to figure out how he escaped from the cage. The second night as he was staring at the ceiling a mist went over his eyes blurring the world around him, when he blinked away the mist he found himself in a dream world.

He always found himself in a beautiful garden, sitting by a crystal clear pond surrounding the pond was an orchard of fruits, from Apples to Blackberries, Banana's and even some tropical fruit. it was peaceful. When in these dreams he felt a slight glow of joy. The only time he felt anything other then anger. He was never fully clothed, generally he'd be in his briefs. In these dreams he did a wide range of things. Sometimes he would swim in the pond, floating on his back and letting the suns rays gently caress his skin. Or he would walk through the orchards for hours, pausing occasionally to snack on the fruit. No matter how far he walked in one direction, eventually he would come upon the pond again. He even sun bathed. Naked.

Even as he did all those things, he was always aware on another's pressance. But he had yet to see this mysteryous person. He felt as though he know the person though, and that he was safe here in this dream world. He was also aware that this...person...was male. And he was always vaugely aware of a familiar scent, he just couldn't place what the smell was. Generally when the sun starts going down in his dream world, the mist returns and takes him back to his body. The numbness would return, and he'd go back to feeling nothing.

He finally placed the scent. Six months after the first dream, He got a call from Bobby. "Hey Kid." he into Sam's ear. "Bobby" Sam forced affection he didn't feel into his voice. "I got a job for you. Kinda familiar...think it might me a decedent of Gabriel's" Sam groaned hoping he was joking, tricksters; he had fought a few in the last couple months, were hard to Kill in general but the ones directly descended from the arch-angel had some special tricks He had only ever faced one in the first week he was back. "Yep." Bobby affirmed as if reading Sam's thoughts."Where?" he said in a defeated tone " New York " Bobby grumbled back. " Oh and idjit? Be careful" Click. Sam sighed and climbed into his car, He hoped this trickster didn't look like Gabe. for some reason killing the last one, who had Gabriel's face, and eyes made him. Uncomfortable. Was the only word he could come up with.

He drove fast enjoying the slight adrenaline burst he got from the speed. He reached New your two days later. and picked up the tricksters trail. it wasn't hard this one had a sweet tooth as bad as the arch-angel's and the same taste in victims, if you could call the sick bastards that. He soon located the female trickster she was obviously to young to be in the dance club. She flirting with the nastiest son of a bitch he'd ever seen. He knew the guy was her next victim. He observed their conversation for a while, When they stood to leave the bar, he followed discreetly. They went to A black Van, The guy opening the back doors briefly revealing the bed in the back. 'Typical rapist van.' Sam thought in disgust. He watched as they climbed in, and shut the doors.

As soon as the doors were shut, he began a leisurely stroll towards the van, not picking up his speed. Not when the van started to shake. not even when the screams started. He reached the van five minutes later, Just as the man gave his last gurgling scream. He swung the doors open, revealing the dismembered mess, and a pretty child. She was really no more then that, Maybe about seventeen. He knew he should kill her. but she looked at him with Gabe's warm brown eyes, dark with fear, and he couldn't do it. Instead he held out a hand in a peaceful gesture. The girl looked at him shocked a little at his gargantuan size, and just gazed at him for a few moments. When she heard the sirens approaching she began to shake. Heaving a deep sigh he dragged the girl out of the van. She swayed on her feet looking a little bit ill. Sam hesitated for a moment knowing it was a bad idea, he did it anyways. He swung the girl up into his arms, and trotted towards his car, no one intercepted them, and he deposited her in the passenger seat, rushing around to the drivers side, he started the car and peeled out of the parking lot, speeding his way out of town.

"What's your name?" She didn't sound frightened, just curious. "Sam." He replied not taking his eyes off the road. "Sam...Can we go pick up my sister if your gonna kidnap me?" She asked calmly. "She's three, I'm all she's got left" Her voice broke slightly. "Sure just give me the directions." He replied. twenty minutes later they pulled up to this dumpy trailer, And little old lady came tottering down the steps with a pudgy little girl with brown hair and big blue eyes, in her arms. The infant started wriggling as soon as she saw her sister. Gail, who had given him her name on the way. And a basic family run down. The men she had killed in the last two months, had all participated in the rape, and murder of their mother. They had been living with the batty old women in the trailer park for the last three months. the cops had figured out who killed Elysha, their mother. But the department was paid off and so they closed the file. Leaving it unsolved.

Gail had broken into the police station and stolen the file two weeks before she started killing the scumbags. All their names and faces were in the file. even pictures of what they did to her. She couldn't take it, she became enraged. Soon they were would be coming after her next she knew, they had started sending her pictures of their dicks and other nasty things and that's how it started with her mother. So she decided to get them first. She hunted them down, and killed them one by one, in the most brutal ways her young mind could come up with. And for a young girl like her, they were pretty brutal.

Sam had explained that he was a hunter, and that originally he was there to kill her. But as he once knew her father, He had decided to take her in instead. He claimed he owed the man that much at least. He promised her that her and Her sister Gabrielle would be safe with him, well as safe as two half-angels can really be in a world full of demons. She decided to trust him. She had enough grace to tell that something was off about Sam. But he was sincere her grace told her that much. He took the car seat from the old women's truck and set it up in the back of his car, while the girls said good by to their strange friend. After they were all settled in he pulled out into the street, driving at a much more sedate pace with the baby in the back. He headed towards Bobby's.

They stopped at a few hotels along the way, Sam buying them new clothes, and diapers and other baby basics. They finally reached Bobby's at the end of two long weeks. Sam knocked on the door, hoping Bobby wouldn't be to pissed off. And would help him, 'cause he knew nothing about raising a kids. But he felt obligated to take care of them for the Arch-Angel who had given up his life in a vain attempt to kill Lucifer and free Sam from the responsibility. It was strange, he could vaguely feel, concern for the girls, and pity. Bobby opened the door a few minutes later, and just stared at the three bedraggled Kids on his porch. Not that Sam was really a kid but that's what he would always be to Bobby. "Well I guess you had better come in then." He grumbled, stepping to the side to let them in.

He packed the girls off to bed after they had a chance to bathe and eat. Gail carrying a sleeping Gabby up the stairs. Once they had gone to bed Sam filled him in on why he had taken them in. And why he had brought them here. "I'm not a hotel you know" The old man grouched, but there was a slight smile around his mouth. "You can stay until you know what your doing." Bobby then headed off to bed himself. leaving Sam to trek up to his room, after peaking into the girls room finding them both asleep, Gail on her side her body curled protectively around her little sister's tiny form, He went into his room.

He lay on the bed gazing up at the ceiling. He smirked slightly. When the Dream came...He'd be ready. he knew the scent now. Vanilla with a faint scent of chocolate and Carmel, he had finally figured out who was watching him. He just couldn't figure out how it was possible. And if he was the one giving him the dreams then why hadn't he shown up already? He prayed for the dream to come, he wanted to confront the enigma. He gave a grateful sigh as the mist began to descend on his vision. He blinked away the lingering mist away, gazing about him triumphantly. "Gabriel!" he called.

He received no answer, other then that everything suddenly stilled, their was no wind, and even the water had stopped moving. "Gabriel I know you're here!" He cried angry now at being ignored. "Show yourself!" A flutter of wings from behind him made him swing around quickly, taking a step back when he found himself inches from the arch-angel. 'Sam' Gabriel was in nothing but loose fitting pants, revealing his scarred chest and back, some were old some were new. Sam took it all in.. "Where are you? Are you dead?" He paused letting Gabriel have a chance to answer. 'Hell. And no I am not Dead unfortunately. I have escaped my body to this place' Sam nodded and motioned for the Angel to sit, Gabe did so, Sam seated himself beside the the scarred man. " Your daughters..." he started unsure how to tell Gabriel of what had happened. ' I know. I felt Elysha die.' the grief was thick in his voice. 'Before you ask, I do not know how you came to be in my garden. or how you keep returning. I did not show myself because you seemed at peace, and i didn't want to disturb that. And until my vessel in hell dies I can not take another one. So i cannot come to you and the girls. I am sorry' Sam shrugged. "It doesn't matter, they are fine I will take care of them for you."

Gabe shook his head. 'It could be years Sammy. before I can come for them. I would not want you to be burdened' Sam waved him off, "It would be no burden, I owe you" Gabe smiled gratefully at him. 'Shall we rest? i know you do not sleep, but I can rejuvenate you, all that we need to do is sunbathe.' Sam agreed and they stretched out on the soft crass, the wind blowing gently again. Sam closed his eyes and laid back with a content sigh. Gabriel laid as close to Sam as he could with out the hunter freaking out, and poured a little bit of his grace into him, helping him rest his human body.