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Rosalie was fuming; she just had to literally peel a boy off her. It was one of the downsides of being a vampire, second place to the strong urge to consume human blood. Even though she thoroughly enjoyed the inhuman beauty that being immortal gave her, the attention she got from boys who didn't understand what the word 'no' meant, drove her to the edge.

Sure, at one point in time, many years ago, she would have craved the amount of attention that she was receiving now. Back then she was immature, now having lived for over one century, she saw the error of her ways. Even though deep, deep down, her ego inflated larger every time she caught a guy looking at her, on some occasions girls also. Rosalie's vanity was something she couldn't deny about it being a somewhat bad quality.

Rosalie had always known she was beautiful, even from the little amount of human memories she retained, she knew that she flaunted it for all it was worth. Rosalie was the girl and woman to be envied during her time period. She had everything, a rich family who showered her with everything and anything she wanted, the looks that many women would kill for. Then the most handsome and eligible bachelor, was hers for the keeping.

Many people thought of Rosalie as being the ice queen of the town, she didn't talk to anyone outside her family, and if for some reason she chose to talk to someone, it was usually to bite an insult at them and break that poor, unsuspecting human into tears. As this was Forks, word got around about her attitude, and some people had common sense to avoid sending her into a whirlwind of frustrated annoyance. Unfortunately, some people didn't get the memo and found out what it was like to be on Rosalie's bad side.

The true reason behind her cold attitude was that besides from her family, no one had even bothered to get to know her. Boys just wanted her in their beds, a trophy to brag about. Not that Rosalie would consider getting romantically involved with a human, she didn't really want to outlive them by however long it took for her to die. The girls hated her because of her inhuman beauty, accusing her of going under the knife, which amused Rosalie to no end; the knife would shatter into thousands of pieces, should someone try.

Even still, Rosalie Lillian Cullen-Hale kept her head high and showed off her backbone. Rosalie doesn't take crap from anyone, she remained cool and if she needed to argue, she performed the task with an eerily calm attitude which always seemed to have a better effect than a raised voice.

However, Rosalie had no idea how to handle the brunette she spotted from afar. If she had been human she would have sworn she'd need glasses. The girl, no, woman in her line of view was shocking spitting image of a girl one her past. She refused to believe that someone could look so similar to that girl from her past, without having any type of blood relation.

She took a deep unneeded breath and leant her back against a random locker near her. Rosalie felt a lump in her throat, the kind of lump when she was hunting and she smelled blood. Though this lump was not because she was hunting, it was because the girl she spotted from afar was bringing up emotions and memories that she had buried decades ago. Rosalie didn't like to show weakness, after decades of hiding herself behind a steel wall, weakness wasn't an option. Though the blonde couldn't help but think that no matter she wanted at this moment, she wasn't going to get. She was going to lose it and she had no power on Earth that could stop it.

"Impossible," She whispers, running her left hand through her long, golden locks.

She kept her eye trained on the brunette hair of her past, if she had a beating heart; Rosalie thought that at this moment it would be thumping away against her ribcage. The fragile organ that had stopped working nearly a century ago, would somehow rip out of its venom covered bindings and escape up her throat. Rosalie takes in the girls' tanned skin, looking as smooth as chocolate. The height of the girl, taller than herself, taller than anyone in her family.

"It can't be her, too many differences," Rosalie states, "but too many similarities to not be her."

She groans quietly, her face contorting into an expression in indecision, and frustrated pain. "How is this even possible?"

Then, like the flick of a switch, for the first time in thirty years, Rosalie let her walls down, her eyes quickly chasing the patterns on the white floor with her head hung. She felt her breathing pick up, desperately trying to gather as much unneeded air a possible in hope of calming herself down. Looking up to the white ceiling with bits a plaster chipping away, she sniffed, half-heartedly tossing her hair over her shoulders, before giving up and bowing her head down again with a tortured expression.

Then Rosalie felt it, in her eyes, the wetness of her venom. Her tears that she'd never be able to shed, because for some reason vampires didn't have access to the luxury of crying. That thought made the river of venom in her eyes flow even faster, until Rosalie couldn't see anything, just the fluid of her venom that glazed over her vision.

Her body began heaving, and she wrapped her arms around herself, she knew what was about to happen, and she didn't want it to. The bell had rung while she was caught up in her thoughts, so she was all alone in the hallway, with no-one around to see her break down. No-one to see her at her most vulnerable, and she felt lonely. The loneliest she ever felt, when she needed someone the most, she didn't have anyone. Her husband of more than two decades had spilt with her mutually. Her mother and father figure had tried to keep a strong front but the family was too torn apart. Her youngest 'brother' had gone crazy near enough to the point of a nomad, just without the drinking the blood a human part. Jasper had been forced to leave the family after a bad run in with Edward and Alice went along with him. Even the pixie couldn't handle the death of her best friend and had run away from it all.

Rosalie slowly slid her body down the locker, until she sat on the ground. Her mouth opened wide in a noiseless sob, the only sound a choked and strangled noise as she placed her knees under her chin, with her arms still wrapped tightly around her. She was too distraught to let a sob out, too pained to scream out years of emotional stress.

"Thank you Rosalie."

She groaned loudly, pushing her head hard against the locker she leant on. She returned her head to her knees, as she let the first sob up out of her burning throat.

"Don't mention it. Seriously, don't mention it. I'm not going soft."

Rosalie felt a strong arm wrap around her shoulders, and a hand pushing her head into a rock hard chest. She smelt the scent of pine and knew who it was straight away. "Emmett."

"Hush honey. Let it out, give into it," he replies, drawing soothing circles on her shoulder blades.

She did, one of her hands gripping on Emmett like her was an anchor, keeping her alive, tearing small rips and holes into the soft fabric of his top.

"No wonder Alice insists on dressing you in the mornings," Rosalie states, stroking a red comb through Bella's brown hair.

"I am not incapable of choosing my own clothing," Bella groans, "I just don't see why Alice thinks that I need to dress like I'm going to prom everyday."

"There is no harm in taking care of yourself in the mornings Bella. Despite how much I hate to admit this, you do have a pretty good figure Bella. You just hide it too much, baggy clothes, colors that don't match your skin tone. Be happy that Alice and I want to help you." Rosalie combs her Bella's hair behind her head into a tight ponytail.

Bella snorts, pointing to the hideous blue cast on her foot, "Well I bet Alice is pleased that because of this disgusting thing, I'm going to have to wear skirts."

"Of course she's not pleased Bella!" Rosalie sneers, pulling the ponytail a little tighter than necessary. "She's not pleased because the only way for you to wear any type of clothing she chose, was for you to be injured."

Bella sighs, "Of course. Sorry. I did walk into that situation."

"Yes, you did. Though it's not entirely your fault that you had a psychopath vampire hunting you down." She shrugs, wrapping the ponytail into a tight bun with single strands hanging loose.

Her voice turns into a soft almost embarrassed, "Are you mad at me? Do you hate me? For putting your family in danger?"

A pause, "Yes. I'd be mad at anyone that put my family's life and mine in danger, not just you in specifically."

"So you hate me?" Bella says slowly, fearing the reaction from the blonde goddess.

"I don't hate you; I don't particularly like you but…" She replies, her voice turning to a whisper at the end.

"Well I am a magnet for trouble. I wouldn't expect you to."

Rosalie for a spilt second let the corners of her mouth lift into a slight smile, before wiping it off her face, "You're done. Alice will be here soon to dress you."

"Again, thank you." Bella smiles.

Rosalie is quite for a moment, "Again, don't mention it." She strides over to the open door, nodding at Alice as she bounces up the stairs, her arms full of clothes.

The blonde passes her on the stairs, "She's all yours. Alice."

Alice places a small, cold hand on her arm and smiles before jumping up the last step and into Bella's room.

Rosalie continued the walk down and out the front door, she slides into her BMW and drives away to the voice of Bella talking to Alice, as she drives out of ear-shot.

"Wait, so if Esme was supposed to help me today…that means that Rosalie came on her own free will? Why would she do that if she wasn't forced to?"

"Rose works in mysterious ways Bella. You're going to have to get used to that. She means well, that's all that matters."

Rosalie tightens her anchor grip on Emmett as whimper tears through her, "She was so young." She closes her eyes tighter and shuffles until her head is tucked under Emmett's chin.

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