"Lavi, why are you calling me in the middle of the mission?" Kanda frowned at the innocent golem crossing his arms and hoped that somehow his glare would be transferred to the redhead on the other end.

"Well, it's peaceful here and I'm alone... and I thought that.. you know." Lavi grinned victoriously when he heard an annoyed sigh - because he knew it wasn't actually annoyed, it was more like something between "I knew it" and "ohdeargodyouidiotpervert".

"I don't know why I even answered to your call." Kanda groaned, shaking his head.

"Because you love me? I love you too." Lavi's grin only widened at the black-haired exorcist's silence, which meant that his intentions were accepted. "And I've been thinking of you.."

Kanda shifted nervously and sat down next to a wall, propping his other leg up. Leaning his head onto the wall behind him, he closed his eyes and tried to will the rising blush down. Oh, how he (loved) hated when his (lover) friend decided to be like this.

"Yuu-chan, are you there?" Lavi's voice had turned into a sultry purr and he heard the audible gulp coming from his friend. "I know you like listening to me.."

Kanda bit his lip and managed a 'shut up' through gritted teeth.

"I doubt you really want me to shut my mouth... except around you." Lavi muffled a groan and continued his obscene monologue. "Warm lips around your need, and you know I perform miracles with my tongue.."

Kanda shivered at the imagery playing in his mind. Oh yes, he knew it far too well. How he had ever agreed to this sort of thing, he didn't know, but when more salacious words reached his ears, he had to admit that damn the red-head was good at making him lose his control.

"Yuu-chan.." Lavi moaned breathily and caused a groan out of the dark-haired man - confirming that Kanda knew where Lavi's hand was to cause such noises. "When we return.. to the headquarters.. I'm gonna.. come and see you.."

Kanda was feeling very hot by now and his pants were evidently bulged, but he kept a straight face despite the very dark shaded blush. If he had been any less fastidious, he would've pleasured himself right there and then. But giving into it would only be a sign of weakness and it was something he avoided showing in any situation. And admittedly Lavi's promise of release was making it a bit easier for him to not give into the temptation.

"Yuu-chan.. I'm close.. I want to.. I want to come inside you.." Lavi ended his monologue in a poorly muffled moan of pleasure.

Kanda's eyes snatched open at the words and could only stare at the - still very innocent looking - golem, listening to the red-head catching his breath. Only when Lavi's voice came through, he was broken out of his momentarily reverie.

"Yuu-chan, it was nice talking to you.." With a far too satisfied smile on his face, Lavi waved at the golem and terminated the connection - only to realise that Kanda wouldn't have seen his wave, but decided not to care about it in his blissful state.