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Talk about falling into temptation

By bloodymary2

PART I - chapter 1

She was infuriating!

How could one person be so bossy and rude and such a pain?

It wouldn't surprise him to learn that Lois had somehow come into some sort of manual of how to drive him crazy. She stole his bed, hogged the bathroom every day, had managed to enchant his parents and now – if her presence wasn't already overbearing – she was attending the same school as him! Her smirking face, every day, in the hallways of Smallville High.

Clark sighed.

It was bad enough knowing he had lost Lana to another man, when they had come so close to actually being an item. Lana, the girl he had loved since the age of five, when he had first caught a glimpse of her beautiful, soulful eyes. His heart ached painfully and his future prospects dimmed even further at this immensurable loss. Must he always suffer? Couldn't the universe conspire in his favor just once, instead of against him?

Another sigh.

He pulled the refrigerator door open and grabbed the large jar of milk. The tall, green eyed teenager almost drank straight from the bottle, but stopped midway. Rolling his eyes, he dropped it onto the counter and reached for a glass.

The house was quiet and peaceful, a hard thing these days, and he felt a smile gracing his lips. His parents were off to Grandville for a meeting and Lois was with Chloe doing who knew what, so he had the house entirely to himself. At least for a couple of hours. With glass in hand, he turned the TV on and sat on the couch, putting his feet up.

He imagined Lana as she had looked on their freshman year and smiled, allowing his head to fall backwards as he indulged in flights of fancy. His eyes were falling close, relaxation finally achieved, when the screen door banged open. In came the bane of his existence. Clark sighed.


He had to give it to the girl, she had timing.

"Smallville!" She came into view, hands on her hips and that smug, superior and annoying expression on her face. "Wasting away, huh?" She smirked and crossed her arms. "Let me guess, Clarkie is pinning over Lana, isn't he?"

He tried counting to ten. Stupid nickname. Then twenty. And did she have to bring up Lana? He tried it backwards and then tried counting only prime numbers. All useless.

"Don't you have any friends you can bug?" Lois rolled her eyes.

She dropped next to him on the couch, placing her legs next to his and letting loose a long suffering sigh. "I'm bored. There's nothing in this godforsaken town to do."

Lois turned her head to face him. Clark was gazing up to the ceiling, shaking his head from one side to the other. She grinned at his reaction. He was so easy to exasperate and she certainly loved doing it. There was something quite pleasing about that muscle twitching on his strong jaw. Her grin widened. She loved how his blue green eyes rolled and how his eyebrows would dip and frown when he was unable to come up with an answer to his taunting.

The brilliance of her smile dimmed.

Love was, of course, too strong a word. She just enjoyed busting his chops. Lois shrugged to herself and sat back, mimicking Clark's position. From the corner of his eye, he watched her, counting the seconds until the lack of reaction from his part made her crack. Lois was never able to stand long what she called uncomfortable silences.




"Say something, Smallville! Can't you keep up your end of the conversation?" Hands dropped heavily to the side and she huffed. She shouldn't have expected much from such a dorky farm boy.

Clark just grinned, highly entertained.

His face rolled and he watched her pushing herself up. For the second time in a couple of minutes, his lips froze around a smile; he had a direct line of sight to Lois' ass. Clark gulped, sat up and looked down. The object of his attention remained oblivious, as she did a one eighty and caught him shaking his head.

"You okay, there, Smallville?" He ignored her question and she bent down, trying to catch his eye. "Seriously, I'm bored." Exasperated, he looked up. She was seriously unbelievab…

The breath caught in his throat.

And who could blame him, when the first thing he saw was the valley between her ample breasts, peeking from her tank top. He might have been an alien from a galaxy far, far away, but he was still male and Lois, though annoying, was still a beautiful female.

"Hey, Pervert! My eyes are up here!" Clark quickly corrected his gaze and found that the bane of his existence wasn't mad, as her voice had indicated, but amused.

Of course.

Clark rose and rolled his eyes, angry with himself for being caught staring. And he didn't even like her! His attempt to leave, however, was unsuccessful; Lois had found something to keep herself entertained apparently. Him.

Clark huffed and dropped his head. She was infuriating!

His annoyance took second place when Lois stepped forward, breaching his personal space. He gulped. "You like what you see, huh, Clarkie?" But she couldn't stop there. No, Lois didn't believe in leaving things halfway. Another step and her chest was pushing against his, making him blush and stutter.

Lois beamed.

"Lois, ple… please."

"Please, what, Clarkie?" She caressed his arms, coming then to rest her hands around his tensed neck.

Her proximity made his temperature rise and her taunting made his temper boil. Not that he had a temper under normal circumstances, but Lois always seemed to bring out the worst in him. His eyes closed into slits and he leaned forward, bringing their noses – and lips – closer together.

"Don't play with fire, Lois. You might get burned." She only grinned harder, enjoying his sudden display of a back bone. It's not like he would go through with it, anyway. It was just innocent flirting. Amusing her, however, was not his intention; he sighed for what must have been the thousandth time since her arrival and pulled back.

"You can't win, Smallville. You shouldn't even try." She gave him a once over, making him squirm. "You're not ready for the big leagues", she whispered against his tensed lips.

Later, he would reason that she finally pushed him too far and they would argue whose fault that was. But the simple fact was that he snapped. His big hands came up to grip her hips, bringing her flush against him and raising her almost off the floor. Clark took great pleasure in the way her hands fisted around his shirt and the gasp that escaped her parted lips.

Lips that were pouty and inviting and suddenly way too close to Clark's.

"Sma…" She cleared her throat, ordering her eyes not to stray from his and to stay far, far away from his luscious lips. Which, on the long run, might have proved to be a bad idea; she could get lost into his ever changing gaze.

"Yes, Lois?" He was smirking, enjoying her speechlessness maybe a little bit more than he should. "Is the great Lois Lane really at loss for words?" No one could bring his cocky side out better than her and Clark almost felt like Kal in that moment. Not quite as ruthless, but liberated, nonetheless.

Her eyes flashed in anger and she shifted a millimeter closer, eyes closing in slits. "Payback, Smallville. Slow, agonizingly slow retribution. And when you least expect it, too". Lois wasn't one to back up from a challenge, after all. That's not how the General had raised her.

Although, it was quite possible the General didn't consider this scenario at the time.

Clark's smile slipped and an intense expression settled over his strong features. His earlier intentions of getting the upper hand were forgotten as his gaze involuntarily fell onto her dangerously close and inviting lips. He wanted to kiss her so badly. And he was still sure he didn't like her! Talk about confusing.

He frowned. Then gulped.

What was going on?

"Lois?" He whispered. She hummed in reply, biting her lower lips in a blatant display of anxiety. She wasn't as unaffected as she might have wanted. Neither pulled back, though, too caught up in each other to consider the consequences of what they were thinking of doing. There seemed to exist a strange pull between them and Clark couldn't help but contemplate at its sudden appearance.

Had something changed?

He couldn't have possibly felt this from the beginning. Surely he would have kissed her by now if that had been the case. The pull was so intense and her body fit so perfectly against his. All other thoughts were being pushed to the back of his mind and when that happened, instincts spoke louder.

"Clark… What are we doing?" Their parted lips were a hair breadth away from meeting in amazing passion and even her unsure question sounded alluring. Her fingers softly caressing the back of his neck didn't hurt either.

Oh, the hell with it…

A small move and their breaths weren't the only thing comingling. Softly, they touched, brushing together. Small kisses, with eyes still open and connected. Tentative, really. Clark caught her lower lip between his, sucking gently. In response, Lois tilted her head back and opened her mouth further, licking the skin most near. He gently bit the lip he had been worrying.

Lois moaned, a quiet sound from the back of her throat that Clark felt all the way down. He wanted to hear it again.

His tongue soothed the bite and licked the skin of her inner lip, watching the fascinating way her eyes glazed over. Almost timidly, he sought her tongue with his, finding her more than compliant. As the kiss deepened, their eyes finally slid close.

It was sensual, this kiss. Unhurried and hot and unlike anything they had ever experienced before. There was no thought, no worries and concept of time. Just their lips and tongues and bodies pressed so very close, not even the clothes they wore could disguise the curves beneath. Just hands that buried themselves in hair, that squeezed hard abs and slim waist, that skimmed over forbidden places, touching the skin left exposed by t-shirts that had ridden up.

In fact, it was Lois' hand playing with the skin over his belt buckle that snapped Clark out of his trance. He couldn't do it; the fear of hurting her was greater than the fire burning within him. With a groan, he pulled back, using his grip on her hips to push their bodies apart and somehow willing the passionate haze his mind was currently under to dissipate.

"L… L… ois." He swallowed hard and said her name again, using it as an anchor to ground himself and bring her back to reality. "Lois."

Her lips were swollen and red and strands of her blonde hair had fallen from the ponytail she had been sporting. Clark hadn't expected the sight of her to arouse him so, specially looking so disheveled. This was Lois, for Heaven's sake! He didn't like her. In fact, there were times he downright hated her! Hated the way she could never let anything go and they way she was always busting his chops and crashing into his life.

He didn't like her.

He didn't.

Clark withdrew his hands from her hips as if he had been burned and that proved to be just the dose of reality Lois needed. Her eyes cleared and her inviting lips closed. A cool façade of indifferent descend over her face. Her reaction hurt, though Clark would be hard pressed to explain the reason for that.

"Well… that was unexpected." Lois brushed her bangs aside and took her time fixing her hair. Calmly – too calmly -, she made sure her yellow t-shirt was back in place and then met Clark's expecting gaze. "Well, Smallville, don't stand there looking like a seven year old who just saw his parents doing the horizontal tango for the first time."

Her crude words would have normally irritated him, if not for the way she tucked her hands into her back pockets; a sure sign of uncertainty where Lois was concerned. She probably hadn't seen that coming, either.

"Uh, I guess we'll have to count that one as a tie." Her confused expression lasted but a millisecond.

You can't win, Smallville. You shouldn't even try.

Lois visibly relaxed and nodded. "You'll grow a pair, yet, Smallville." They shared small smiles that felt incredibly awkward, before Lois did an about face, whipping her ponytail behind her. Over her shoulder, in a casual manner, she said, "See ya later!" and left. When the door clicked shut, Clark finally released the breath he had been holding.

His head dropped.

What was he doing!

A fluke, that must have been it. Lois was always teasing him and questioning his masculinity and he snapped. Plus, with Lana lost to Jason, his levels of frustration had to have reached maximum. The name of the girl he had loved for so long left a bitter taste in his mouth; he hadn't thought of her once while Lois had been in his arms and Clark felt like he had betrayed her somehow.

A hand came up to scrunch his already messy hair and then rubbed against his face, willing for this to have been nothing more than a dream… or better yet, a nightmare! It wasn't the first time Lois had caused a strong reaction in him. True. Usually, though, he felt like strangling her, not swapping spit. It was all so complicated!

Clark sighed, dropping his weight onto the couch.

The reasoning started soon thereafter. It was a onetime thing, after all. He didn't lust after Lois and this would never happen again. In fact, they would do the avoidance they were so good at when something happened that stepped outside the boundaries of their strange friendship and then go back to normal. Clark found himself nodding.

Normal was good.

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