Chapter 4

She had always known this day would come.

Martha had dreaded it, fought against it and tried to convince herself it was avoidable. But, at the end of the day, she had known it was only a matter of time before her dear son Clark would be forced to face his destiny. A destiny that involved a lot more Jor-El then her or Jonathan.

Watching him now, the soft glow of the morning sun tainting the air of her kitchen a warm orange, Martha could see the way her little boy had grown up and could understand that meant spreading his wings. She didn't like it, but she understood. Jonathan, on the other hand, was determined to fight against it.

"Absolutely not, Clark! All out dealings with Jor-El in the past have been proof enough that he cannot be trusted!" Jonathan brushed back his blonde hair in a frustrated move. "Now, he wants you to submit to him for some unexplained training? I will not allow it!"

The red haired mother watched as her son breathed in deeply and calmly answered his father, without uncertainty or lack of respect. He looked truly like a man.

"Dad… I know you don't trust Jor-El, but… It's time. I'm ready and I know that it's time. Jor-El has promised me that I could come back every three months and I will."

"Jor-El cannot be trusted, son. You really think he will keep such a promise?"

"Yes… I do." Clark unfolded his arms and let them drop to his sides. "He has never made promises before."

Jonathan sighed deeply, worry and fear battling for dominance within him.

"Look, dad…" Clark stepped closer to his father and touched his arm in a reassuring manner. "Jor-El may have given birth to me, but you are my father. I know I can make you proud. Just… let me."

He didn't like it. Not one bit. It comes a point in a father's life, however, that one must learn to let go. Jonathan knew that. He certainly didn't like it, but he understood that what Clark was really asking was trust for him, not Jor-El. "I'm already proud of you, son."

Father and son embraced and Martha felt sadness begin to fill her chest. Though still a few days away, this already felt like goodbye.

It was all too soon.


Graduation came upon them faster than Chloe had thought possible.

The last couple of mounts had been wholly uneventful and felt almost anti-climatic after four years of such a roller coaster ride. It was over, the end of a journey and the beginning of the rest of their lives. Nothing would ever be the same again.

Chloe managed a small, sarcastic smile, at such profound thoughts. Specially after being one so eager for high school to end.

She looked around at her classmates, dressed with long blue gowns like her own. Some carried still their graduation hats upon their heads, while others had tossed theirs up into the sky sometime before. Everyone was wide smiles and bittersweet glances. And she could commiserate with them, knowing she wouldn't see most of these faces again. It was okay, though; they were acquaintances rather than friends.

So few fell under that category.

Lana's face appeared among many, looking a bit lost and lonely. Her relationship with Jason had not ended well and Nell, her only relative, had chosen not to come. Not even Clark, who had been, for so long, a constant in her life, seemed to sustain his devotion anymore. He offered only friendship and a distant one at that, something Lana hadn't taken so well.

Speaking of Clark, there he stood, hugging his mother who had open tears in her eyes. Mr. Kent seemed overly serious, she noted, probably to hide his own sadness. Clark was leaving, after all. He had been planning his backpacking trip for a while now, making sure all loose ends were tied and even finding someone to help his father at the farm. Chloe still couldn't wrap her mind around this new Clark, all grown up and strong minded.

She would miss him more than anyone else.

Long arms wrapped around her from behind, startling her back to reality. She whipped around, a bright smile flourishing upon her lips at the sight which greeted her… Lois. The cousins embraced. Through phone calls and constant e-mails they had managed to leave their fight in the past and reconquer the close friendship they had always had been fortunate enough to maintain.

"Lois, you are here!"

"I wouldn't miss your graduation, baby. Besides…" Lois grinner widely. "… you and I are going to Metropolis for some serious, probably illegal, celebration."

They embraced once more, a mirth filled laugh escaping the petit blonde. Lois was back!

Over her cousin's shoulder, Chloe caught sight of Calrk's green blue eyes fixed upon them. She knew they hadn't kept in touch, though they might have wanted to. Though the idea hadn't appealed to her, Chloe couldn't deny the pull between them. No matter how jealousy rose up in her throat every time the thought of them together arose.

Pulling slightly away, she smiled and caught Lois' hand in hers.

"Other people have missed you as much as me." Ignoring her cousin's sudden frown and resistant stance, Chloe pulled her towards the Kents. "Mrs. Kent, Mr. Kent! Look who dropped by for a visit.

The older couple turned their way and smiled in welcome. There was no hesitation in either Kent as they embraced Lois dearly. With a wide smile, Lois turned to greet Clark and was met with quite an intense pair of eyes. Chloe couldn't blame her for vacillating and choosing to greet him with a nod and his name, whispered low.

Chloe was also not the only one who noticed the sudden tension between the pair. Martha gazed from her son to the woman she had grown to love as a daughter, while Jonathan wore a look of relieved understanding on his kind face.

Time felt as if suspended and Chloe grew restless. Weren't they going to speak? Do anything? The air buzzed with energy and she half expected it to burst into flames before either of them made a move to converse.

Maybe this wasn't such a good idea after all.


She was there.

For long nights he had dreamt of her in his arms, the ache in his heart unexpected. In every dream, she had appeared real, solid and that had brought him comfort, even when he had remained aware of her absence. Now, there she stood, during his waking hours. She was close enough he could touch her, if only he reached out his arm. For a second, he considered her only a mirage, fancies of a parched man trapped in the desert.

But she was really there.

Chloe had her arm around her waist, perhaps needing reassurance of her presence just like him. His mother was talking to her. His father had smiled her way. She was not a figment of his imagination. And she was looking at him with eyes so intense, Clark could feel the intensity of her gaze burning his skin.

Had she yearned for him as he had for her?

They didn't speak to each other, allowing the rest of their circle to fill in the silence. They were simply too busy fighting off the magnetic force pulling them to each other and trying not to appear too obvious about it. And the uncertainty… What were they supposed to do now? How to act, what to say. Too much had changed. Too little had changed.


They were at the farm, the semi dismantled loft a desolate sight for those who had grown accustomed to its reassuring presence. They couldn't quite explain how they had gotten there and why they had found themselves suddenly alone, only a few feet of air separating them. The details seemed so unimportant.

Clark focused on her heartbeat.

It was going faster than normal and was the only indicator that she felt the same anxiety coursing through his own veins at this unexpected, yet much yearned for, meeting. She looked so beautiful…

"So… you graduated." Lois' voice was soft, her words almost unsure. Clark only nodded yes to her statement, unconsciously stepping forward. The motions of a superficial conversation allowed them to break the silence that had afflicted them, though words to say what they really wished to convey seemed lacking.

"And you?" The sound of his voice sent chills up her spine and Lois had to breathe in deeply, so as not to faint. Her body swayed a step closer to the source of her weakness.

"Me, too." For a long second, their gazes locked, a little of the tension falling away. "You going to college?" Another step from Clark.


Lois' trance was briefly broken by his unexpected reply. She frowned. "No?"

"I… My biological father has… contacted me." Clark was shifting, something Lois had learned he did when skirting a question without having to lie outright. "I am going to be… training with him."

"Training?" She could see in his eyes that he wanted to tell her and yet, at the same time, felt it was something he couldn't simply share. Lois decided to let it slide. "I got into Oxford. And Met U."

His lips parted in a proud smile. "Congratulation!"

Lois simply shrugged, her future still strangely blurry. "I'm not sure on a major, yet." Clark's hand on her arm, incredibly warm, sent a shiver up her spine.

When had he gotten so close?

"Sometimes, the life we think we'll have is… different than the life we end up having. You'll find your niche." He smiled and she offered a weak laugh in return. He sounded so sure when he spoke like that and yet she knew that insecurities weighted down his soul every day.

"So… I guess, we won't be seeing each other so soon again."

"I guess." Clark stopped closer still, leaving barely no air to hover between their bodies. "Doesn't mean we won't ever see each other again." He was somber and dead serious, making sure she understood his words were not meant to be taken lightly.

"I'd like that."

"Lois… I want you to know that you mean something to me. What happened between us… it mattered to me." Lois bit her lip and caressed the corner of his cheek.

"I know."

Nothing else was spoken, as the air still lingering between them disappeared and lips met in a heated kiss. It was overdue and new, at the same time that it was familiar like the act of coming home.

With sure strokes, Lois caressed his tongue, stopping every few moments to glide her tip of her tongue in the back of Clark's teeth. Not to be outdone, the farmboy followed the underside of her tongue gently, luring her back into dancing. At the same time, hands followed freely their own will, groping buttocks and gripping black hair.

The air between them heated up in no time.

Breathless, Lois broke the kiss and dropped her head back, trying to take in much needed air. Enjoying the opportunity and decisively less breathless than his lover due to his superior lung capacity, Clark trailed a path from her mouth to her ear with the tip of his nose. He blew softly then, eliciting shudders and a moan, before using his tongue once more, this time to trace Lois' outer ear and inviting earlobe.

With a hand gripping his hair and the other placed in his chest, over his fast beating heart, Lois felt the need to feel more of him. Button by button, her nimble fingers managed to expose the warm flesh beneath the light blue shirt he wore. That drove her and him wild.

It still wasn't enough, though.

Clark's shirt hit the floor, uncared for, and the man in question took this opportunity to even the field. Lois's t-shirt joined the pool of blue fabric on the floor.

The brief moment that they had taken to partially undress, was time too much without properly touching and their bodies crashed back together in urgency, mouth fusing together once more.

They kissed with fervor, heavy breaths intermingling as Lois traced all corners of Clark's mouth, chased after by his own need to connect. Meanwhile, Clark's hands, which had been caressing her back, gripped her ribcage, managing to bend her backwards and more easily at his mercy. With his thumbs, he drew circles at the underside of her still covered breasts.

Lois moaned, drawing circles of her own upon his exposed hip, ever so close to the straining Clark junior poking her thigh.

A flick of the wrist and before she knew, Lois found herself with an open bra and Clark's hot mouth traveling lower down her neck to be closer to her newly exposed nipples. All thoughts of keeping up vanished from her mind when his tantalizing breath met with her over sensitive, puckered skin, without actually touching.

So close.

"You such a tease, Smallville." She sighed, allowing her weight to be supported more fully by Clark's hands. If he weren't keeping her mind muddled, though, Lois was sure to have punched him for chuckling at her comment.

"No hurry, Lois. We have all the time in the world." Who could argue with that, she pondered, as the weeks of separation fell away.

Finally, he enveloped her left nipple with his mouth, using his tongue to trace the aureole and wet its tip. All in a languid pace, of course. The slower he went - not missing a spot – less air seemed to enter her lungs. And never stopping his thumbs from drawing circles at the underside of her breasts.

Sensory overload is what it was.

Just not enough, though.

After time uncountable, Clark circled her waist with his strong arms and brought their bodies even closer together, then lifted her feet clear off the floor. A new kiss consumed their mouths as he easily carried her over to the worn couch. He carried her as if her weight mattered little and eased his tall frame upon the soft surface, draping Lois' body over his.

With breathing heavy, they sat closely facing each other. Various parts of their bodies were touching through their clothes, enticing for things yet to come. Still, it was the stare they shared at that moment that brought about the type of close intimacy neither had ever experienced before.

"I want you, Smallville." Clark leaned forward to kiss her, but Lois drew back. "No… I want you."

Clark smiled brilliantly at her declaration and brushed her hair over her shoulder. "I want you to, Lois. Only you."

Clothes came off slowly after that, none of the rush their first time had evoked was present. They explored each other's bodies with touches and kisses, until they found themselves completely bare. With Clark's hands on her hips and Lois' arms around his neck, they moved as one.

Foreplay could only last so long, however. Tilting her hips, Lois sought Clark's manhood with her hand and guided him to her lower lips, rubbing their tender flesh together and eliciting moans all around, until Clark held her still and pushed inside her, filling her with one stroke.

Lois caught her breath, relishing the feeling of being whole, and threw her head back. Clark, too, took a second to savor the feeling of being again sheathed within her inviting walls, before slowly withdrawing. When his cock had only its tip still enclosed, Clark stopped and drove himself within her once more.


Again and again, he did this, his pace agonizing slow. More than the pleasure of his skin moving against her walls on the way out, he relished the exquisite bliss of driving hard back inside her willing body. Lois moans only encouraged him on, as did her arching body, which offered to him such succulent breasts for feasting.

He licked a puckered nipple, then the other, before latching onto the first and sucking mercilessly. Lois tasted so good, he could not bring himself to be gentle. Lois's hand gripping the hair at the back of his head encouraged no gentleness either. It had been too long. It would be too long before they could be together like this again.

As their pace grew faster and the separation of their bodies smaller, Lois and Clark met forehead to forehead, eyes gazing intensively. Their breaths mingled, their noses bumped together and their bodies moved as one, sweat glistening their skin. The intimacy of this act was so strong, it could not be described as anything but bliss.

When the pleasure building between them reached its climax and they could not hold back any longer, Clark reached between their bodies and stroked her clit, while his mouth grabbed hold of hers once more. In a tidal wave of immeasurable intensity, they came together. Shudders wracked their joined bodies and drowned shouts of ecstasy breathed from one mouth to the other.

Afterwards, exhausted and still joined, they rested as they were, content in the knowledge that perfection had been reached.

Lucky for them, no one came to interrupt their semi public encounter for hours thereafter.


The future was peeking over the horizon, barely discernable to the naked eye, and so much was still composed of dreams and uncertainties. They didn't know what their lives would turn out to be like, couldn't fathom the ending to this story. They weren't making any promises and yet, in the air hanging between them, a promise lingered of paths eventually crossing once more.

In the final hour they spent together, there were no tears, no sadness and no doubt.

Only love and a bond strong enough to last through anything.



Epilogues (yes, as in plural, as in two) should follow soon. I hope you have enjoyed the ride. :D