Harry Potter had got up for another day of 'learning' at Hogwarts. He got cleaned up, dressed and headed down for breakfast. As he made it to the table, a mug of coffee was in front of him and he took a sip of the rich liquid. It was the day after the announcement of the Tri Wizard tournament and he was one of the participants. He wasn't very well liked at the moment well at least by the younger members of the Weasley clan. Harry could feel the glares of the younger Weasels and rolled it off. Making them even more angry by ignoring them. Just then Hedwig had came into the Great Hall and landed on to his shoulder. "Hey girl," he said. "Good morning, you got something for me?" The owl was placed on the table and held out her leg to him.

Harry pulled the letter off her leg and opened it up.

From: Gringotts Bank

Mr. Potter,

It has come to our attention that you have not collected you inheritance from you ancestors I would like to speak to you this afternoon about this inheritance. It is very important that I speak to you as soon as possible.

May your riches increase and you enemies decrease,


Director and president

Gringotts Bank.

Hermione looked at Harry questioningly, "what is it?" She asked.

"Something about my ancestral inheritance," he said. "They want to see me this afternoon."

"You better ask Professor McGonagall about going to see them."

Harry re-read the letter and nodded, he rose and walked over to Professor McGonagall. "Yes Harry, how could I help you?" She said.

"I need to speak to you in private." He said, so they headed for a class room.

"What is it I can help you with?" So Harry explained what was going on and handed her the letter. She read it and looked at Harry. "You want to know about this don't you?" Harry nodded, "alright. I'll excuse you for afternoon classes. I'll say you're training for the tournament. But, you know I can't always do this for you."

"Yes ma'am I know, thank you Professor." He said, so when the time came, Harry left Hogwarts and he went to Gringotts

When he walked into the wizard bank and walked up to a goblin. "Excuse me," he said. "Mr. Griphook?" The goblin looked up and saw him.

"Ah Mr. Potter," he said. "Welcome, Director Ragnok is awaiting you." So he lead Harry to the Director's office.

Once there, Harry sat down and the goblin king/ bank president had looked at the boy wizard. "Mr. Potter, thank you for coming on such short notice." He said.

"Um, I came be cause you had asked me to sir. You said that my ancestors left me something? I just want to know what side and what can I do to help out?"

"Ah yes," he got up. "Would you follow me please? It is from your father's side of the family." So they walked to the deepest part of the bank and got in to a bank cart and they rode deeper in to the bank. They came up to an underground chamber and got out. They continued to walked in to a huge room, it looked like a ritual room.

"Okay," Harry started. "Where are we?"

"This is our inheritance testing room." Said Ragnok, "if anyone had any hunches about their background wizards and witches would pay us to test them. We would like to do this for you."

"But why?"

"Because we also have reason to believe that Dumbledore has something to do with you not getting your full inheritance." Harry was in shock and agreed to the tests, he removed his robe and upper clothes, they took some blood and Ragnok started to chant. Just then his body started to glow and all of the spells on his body were removed and the true spells were unlocked even his 'true DNA' was unlocked. All of his intelligence and all of his powers were unlocked, his loyalty to Dumbledore was removed and his body was fixed from his eyesight to broken bones healed. But there was something more that even he didn't know about. After it was done, his eyes glowed green slightly and he passed out.

Harry was out cold from the pain, about an hour later he woke up and sat up. "What happened?" He said.

"It was as we had feared." Said the goblin king, "you were spelled to be weak and dumb."

"Let me guess by who," he said.

"If you guess is Dumbledore, you'd be right."

"So, what's next?" Then Ragnok handed him a key and told him to go in to his ancestral vault. Once inside, he was amazed about what he saw.

"Wow!" It was a wizards dream, books on all different kinds of magic, magical weapons, rune weapons and lots and lots of galleons. But he had seen something out the corner of his eye, it was a flash of white and he slowly walked up to it. It was huge, about the size of a dinner plate and around 5 lbs, "uh Ragnok? What is this?" He said as he brought it out to him, the goblin's eyes widen.

"It has been a long time since I last seen this," he said.

"So you know what it is?"

"Yes, it's a plate."


"It's the equivalent to a million galleons. It's been said the richest clan has four of them."

"Wow!" He continued to look around and saw some kind of device that activated. It started to scan him and something came out of it. It was a projection of a man wearing robes and was carrying a staff.

"Hello, my heir." He said, "I am Mirradin; ruler and admiral of the continent-ship Utopia. You may know me by another name, Merlin. I have some things to tell you and show you."

After his meeting with the goblins, Harry was amazed about what he found out. He was still in shock, he was one of the last of his kind called an Ancient and Merlin was his ancestor, also Harry found out wasn't even truly human. Merlin wanted Harry to get the others on a list he was given together so they could activate the continent-ship. But he didn't think the others would help him 'there's only one way to find out.' He thought and headed back to school, just in time for the end of Snape's potions class. The evil emo professor had walked over to Harry.

"So," he started. "Now that you cheated your way in to the Tri Wizard tournament you think you can just skip my class?" Harry sighed.

"Let me guess Snape," started Harry. "Professor McGonagall gave you my excuse from class and as usual you just up and ignored it? I bet if my name was say, oh I don't know: 'Draco Malfoy', we wouldn't be having this conversation now would we? You are bitching and complaining about what my father did to you when I don't believe and half of it you deserved, in this era the sin of the father does NOT pass on to the son. Grow up." With that he brushed pass Snape so he can report back in then stopped because Snape was trying to get into Harry's head, "what are you looking for in here Snape? Respect? Show it first!" Then he left and headed for McGonagall's office, as Snape stormed to Dumbledore's office.


Note: The ending was from the first X-Men movie where Professor X was trying to read Magneto's mind.

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