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Hellfire. Chapter 2

"What?" Katara asked Sokka.

"His allergy is..." Sokka paused mid-sentence, waiting for a cue or something.

"Well?" Aang asked, curious.

"Don't you see?" Sokka said, Toph remarked how she didn't but he ignored, "he's been acting like that since he got here."

"Yes, we know. So what is it?" Katara told him.

"You really don't know?" Sokka asked, feeling better of himself.

"That's why I'm asking!" Katara angrily shot back, hand swung in the air, her pouch ready in her disposal.

"Alright, I'll tell yah!" Sokka composed himself, "ahem. Well, he's allergic to being nice."

For about thirty seconds of silence, they stared to him. Then everyone burst out laughing. Slamming the ground and hugging their stomachs like no tomorrow.

"What?" Sokka asked, offended.

"Really, Sokka. How can anyone be allergic to being nice?" Aang asked, patting his friend's shoulder.

"But he's been like that ever since he joined out side! Since then, he was everything but evil." Sokka inisted.

"If he's allergic to anything, my money's on you Snoozles." Toph said, as she cleaned her ears.

Sokka shot her a look. Then he turned his head to the banished prince. He looked like he was deep in thought.

"So? What do you think?" Sokka asked him.

"As much as I hate to admit it, you're making sense." then he paused and looked away, "that statement left an awful taste in my mouth."

Sokka glared at him.

"So at the moment, we'll assume he's allergic to being nice." Teo stated. "We have to do something about it."

"Well, assuming he's allergic to being nice, we need to do something to counter it." Sokka said, looking smart.

"Counter it?" Katara echoed.

"We, I mean, he has to do the opposite of being nice." Sokka explained.

"And whate do you prefer he does?" Katara asked then shot daggers to the prince, "tell his father on us?"

"I won't do that!" Zuko defended.

"There are other things he could do aside bringing the fire nation here or anything that would affect Aang's defeat." Haru said.

"Like what? Throw potatoes at Sokka all day?" Toph suggested.

"I like the idea." Zuko murmured.

"No way!" Sokka disagreed.

"So what do you suggest that we do?" Aang asked Sokka.

Zuko sat comfortably on a rock chair made by Toph as he ate grapes Haru picked up for him. Sokka stood behind him, holding a huge banana plant covering the exiled prince from the sun. Teo, acting as his squire was beside him.

"Katara of the South Pole, step forward." Teo said dramatically.

Katara gritted her teeth as she dragged her feet towards Zuko.

"What do you want?" she asked bitterly.

"Uh-uh, sis. You're not supposed to say it like that." Sokka said.

Katara's fists tightened, "Is there anything you want me to do, Zuko?"

Zuko perked up from his chair, "That's not how you're supposed to address me, peasant." Zuko sneered.

Katara's nostrils grew larger, then she caught sight of Aang and Sokka from the side, convincing her not to get angry.

"grr.. Is there anything you want me to do, your highness?"

"On your knees." Zuko teased. Katara grew angrier, Aang and Sokka had to run to her side and hold her.

"How dare you-!"

"Tsk tsk." Zuko shook his head, "you're supposed to do everything I say today just until my cold dies down. Remember, pea-sant?"

The water from the cup near Zuko was being bended towards him, but Sokka pleaded her not to just so Zuko would feel better. For a moment, the ground trembled and Katara fell on his knees.

"Satisfied?" Toph asked the banished prince with a smirk.

"Is...there...anything...you wish...for me...to do, your highness?" Katara said, holding her anger.

"Well, my back does hurt, maybe you could massage it for a bit?"

"I WILL NOT!" Katara jumped up, angry. The cup fell down and the water froze on the floor. She had no intention of touching the prince at all. That's why she had no idea why a part of the ground was bended enough for Zuko's weight and why he was undressing before her.

"Tell me again why Katara's doing this?"Haru asked Teo.

"It was either this or she kisses Toph." Teo answered back.

"You know, I still don't get why we ought to do these for Zuko." Aang admitted.

Sokka, again with the plant, answered, "Well, if we leave him sneezing all the time, he might burn down the entire Air temple. That or attract the Fire Nation here."

"Ah." Aang nodded in understanding.

Clearly, Toph found this entertaing and sat herself before them.

Katara glared at the people before her. Espeially at Zuko.

"You're going to pay for this." Katara muttered at him.

"Well, might as well enjoy it as I still can." Zuko shrugged with a smile. His clothes dropped on the floor, and Duke was ready to take them (it was his task). He turned around to the water bender, was also ready to stick her finger in his brain.

When Katara looked at his topless form, she felt something ran across her back. Like dozens of little Katara's screaming altogether, saying "no! don't touch him! he's a traitor! no!"

For about two minutes, Katara was going on a hard massage, where she purposely hit Zuko's ribs and slam on him hard.

They realized, Zuko hasn't been sneezing at all. And his cold was gone.

"Well, I'm glad that settles it!" Sokka said, interrupting them.

"Settles what again?" Zuko asked, seeming as he forgot why they started that.

"Now that you found a solution for your cold, I bet we can go back to our normal lives without you burning anyone up." Sokka informed.

Zuko nodded, he was somehow bored out from the prince act, and he also wanted to escape from Katara's close to death spa treatment. Then he noticed how Katara's hands were getting weaker, and grip loosening.

He turned around and faced the water bender whom he previously teased as 'peasant'.

"Katara?" He asked.

She looked run down and tired. Her nose red and eyes were dropping.

Everyone looked.

"Katara, are you..okay?" Aang asked, concerned.

"Yeah, I'm fine." She answered, weakly.

Zuko, concerned, sat up and faced her. "Look, it's okay, you don't have to continue..." he suddenly felt something tickle his nose. But the one who sneezed wasn't him.

Katara sniffed. Now she's sick.

"Oh no! Not you too!" Aang panicked, "he got Zuko's cold."

"Take her to bed!" Teo said.

"I'll give her some water!" Haru ran.

"I'll get her something to eat!" Sokka ran after him.

The boys walked away, leaving Toph, Zuko and the Duke.

"So...she's allergic to what now?" the Duke asked.

"Get some shirt on Sparky, I think she's allergic to you." Toph grinned.

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