Naruto x Aqua


When Naruto is found with Master Xenoheart's body he his branded a traitor. Though despite this Betrayal his student can't help but love him.


Story Start


Aqua couldn't nor would she believe that her Master was guilty. It just wasn't possible, the man who saved her as a little girl and trained her to be the person she was today. He just couldn't be guilty, Terra had to have made a mistake. She had been worried ever since she heard he had been imprisoned for the murder of master Xenoheart.

Aqua was on her way to deliver dinner to Naruto. A bowl of Ramen, one she learned how to make from an old recipe she found in the library. She knew her Master like Ramen, maybe this would brighten his move slightly.

Aqua took a deep breath and entered the room, holding the bowl close to her and trying to keep the depression or sadness from her face. In the room sat Naruto, his hands in chains with only the sun light radiating from a window lighting the room.

''Hey there Aqua...'' he greeted, his voice devoid of it's useless cheerfulness. It nearly broke her heart to see him this way.

''I...Master...I brought you some food,'' she mumbled softly as silence soon followed.

''You still think of me as your Master? Even after what I done?'' he asked as she walked over to him. She sat the bowl down and sat opposite of him indian style.

''Of course Master. I...there had to be some mistake right! Maybe...maybe Terra made a mistake! Maybe he thought it was you and...''

Naruto shook his head and interrupted her. ''I did it Aqua!'' he admitted as Aqua froze, her facial features freezing slightly.


He looked up, meeting her eyes.'' I did it! I killed Master Xenoheart!''

''Why? H-How could you...''

''Because the man was evil! Eraquas didn't want to see it, hell I didn't want to see it; there's no denying there is something odd about Ventus. Ever since Xenoheart brought him here something wasn't quite right with him. That's when I found out. Xenoheart was trying to recreate the X-blade using Ventus.''

''T-Then...if you tell Master Eraquas surely...''

''It doesn't matter,'' Naruto murmured. ''I took the life of another Key Blade Wielder. I broke one of the golden rules. Killing another wielder should only partake when there is no other choice.'' A smile then formed on his face. ''The ramen smells delicious,'' Naruto said as Aqua went red. Holding up the bowl she scooped up a spoon full and gently blew on it as she held it to Naruto's mouth.

After a few minutes an empty bowl sat next to the side. ''Thank you...''

'' you feel...okay?''

''Now that you're here...yeah.''

''W-What's going to happen?''

''Eraquas will probably have me executed,'' he answered as Aqua gasped.

''N-No...he can't. I'll try talking to him and maybe...''

''It won't work,'' he interrupted shifting his legs. ''Come with me Aqua...'' he suddenly said. ''I won't go anywhere without? You whose heart keeps me in the light.''

''Master...'' she replied with a blush. ''I'm just...''

''Someone worthy of being a Master. Come with me...because I know you feel the same that I do.''

''And what's that?''

''That I can live my life without you. I didn't kill Xenoheart simply because he tried to recreate the X-blade. I killed him because I knew your life would possibly be in danger as a result. I would not let that mad man endanger your life. Even if that meant giving up my own in exchange.''

Aqua felt a sensation build up in her chest. All this time, she couldn't believe that her master...that he...cared about her? Did she feel the same? Was that what those strange sensations she caught whenever she looked at him meant?

'I love you Aqua.'' she heard him whisper as she felt a tear slid down her cheek. She placed her hand against her cheek.

''I...I love you too...Master Naruto.''

''Just Naruto, Aqua-chan,'' he whispered.

Aqua placed her hands on his shoulders as she leaned forward. She paused as their eyes met. Naruto moved over and pressed his lips against hers. The kiss deepened as Aqua wrapped her arms around Naruto. When they separated, they had a string of saliva attached to their tongues and a slight smile on both of their lips.

She then let out a sigh as she summoned her Keyblade and shatter the cuffs.

''Aqua?'' Naruto voiced in surprise.

''I...I won't let you die. Master Eraqus is going to hate hate me. Terra and Ventus probably won't understand, but I can't let you go. Even if it means I'm branded as a traitor.''

''Thank you...and for it's worth. I'm sorry...''

''It's long as I'm with you. That's all I need.'' she said as Naruto stood up and wrapped his arms around her. He pulled her into another sweet kiss. After they broke the kiss Naruto grabbed Aqua's hand.

''Let's go Aqua before one of them decides to check up on me.''

''Okay Naruto,'' she responded as he led her out of the place that had been her home for over a decade and a half. Saying a silent good bye Aqua embraced her new life with her Master.


Chapter End


I forgot where I read it, but someone mentioned how Xenoheart was obviously evil and the whole Genre Blindness on the part of Eraquas and the apprentices, but since Naruto in my series is well versed in being Genre Savvy and uses the Evil Overlord list as a bible courtesy of Kuiinshi this idea came to mind.

Now the Naruto x Aqua / Master x Student relationship has suddenly spawn a whole lot of ideas I could toy with. Though their is also the Naruto x Xion which will be fun to write. If there are any fandoms you guys want to suggest feel free too like always.