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Chapter Five: The Morning After

"Creak creak creak* pkchk pkchk shhhhhhhhhhh…" Garfield slowly attempted to pry his eyes open. What was that noise? It was the noise that had woken him up. Not the sunlight beaming directly into his face, not the coldness that his uncovered feet felt. The noise had woken him up. He stopped his attempts to open his eyes and kicked the covers so that they covered his feet. Then he threw an arm across his eyes so the sun stopped staring him in the face. When that didn't work, he rolled onto his left side and reached his arm to pull the person next to him closer…

Gar shot up in bed. Suddenly he was awake. Why was he reaching for someone? Who would be sleeping next to him? Suddenly he was awake. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and jumped out of his bed, only to find that he was naked. He cursed at himself and searched the room for his boxers. He found them, carelessly tossed across the back of his desk chair. He grabbed them and yanked them on. Then he surveyed the room. It was a complete disaster. He began to try and replay the events from the night before in his head. Why was everything so blurry? Why could he not remember even coming home? He sat down at the edge of the bed, held his head in his hands, and closed his eyes. He took a deep breath. He remembered being in Victor's car and wondering where they were going, then arriving at the bar, drinking…then everything was a like a dream…he couldn't quite grasp what else happened that night, it was all a blur. His head jerked up at the realization that the sound of the shower had ceased. Whoever was in his shower was coming out in a few minutes. He stood up and looked towards the door that led to the bathroom connected to his room, bracing himself. His eyes wandered around the room for a moment. He spotted a pair of pure violet lace panties on the floor near the bedroom door. He stopped breathing for a minute. He tried to think as hard as he could. Did he ever see Terra wearing violet undergarments? No, Terra hated any shade of purple. Terra wore bright colors, yellow, and orange, not the dark colored clothes he was now noticing were strewn across his room like candy wrappers after a child's birthday party. So it definitely wasn't Terra who shared his bed last night. He grew cold. Who was it then?

The doorknob to the bathroom turned.

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