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The time vortex closed leaving behind the four Titans pondering how the timeline would change. Beast Boy blinked several times. "I don't feel anything different," he said checking to see that he was still bald and indeed he was.

"Time and space is a mysterious thing, I can't explain it but the changes will come slowly." said Raven looking around the museum. "The memories of the old timeline will disappear and the memories of this timeline will come and our Starfire might be here."

All four walked outside and stopped in their tracks, the city was unfrozen and shining, it was a bustling Metropolis with even new Skyscrapers. The timeline was already changing. The titans returned to their old tower. They were shocked at how it has changed, Cyborg looked at himself, the rust on his cybernetic parts have disappeared he looked shiny and brand new even having a slimmer body. The lights beeped, computers were on and the whole dilapidation and disrepair he had left the tower in had vanished. It even had new decorations.

"Dude." remarked Beast Boy patting his head and finding hair where there should have been none. He had hair!

"I have hair!" squealed Beast Boy.

"Its already happening, the city, the tower and now Beast Boy" said Nightwing looking around.

Nightwing left the Titans and made his way back to his house, when he wasn't Nightwing, he was Richard Grayson, the CEO of Wayne Enterprises and he lived in a three floor home in a quaint small town about three miles up the coast from Jump City. It still looked the same, a four door SUV in the driveway, it was still painted dark blue with the gray roof shingles. He shrugged and stepped inside. It was still dark outside just after midnight.

He went upstairs to his room where he shed his costume and crawled into bed sleep claiming him within a few seconds.

It was the next morning when the sun rose over the city when Nightwing awoke to the sound of his shower running. He blinked several times, he was instantly in a fight stance ready for any threat. He turned the knob of the door, wanting to know who dared intrude into his property. He saw a strangely alluring curvy feminine figure under the shower, his brow furrowed in confusion.

He barely registered when the figure threw aside the curtain revealing herself to him. Nightwing blinked it was a familiar yet different Starfire, she had aged 20 years.

"Your awake, do you want the shower?" she asked getting a towel from the rack. He swallowed nervously as she dried her beautiful body, her large and perky breasts, it was as if it was the first time he's seen her naked.

"Umm...not right now." he said.

She smiled kissing his cheek causing goosebumps, Starfire walked of the bathroom to get dressed. Nightwing looked down at his finger and saw something that wasn't there the night before, a gold band around his ring finger. It was like a dam breaking new memories, he remembers getting married to Kori just ten years ago, he remembers their honeymoon causing Nightwing to blush profusely.

A cry caused him to snap out of his thoughts. It was baby, but he searched his memories and doesn't remember an infant.

He walked out seeing Starfire in undergarments with a raven-haired infant in her arms whispering soothing words in Tamaran to the baby girl. More memories spilled through the dam. "Mar'i" he whispered and he smiled warmly. The green-eyed infant smiled when she saw her father and reached for him with her tiny arm. Starfire motioned for him to come, Nightwing took their daughter into his arms and smiled. He put one arm around his wife.

All was well.