Yes this is the last chapter but I'm thinking of a sequel with Kendall going to college.

-Moving Day-

Logan and I were laying on his bed just holding hands and cuddling. This was the last time we would be able to do this for a long time.

"Don't be worried about me in North Carolina, enjoy your senior year."

"It would be better if you were with me."

"That would be nice but you'll be with me next year."

"That's too long." I complain.

"We'll see each other soon." He tries to reason.

"Still too long."

"Logan we gotta get you to the airport." Mrs. Mitchell calls.

Logan grabs the back of my neck. He pulls me into a mind blowing kiss.

"I had to do that one last time."

"Logan, let's go!"

"Well let's go and get you to the airport."

The ride to the airport was quiet except for mine and Logan's texting back and forth. When we got to the airport we all grabbed at least one bag. After checking in we made it to Logan's airplane landing. When his plane landed we made our way to the terminal.

Logan had his brother, sister moment with Camille and then had his mother, son moment with Mrs. Mitchell. After they were finished I walked over to him. He wraps his arms around my neck, I lean my forehead against his.

"I'm going to miss you so much. Five of the greatest years of my life have been with you." Logan says.

"I am going to miss you extremely. SO you have to promise to at least call or text me once a day." We lock eyes until his flight was called. He walked down the terminal without looking back.

Once I got back to my house I immediately went up to my room and lay down. On my bed was a note, it read:

Press play on your iPod dock and continue reading.

I walked over to my dock and pressed play. Cody Simpson's IYIYI started to play I smile because the song describes us so well. I then go back to reading.

When I'm gone just carry on, don't mourn. Rejoice every time you hear the sound of my voice.

I chuckle quietly, Logan loves his music references.

It's crazy how fast my senior year went with you. Don't think yours won't be the same. So promise me something have fun, don't worry about and keep it safe. I want it back when you come to Duke next year.

I wondered what 'it' was until I unfolded that paper farther. Taped to it was Logan's class ring, of course he had waited till he was out of state to give it to me.

I moped around for the next week until school started. I pulled into the school parking lot. It was odd coming here without Logan. I was getting out of the car when my cell signaled I had a text.

Have fun at school. :) - L

Speak of the devil.

"James!" I yell seeing my long haired friend.

"Hey." He said when I caught up to him.

"We're finally seniors!" I exclaim. "We get our band shirts!"

"Finally." He agrees.

"It's so different not having two balls of energy standing right beside us."


The rest of the day went by about the same. When we got our band shirts, I took a picture of mine and sent it to Logan. I had settled into Logan not being around whenever but one thing still drove me crazy. Driving home every night and not seeing his Jeep parked in his drive where I knew he was safe.

-3 months later-

Today was my birthday and it's been about 3 months since I've seen Logan. It was long and hard but I managed. I was pulled out of my thoughts by my cell ringing. I pressed accept.

"Happy Birthday." A sweet, faint, southern drawl said.

"What are you excited about?" I ask

"Nothing just waiting to meet with my basketball coach." I laugh a little.

"What's so funny?"

"I just got the picture of you playing basketball instead of hockey. Thanks Logan that was the laugh I have needed all morning." I say.

"It's only 9 and don't you need to be in class?"

"Yes, I am but I'm not."

"9-11 we got the state the obvious." He says in his best cop impersonation.

"So when will I see you again? It's been like forever and a couple days since I have." I reduce down to pleading.

"Thanksgiving break in 2 weeks. I'll be home."

"Ugh. Two weeks you're gonna make me wait 2 whole weeks."

"I haven't seen you in 3 months. I think you can last two whole weeks. James will keep you company."

"Yea, because James is so much fun!" I say, sarcastically.

"Hey I heard that!" I hear him screech behind me.

"Well I gotta go. I love you and will see you in 2 weeks." Logan says.

"Bye, I love you too."

The next three hours went by really fast. I've been sung Happy Birthday to twenty times at least then was lunch time. I was walking to my locker when I felt someone come up and stand right next to me. I look down.

"Hey Jo."

"Hi Kendall." She says continuing to walk right beside me.

"What exactly do you need Jo?"

"I'm on a super secret mission so just go along with it. "

"Ok. Sure."

When we got to my locker there was a crowd of all my friends standing right in front of my locker.

"Happy birthday!" They all scream at me at once.

"There are eighteen cards taped to your locker read them in order." James demanded.

Most of them said the same thing: Happy Birthday I am sorry that Logan couldn't be here. One was even from my sister. Camille's made me curious because I hadn't received a box hers said: Happy Birthday Big Brother, Logan's present is on its way. But there was one last one from Katie again: Turn around.

I turn around confused. Then I look up, it wasn't.

"Logan?" I say like it's a question.

"That would be me, now I haven't seen you in three months and that's all you can say." He says smirking.

"But I thought you weren't coming home for another two weeks."

"I guess Camille forgot to tell you that I am an amazing liar."

"Well Camille's waiting in the gym with the cake so let's go." Jo piped in. Logan and I held hands the whole way there. When I walk in there was balloons everywhere and Carlos and Camille were standing by the cake.

Jo being Miss Perfection she was wanted to cut the cake, she gasped when she walked over there.

"CARLOS! LOGAN! Why are there two finger swipes through the icing?" They both look at each other and ran out the door. Jo chased after them. After about 30 seconds they come through the other entrance without Jo.

"She's so stupid." Carlos said.

"What did you say?" A deadly voice said from behind them. They both share a look nod there heads and run to the cake. They both pick it up and throw it at her hitting her right in the chest.

"You guys are so lucky you are leaving tomorrow or you might've not been able to walk."

"Aw. My cake." I whine.

"Hey Logan this might not be a good time to tell Jo that you are staying for the next three weeks," Camille shouts. I hate you Logan mouths at her. After a good 30 minutes of chasing everybody had to get back to class, Jo still wearing cake. Once we were alone Logan took my hand and started messing with his ring.

"Kendall you wanna know something."

"Hmm." I mumble with my eyes closed. I hear him pull something out of his pocket,

"Once we are both out of college this plan will be executed but, Kendall Knight will you marry me?"