Plot line: Bobby Fitch comes to visit will his mischevious ways and good intentions help or hurt his father?

Inspiration: A spoiler I read.

Disclaimer: I don't have the time or energy to own a TV series.

Rating: T, may be some mentions of things of the sexual nature.

Bobby Fitch raced off of the plane and looked around for his father. The twelve year old hadn't seen his father in at least ten years, yet he had minimal trouble locating him in a crowd, thanks to an old picture his mother had thought she'd thrown away. If not for the picture, he still would have recognized him. Bobby had his father's eyes and, he now knew where his stunted height came from.

He ran up to the older man "Daddy!"

The man turned from reading a sign of the airport rules written in Spanish. "Bobby!"

Fitch awkwardly pushed his son away as he tried to hug him. "Sorry, I don't do hugs." he mumbled apologetically. This gesture went unnoticed by most except for a few women who shot him dirty glares.

Bobby ignored his father's apparent contact phobia. "Okay Dad, I need to grab my luggage, and then can we go to the police station so I can meet your colleagues? Pretty please!"

Fitch chuckled secretly glad for his son's request, "Wouldn't you rather see a movie? The new X Men one is playing."

"Nah, I can see a movie anytime." Bobby shrugged, "I want to meet your coworkers, especially your partner and the Cuban woman you keep talking about."

Fitch was immediately caught off guard, had he really mentioned Ariana Sanchez enough that his son even knew her ethnicity?

"C'mon Dad!" Bobby tugged at his father's sleeve, "I need to get my luggage!"

Like? Dislike? Have some ideas for me to add, I'm mainly looking for ways that Bobby could possibly torment Mahajan and Longford, I've got the others figured out except for them.