If you are reading this, you will be shot

Date: Jan 28, 3490

Report on Great Destruction

I, as head of the Scientific Inquiry Department for the Investigation of Unknown Phenomena, herewith record my findings on the subject of the ancient legend of the Great Destruction. I must record my findings truthfully and without withholding any of the disturbing facts I have learned, regardless of the consequences of my actions.

The basic premise of the legend is recorded below:

About 1500 years ago, unreliably dated the year 2004, the planet suffered a terrible cataclysm. According to the tales passed down us, the demonic god of destruction, attributed the name "Sephiroth," or the "Dark Angel," broke free of the forces restraining him and rained ruin and destruction down on the world. It is traditionally held that a huge crater found far in the north is a mark of his entrance from "the darkness" into the world. It then claimed said that he came very close to obliterating this planet from existence.

However, then, in response to the destruction, a heroic figure called "the Champion of Life" emerged to counteract the destructive force. This champion and the Dark Angel fought an fierce battle over the fate of the world that lasted for nine days. In the end, after vicious combat, the champion of life finally overcame the forces of destruction and vanquished the angel of darkness, forcing him back to the shadows from which he came, and thus saving the world. It is also stated that the champion of life sacrificed himself to attain this end.

This legend was, of course, assumed to be absolute falsehood, a child's tale created to teach morality. If such figures as "Sephiroth" and "the champion" ever existed was unknown, but beyond that none of this could be true. No supernatural forces affect the progress of the world.

I was tasked with investigating this claim. I worked for fifteen years gathering data and ancient texts, trying to put dates, records, and locations to the events in the story. This was an extremely difficult task, given both the sheer impossibility of the stories, and the time that has transpired since said event. However, I have found certain facts that point to a startling conclusion.

In order to perform this report, I used the old data that is left to us from our ancestors about the location of the old "Shanra" civilization area, the civilization that is said to have existed at the time of the Dark Angel's attack, and the one he supposedly nearly destroyed. The location of this civilization has since been lost to history, and it is unclear if it even existed at all. Despite the possible untruth of this data, recorded approximately 800 years ago, I believe it gives the best chance for me to analyze what really occurred, operating under the assumption that our ancestors were not mistaken.

According to my research, there remains far to the north a crater that matches the supposed location of the emergence of Sephiroth. However, this site is far too eroded to have appeared that short time ago. It appears that it has existed upwards of 8000 years, though exact dates are difficult to find due to a strange technological interference caused for unknown reason by the area's soil. This would appear to indicate that the legend was created to explain this crater, which 2000 years ago would have been of incredible size and depth.

However, in wake of my investigations of our ancestor's old data, parts of the atmosphere surrounding the supposed location of the Shanra civilization reflected high levels of an unknown radiation that was determined to only possibly be the result of a colossal meteor. Strangely, no physical evidence of this meteor can be found on the surface of the planet. Having been so recent, it should have created an enormous crater, but no such crater exists.

Additionally, the area reflects biological evidence of incredible destruction, with trees that are hundreds of years younger than those in the surrounding areas, Almost none of the same wildlife habits occur, as if those who live there are newcomers. Several entirely new families that appear to be mutants of the surrounding species were said to have established themselves in the destroyed areas. Additionally, evidence is recorded of human migration away from the center of the "meteor"'s zone of destruction, with particular intensity from a city sized portion in the exact middle.

The holocaust destroyed the "Shanra" civilization and caused incredible changes in the people's way of life. This was recorded in the abandonment of what appears to be overgrown mechanical equipment, while other instruments appear to have been moved and rebuilt. Stories indicate a great shift in power, though the meaning of this is not known, and there are recorded to be great scars left on the land from the falling "plate." The significance of this metaphor is no longer known to us, however the destruction conveyed by the image in unmistakable. Unfortunately, the scars would have since worn away over the past seven hundred years.

All this cataclysmic behavior without any evidence of the actual "meteor" that our ancestor's scientists insisted had to have existed. At such a proximity there is no way it would have missed striking our planet, but there are no marks, as if it dissolved just before impact.

The conclusion I am forced to draw from this evidence is that, yes, something incredible, terrible, and destructive occurred 2000 years ago to shatter the "Shanra" civilization. There is no physical evidence of this calamity, only the resultant effects on the plant and human populations of the area. How could this have happened?

The only answer I can give is that, though I am certain no dark god emerged from the planet itself, some hereto unknown force was unleashed upon the planet, and wreaked incredible destruction. Something did happen in 2007, something that was neither of alien, nor of explainable origin. The event of the Great Destruction appears to have taken place, though I could not say exactly what that event was.

For the other half of my investigation, I tried to discern truth from legend in the figures of "Sephiroth" and the "champion of life." This was very difficult, as all legends are mostly fiction and possibly small slivers of fact. I have recorded my meager findings here.

Accounts of the so called dark god vary incredibly, as there has been ample time over the centuries for embellishment. Several things, however, are repeated consistently. Firstly, it is unanimously agreed that "Sephiroth" was a masculine force, whatever form he may have possessed. I have observed thousands of description of him from the old stories, and there is not a single one that disputes this fact. Various physical features are attributed to him by different images, demonic features such as wings and horns, occasionally extra limbs. These of course are wild imaginings, not reality, but there are a few traits that are constant in all of his portrayals.

A recognizably humanoid figure, though a mutated one, the dark angel is always portrayed with bright, usually glowing, green eyes and some form of long silver mane. This combination of traits has not been observed in concert by this government. However, there are sparse records of silver haired individuals born in the past 200 years, though with extreme rarity. So this at least is plausible, though I am not trying to claim Sephiroth truly existed in all of his supposed "dark angel" glory.

The only known repeated trait of the champion of life is his blonde hair, which ranges from almost white to yellowish, and has come to be a favorable trait in children over time. He was said to have various connections with the "life" of the planet, and to be beloved of many living things, not just humans. Strangely, he is often associated with white trees, though the significance of this is not known.

For both my use of the ancient data and my implication that there is something that is not explained in the world, I know I may be punished, and I pray that our government will not misinterpret this treatise as belief in an outdated legend. I am not saying I believe in the Dark Angel, nor that he was a god who nearly destroyed the world, nor that the Champion of Life used his divine and mythic powers to defeat him.

However, it is possible that he, and the champion of life, did exist in some form long ago, and perhaps even had something to do with the incredible calamity suffered by the world in 2007. This, I feel, we must acknowledge and investigate further to understand the unexplained destruction of the "Shanra" civilization, and of the records of the unknown force that wreaked this destruction. We must find and understand the cause of this destruction if we are to fully control our situation in this world, and prevent any further resurgence for ourselves, to ensure the and ultimate security of this civilization.

Here I conclude my report.

Signed, H. O. Ju, head of the Scientific Inquiry Department for the Investigation of Unknown Phenomena

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