One year. One year was all I had left in this place. But that also meant one last year at the same school with Kendall. This year Carlos and I are seniors and Kendall and James are juniors. I've been with Kendall since his 8TH grade and my freshmen year. Carlos and James have been together since James's freshmen and Carlos's sophomore year. I pull into the school parking lot and walk into the building.

"Hey Logan!" I hear someone scream from behind me. I turn around and see that it was James.

"Hey James."

"Hey Miss Koffman wants us to meet her on the football field during free period." He explains. Miss Koffman was our band teacher. I play saxophone, Kendall plays trumpet, Carlos is in the drum line, and James plays clarinet (1). Thinking of Kendall where is he?

"Hey James have you seen Kendall?" I ask.

"No, have you seen Carlos?"

"Yea, he is on the senior floor."

"Thanks." He yells back running for the elevator.

Hey where r u?

From Logan

Waiting for his response I walk towards the elevator to go to the senior's floor.

Woke up late! Running into the building as we text.

From Kendall

I laugh of course he would wake up late. I walk to my locker where James and Carlos were standing.

"LOGAN WE'RE SENIORS! FINALLY!" Carlos yells at me.

"I KNOW CARLOS I KNOW!" I yell back. We all crack up laughing.

"Hey what up." I hear someone from behind me.

"Kendall!" I yell. He comes up from behind me and puts his arms around my waist.

"Well this has to be the best year ever and even better senior trips!" Carlos exclaims.

"It. Sucks. That. You. Guys. Are. Seniors." Kendall says between bites of a granola bar.

"Well it might suck for you." I say. He glares down at me and I just smile back. I look down at my watch.

"You guys got to go to class." I say leaning up to kiss Kendall on the cheek.

"Wait, why aren't you guys going?" James asks.

"We have an interview with the school TV show." Carlos explains. They both nod and walk off I hear Kendall grumble something along the lines of stupid seniors.

"I heard that." I yell at him laughing.

"Whatever." He yells back.

Carlos and I head over to the studio to get ready.


Why do they have to be seniors? This is the last year I have with Logan. Yes we do plan on going to the same college and yes we will still live next door to each other but it won't be the same.

"You know this totally sucks." James says.

"What would suck this time?"

"That they are seniors but we should be happy for them."

"I am happy that they are happy but this means we have one year of high school without them and that is suppose to be the best year of high school." I point out.

"Have you ever thought, that that is what they felt like there freshmen year?" A voice says out of nowhere. We both look around till we find that it is Logan's sister Camille.

"What?" James asks.

"When it was Logan's freshmen year, he was so sad that Kendall wasn't there. Carlos felt the same way." She explains. James and I nod our head before walking into our classroom. When the bell rang we all sat down in random seats. The teacher went along and got names from everybody, and then she got to me.

"Name?" She asks politely.

"Kendall Knight."

"Oh you're the Kendall Knight." She says. I stop her.

"What do you mean 'the' Kendall Knight?"

"Do you know Logan Mitchell?" The whole class laughs everybody knew we were together.

"Yes. Yes I do."I reply with a smirk.

"Well the class had to write a paper about someone special to them and he wrote about you. It was an amazing paper." She explains then moves down the row. Once she finishes down the row she goes up front of the room and turns on the TV.

"Ok class every Monday we are going to watch the school news then do work." The class had no argument against that. They did all the intro stuff then moved on to show Logan and Carlos who looked like they were arguing. When they noticed the cameras on them they stopped. James and I laughed.

"Well Carlos, Logan what class are you?"

"I don't know what class are we Carlos?" Logan says.

"I'm not sure Logan."

"Carlos I think were-"Logan starts.

"SENIORS!" They say together. Everybody laughs at that.

"Are you guys happy about being seniors?" James and I tense up the littlest bit.

"I'm happy but it does come with its pros and cons." Logan answers.

"And you Carlos."

"It is freaking AMAZING to be a senior but like Logan says there are some downfalls."

"Can I ask what one pro and con would be?"

"You just did." Logan points out. "A pro is that the seniors in band get to go play in New York and a con is that we are leaving people we love behind."

"A pro is that next semester if we have enough credits we can leave school at 1 and con is that I don't get to drive the teachers crazy since Logan took my other con."

"Suck it up." Logan says. They get into another fight then Carlos starts to beat box and Logan raps about how amazing being a senior is. When they are finished everyone claps. After that the show is over and Mrs. Smith starts to teach. The bell rang signaling second hour which for all of us was free period.

"To the football field." James says pointing down since the room was on the sophomore floor. When the elevator door opens we saw the two people we didn't expect.

"Are you guys coming or just going to stare?" Logan asks. James and I walk into the elevator. We all laugh about how funny the show was.