First day of January.

Most people would write down their new year's resolutions, for they want to change their old ways. Some would change for the better, and maybe others would change for the worse.

But we all know, that the first day of the first month signifies the end of the old days, and the start of a new beginning.

Maybe even, the start of a new life.


Tsunade stared out of the hokage's room, and tried to view the surroundings of Konoha. From there, she could see the young genins training, new chuunins excited to recieve their first mission, and a few people trying to recover from what Pein had done to their homes.

"I really hope that this new year would mean a certain change for people," she said to herself.

The female hokage sat down heavily on her blue chair, and studied the items inside her room. There were a few bookshelves, and some nonflowering plants near the doorway.

"Geez, I need to get my room done..."

She glanced at the flower Shizune gave her last week. It was a flower that she never noticed, touched, or fed.

And it looked very hungry.

Tsunade sighed inwardly, feeling the guilt given by the poor living thing.

"Fine, I'll give you some water. You can stop complaining now."

She reached out for the vase, grabbed her water bottle and poured a few drops unto it. She figured that it wasn't enough, so she just poured all the contents of her bottle. She then placed on the window where it could get enough sunlight.

"There. That should do it – "



A medic nin stared at the hokage from the door of her room. He looked both terrified and excited, then after a while, a bit fearful, for Tsunade had a dissapointed look on her face, for she was staring a now-broken flower vase.

"Now look at what you've just done. Shizune gave me that vase!"

"S-sorry madam... It's just that ... something came up. Hokage-sama, I need to show you something!"

With that he asked the Hokage to follow him. Tsunade just thought that it was all too bothersome, but what awaited her in the healing room was too terrifying to contain.

He ran as fast as he could.

"She is sooo going to be surprised of what I would show her", thought the medic nin.

"Would you please slow down? The heat is killing me. I can't follow you that fast!," Tsunade complained

"Y-yes, hokage-sama!"

Finally, he stopped rushing and both calmly walked towards the door labeled "Healing Room". Inside was a large clinic for all those ninjas under serious conditions.

The medic nin slowly opened the door, for dramatic effect. Tsunade too, slowly came inside, for the same cause. She then looked around, and found nothing surprising. Just a bunch of medic nin trying to heal some kids... kids around 8 years old.

They were all naked, and seemed like they had no idea of what was happening to them.

All the kids were badly bruised, and the medic nins were trying their best to heal all of them.

"So this is what you brought me here for? A group of young genins? Are they under a dangerous situation? I don't even recognize them!," said Tsunade.

"We thought so too, Hokage-sama. None of them had the headband protector of Konoha. But when we looked closely... "

Tsunade heard no more from him. She just stared at the brat closest to her. And she saw something very unexpected...

He had long raven hair.

Just like Uchiha Itachi of the Akatsuki

Only that he seemed even younger than Naruto.