Burnt Haunting


Through the blaze of life, I found hope. Something stronger than life itself, never aiming to overwhelm or subjugate the existence of my presence. I still ask myself if that was enough to stop those candles from burning; the thatch houses and tiny flats of where I used to live.

It was freaky – different. I'm so used to the changes of the harbour and the sea in a rough storm before a day of clear blue sky, I loved them. They're uniquely perfect. They brought their own troubles, what doesn't? I would admire the way the earth could sort its problems, unlike the ineffectual human beings that undeservingly crawl over the untrammelled land.

New changes were unwelcome. Everything earth once held would be gone, and the delicate hands would be left buried, somehow replaced by something larger. One small part would feel this burden – unreasonable? You might think so.

Despite the ruinous remains, something good would come. I can no longer be called a child, for every emotion has ran through these shallow veins. LOVE – Lost, Overrated, Versed and Extremely painful, is all I sense from the 'fairytale' that was once an undeniable romance.

'You're Crazy' they'd tell me, like it was the best thing they'd felt, hiding invisible scars as they would try to distract themselves from what once occupied their minds. Someone had brainwashed them – I was sure. Anyone who believes in something non-existent would eventually become exactly that, just as they did - a black hole swallowing them whole.

These were unforgiving, fierce, driven by only the worst, yet sometimes, they would create good. Unfortunately, nothing is so good it lasts eternally and when eternity comes, the good must go.

It's like a harbour, calm, still – that's until a storm comes along. It all seems careless at first with the news reports flowing in about dead or missing sailors. In the end however, most return.

'Look, I know you missed them and all that – But seriously? Is that all you care about?' They'd look at me like I had offended or upset them, 'the truth hurts' and so I rest my case.

Sailors, fisherman, and holiday makers are welcome, but who thinks about what makes them so? Without the water there'd be no fish, without the fish the fisherman would have no living but a torn down homeless shelter in the middle of nowhere; Simple. These people are nothing without the things that cause tragedy - So much for survival.

This always puzzled me. We're supposed to adapt to new things as well as the old therefore if there was another ice age, we would live. A couple thousand of years ago, we might have. Now, there's frankly no chance for human existence to make any kind of recovery.

Love seems to be the only thing really true anymore and even that has its doubts. It's often the weirdest and terrible thing that brings you together - Usually, a complete breakdown. Do strong people not fall in love? Are their defences too strong? Or are they afraid to show weakness? Even the 'unbreakable' fall sometimes in a melancholy confusion, no one really knows what they're hiding but the one closest to their strength.

Every rise must fall, every ash returned and every day will eventually turn into the dark night holding the stars we wish upon.