I do not own Teen Titans! If I did, the show would have never been canceled and Raven and Beast Boy would have been together! This is a new fanfic from me, I came up with the idea sometime last week, but finally got my thoughts organized enough to write it out! Please read and review, and do not be afraid to give constructive criticism! Thank you and I hope you enjoy!

For those of you who are not familiar with the Teen Titan's "real" names:

Garfield (Gar) Logan = Beast Boy; Richard (Rich/Dick) Grayson = Robin; Victor (Vic) Stone = Cyborg; Terra Markov = Terra; Rachel (Rae/Raven) Roth = Raven; Kori (Star) Anders = Starfire; Jenna (Jen/Jinx) Adams = Jinx

Chapter One: Trust

"Don't worry, Garfield, I trust you!" Terra said for the fifth time that day. The blonde beauty looked at her fiancé over her strawberry milkshake. His emerald eyes showed doubt and concern, as they had been all day.

"Are you sure, Terra? Cause I don't have to do this. It's not that important."

"Gar, every man wants a bachelor party before he gets married! And you deserve one. Even though your friends are a little crazy and weird, I trust you and I want you to have the time of your life before we tie the knot. Come on, I had a bachelorette party and it was no big deal," Terra argued.

"Well…..I guess if you're cool with it….I'll call Victor tonight and let him know it's on," Gar said, defeated.

"Great! I want you to have the time of your life with your friends before you give up the single life," Terra said, sincerity reflecting in her electric blue eyes. She sipped up the last of her milkshake and slid out of the booth as Gar pulled out his wallet to leave a tip. She took his hand before they walked out of the diner and gave him a reassuring smile. Garfield smiled back, considering himself the luckiest man on earth.

When Gar arrived at Terra's house, he shut off his car and leaned across the seat to kiss her goodnight. She smiled seductively ran her hand down his chest.

"Care to come inside?" she asked.

"I'd love to, but, there's still some work I have to do at home yet. Maybe next time?"

Terra smiled and nodded, kissing him again. She loved a man who was hard-working.

"I'll be waiting…until next time," Terra smirked. She stole one more kiss and then exited the car and went to her front door. When Garfield was satisfied that she was safely inside, he pulled away from the curb and headed home.

All of his friends thought he was crazy for not living with Terra before they got married. But the truth was, it worked really well between them. Garfield was a veterinarian and owned what used to be his dad's office in the city. Terra was an archaeologist and spent most of her time in the rockier areas of the state, digging up old artifacts and bones. Garfield and Terra didn't want to experience everything like they were a married couple before they got married. They looked forward to moving in with each other after the wedding. Garfield thought about how he was the first of his friends to get married. His family was ecstatic at the idea of him getting married. His friends…weren't too thrilled. They called Terra his "ball and chain" and didn't seem to be too thrilled with her. They seemed to 'put up' with her. He rolled eyes as he thought of what Richard had said to him before he proposed to Terra. "I dunno, man…I just don't think she's right for you. And you're still young….don't you wanna look around at what else is out there? What if she's not THE ONE?" Like Richard knew anything about relationships. He went through women like water and he was that biggest womanizer Garfield knew. Even bigger than Victor, who was a total heart-breaking ladies' man. But Richard was right on one thing: Garfield was still pretty young. He was only 22.

When Garfield arrived at his apartment, he threw his keys on the counter and locked the door behind him. He checked his messages and leafed through his mail before calling Victor.

"Hey man! Glad you called! I'm guessing this means you're giving in to the whole bachelor-party thing?" Victor asked.

"Yeah, dude. Terra said she trusts me completely and she wants me to have a good time, so we're on for tomorrow night," Garfield responded.

"Awesome! You are gonna have the time of your life, man!" Vic exclaimed.

"Yeah, that's what everybody keeps telling me..." Gar murmured.