A knock at the office door startled Byakuya and he scolded himself for falling into his thoughts (involving a certain red-head). Calling the visitor inside, he wasn't surprised that it was Renji who stepped inside, but it was the expression on the fuku-taichou's face.

Oh great, what has he done now?

"Uhm.. Taichou.." Renji started, his hands behind his back.

"What is it, Abarai? State your business." Byakuya said, fixing his gaze to the fiddling red-head.

"Well, I was just thinking that, since it is.. uhm.." Renji stuttered.

Byakuya lifted one delicate eyebrow and Renji let out a nervous laugh. "Get to the point."

"Sinceit'sValentine'sDayIwasthinkingthatI'dgiveyousomethingbutcouldn'..well..madethis. Happy Valentine, taichou." Renji let it out in one big bundle of words and Byakuya had to think for a moment what the fuku-taichou had said. When he finally deciphered what Renji had said, the red-head had disappeared and left a small package on the table.

Byakuya glanced at the package suspiciously and started carefully to unwrap it – he was never sure if it was just another joke of Abarai's. When the object inside revealed, Byakuya couldn't hide the surprised gasp.

It was a perfect replica of Senbon Sakura on a mahogany stand. The small katana was third of the original's size and the stand had beautiful carvings of sakura petals.

Byakuya carefully took the sword off the stand and examined the fine work, though one thing caught his attention – the sword didn't have any signature from the maker, but a strong sent of familiar reiatsu.

When the maker of the replica dawned to Byakuya, he left out in hurry to get something nice for his fuku-taichou.