Title: We Meet Again
Author: Takebuo Ishimatsu
Pairing(s): None?
Summary: Young Justice is accidentally transported to another dimension in which their mentors have no idea who they are. Things get complicated. Fast.

IMPORTAT AN: Because I don't really know that much about the comics (yet!), I decided it was better to use the Justice League from the cartoons. HOWEVER, the Flash in this one is still BARRY! And it's a universe in which there are no sidekicks! So, it's not a complete crossover, just kinda.

Second AN: This was started about two weeks ago, when I first saw the pilot. Thus, there will be no Artemis in it, since I know nothing about her!

Disclaimer: Ido not own Young Justice.

"Hey Bats, the big guy wants to know when it'll be done," Flash said as he zipped over to the Dark Knight.

"Now," Batman responded, pulling down a lever. Flash let out an impressed whistle as the primary power came back on and the Watchtower was no longer lit up solely by dim emergency lights.

"Nice to have full power again. Good thing we had a back-up to our back-up, huh?"


"Well, I'm outta he-"

Flash stopped in his tracks as a glowing light appeared in the middle of the room, starting as a small ball and growing larger by the second. Flash quickly backed up until he was standing beside the other man.

"I'm assuming this isn't part of the new improvements?"

"Hardly," Batman answered with narrowed eyes. Not glancing away, he pulled a batarang out of his belt, noting that the other superhero shifted into a fighting stance along with him.

Activating the comlink in his ear, Batman said, "We've got a situation in the generator room."

"What kind of a situation?" Superman's voice came instantly in return, and Batman knew he'd started towards their direction as soon as "situation" had left his mouth.

"The Boom Tubey kind," Flash responded. Turning towards Batman, he added, "Darkseid?"


"Great. Just what I was hoping for. Nothing starts off the perfect day like an intergalactic baddy in your secret base," Flash muttered with no little sarcasm.

The light grew brighter and seemed to expand before suddenly shrinking out of existence completely. In its place were five teenagers in costumes.

The largest of the group, a brunette boy wearing the emblem of Superman, instantly stepped in front of the smallest of the lot. Batman filed away the annoyed look the other brunette gave him as reference later towards their relationship.

"Hey now, I don't know how you kids got up here, but this is a restricted area. Not that I don't appreciate the hello or anything." Flash eyed the redhead's Flash symbol with a frown.

Just what they needed, obsessive fans who clearly had way too much time and money on their hands. Even worse than Darkseid, in his book.

"So, you don't recognize us?" the Flash-boy asked.

"Uh...no?" Flash shrugged, only to gasp as a batarang landed just where he'd been a second ago.

"Hey, kid-"

"Don't bother, they clearly aren't interested in negotiating," Batman cut him off, seeing their hard expressions.

"If by 'negotiating' you mean 'lure us to our deaths' like those last dudes, then no, not really," Flash-boy snarked back.

Batman narrowed his eyes at the information but didn't respond otherwise. His questions would have to wait until they were more sedated. Even if they had been attacked before, it only made them more dangerous. Nothing was worse than a scared animal backed into a corner.

"Fun's over, kids. Come quietly and-"

"Holy crap!" Flash yelped as the newly-arrived Superman was thrown into one of the nearby walls by the kid wearing the "S". So, definitely not normal fans.

He didn't have much time to contemplate just who they actually were, or what they wanted, as he was then dodging left and right as the smallest one tried to hit him with various objects. Not normally a hard task, even given the kid's impressive moves. That is, until the Flash-boy joined in and Barry had the unusual experience of actually having to block attacks with his arms and legs rather than his normal method of simply not being there anymore.

That left Batman with the green girl and dark-skinned boy. Correction: the green girl who could disappear and the dark-skinned boy who had the power to electrocute him with a single touch. He was unknowingly beginning to agree with Barry that perhaps Darkseid wouldn't have been worse. At least then he could have hit him with all his power and not worried about breaking his skinny little neck.

"Need a hand?" J'onn asked, disappearing just as soon as he'd appeared.

Batman continued on with his fight, careful to keep track of how his teammates were doing. Superman seemed to be over-powering the kid with brute strength and combat experience. Flash was in a fist fight with the yellow-clad youth, who was better at dodging due to his size, though not as skilled in regards to attacking. He frowned as he realized he'd momentarily lost track of the youngest one.

As he darted behind his opponent, he shifted his gaze to the other side of the room and caught a glimpse of the boy hiding in the shadows in the corner, a hand pressed against the middle of his chest. He was shaking and appeared to be having trouble breathing. His teammates didn't even seem to notice. Hmph, still just amateurs.

He ducked underneath the young man's fist, one with webbed fingers he noted, to deliver a punch hard enough to put him into the wall behind. One down.

Two, as J'onn reappeared with the green girl carefully tucked under one arm. The Martian sat her down next to her fallen comrade and they nodded to each other. Time to go after the speedy little punk.

He was too quick for either of them to catch and if he turned off the gravity, that'd make Flash useless as well. That left distraction.

"Aren't you going to go help your friend? He seems to be having some trouble breathing," he said blandly from a few feet away, nodding towards the corner.

The redhead allowed his eyes to drift over towards the shadows for a split-second too long and he was soon flying through the air, only to land next to his buddies.

"Well, that takes care of that. Where's Supes?"

"Here," Superman said, walking through a hole in the wall the "S" kid had made during their fight, "Other one's just outside."

"Looks like that leaves you alone, kiddo," Flash said as they all turned as one towards the brunette.

Batman's gut suddenly warned him as the boy's expression shifted to one of desperation.

Holding up his arm, a holographic diagram of the Watchtower appeared.

"Yeah, I figured we wouldn't be able to pull through this a third time, so I've already set this baby to blow. In about five minutes, your Watchtower will be nothing more than a firey hunk of metal set on a crash course with the eastern coast of the U.S. That is, unless you let us leave in peace."

"Leave in peace? You guys are the ones that appeared out of nowhere and started attacking us!"

"It doesn't matter, Flash. He's bluffing. We haven't had a villain yet who's been able to crack our system," Superman said.

"Nobody's been able to crack the Batcomputer either, huh? Guess there's a first time for everything, right B.W.?"

Batman's eyes widened for a moment before a scowl set in.

"He's not bluffing," turning towards Superman, "The Watchtower has a replica of the software I made for the cave, something a person would be unlikely to know unless they'd hacked both. And he knows my name."

"B.W.," Superman whispered.

"Tick tock," the kid mocked.

Batman noticed how his breath seemed to catch on the "tock." He was still having trouble breathing, it seemed. And, though his shaking had stopped, his face was abnormally pale. Illness? Blood loss?

He glanced at the blue-clad hero out of the corner of his eye. Clark nodded subtly. He'd noticed it too, then.

"Fine, you're free to go," Superman said with a smirk, crossing his arms.

The four heroes eyed the young man as his gaze drifted over to the pile of knocked-out youths.

"Didn't quite think this through, huh kid?" Flash smirked.

The boy groaned and pressed a hand to his forehead.

"God, Batman's gonna kill me," he whispered.

Superman frowned.

"Do you know a...different Batman?" he asked carefully, glancing at Bruce. The man in black gave no sign of recognizing the other.

The boy stiffened, which was answer enough for them all.

"I think I set the training program on too high," the Flash-boy groaned, holding his head as he woke up.

"KF, you're awake. That's good," the brunette murmured before his eyes rolled back into his head and he collapsed. Both Flash and the yellow-clad boy were there in an instant, catching the teen as one. They glanced at each other warily before diverting their attention back to the other.

"Robin! Wake up man!" the smaller speedster yelled frantically, shaking his comrade. Frowning, he pressed his hand to the wet spot starting to form on the other's chest. He pulled his hand away bloodied, giving the red hero a horrified look.

"It wasn't me," Flash raised his hands in innocence.

"Move," Batman ordered, pushing them both out of the way and picking the boy up. Ignoring everyone else, he briskly started down the hall towards the medical bay.

"Superman, use the code I gave you," he called over his shoulder.

Superman frowned before his eyes lit up. Oh, right. Batman's emergency override for his emergency override. He supposed it wasn't always a pain to work with such a paranoid loner. He quickly made his way over to the Monitor room.

"Wait!" the Flash-boy yelped, darting after the Bat only to have his path blocked by the real Flash.

"You're not off the hook yet, kid," he shook his finger at the other.

"Get out of my way!" he tried darting to the left, only to be stopped again.

"Your little bud just threatened to blow up the Watchtower. We'll make sure he doesn't die, but don't think we're just letting you go."

That gave the other pause. "Robin threatened to...? He wouldn't..." his voice got lower with each utterance until Flash had to strain to hear the last part, "There's people down there."

"Perhaps you do not know your friend as well as you believe," J'onn said.

The boy snorted. "Nobody can really know a Ba-" he stopped himself before he could give anything away, his momentary carefree manner shifting back to suspicious.

"But I trust him, and that's what counts," he finished determinedly.

"Why did you attack us?" J'onn tried a different route.

The other hesitated a moment before replying, "You don't know who we are."

"Is that some kind of offense on your world?" Flash snapped back, only half joking. They'd met some weird people in their travels through the multiverse.

Flash-boy looked towards the other speedster, clearly debating with himself on how much he should say.

"No. We..." he studied them for another moment before continuing, "We were in a battle and somehow got warped to another dimension. In the first one there were these criminals with the same powers as you guys; they called themselves the Crime Syndicate. Then we got warped away again and it was you guys, but...not."

He gave them a haunted look, "They killed people that stood in their way. And once they realized we weren't going to follow their example, they didn't have much use for us."

"Did you originally have more people?" J'onn asked, both worried and angry. Those that would hurt children, even those with such dangerous powers, were of the lowest caliber.

"No, we got out fine, but that must have been where Robin got hurt. Stupid idiot didn't say anything," he muttered the last part in annoyance, running a worried hand through his hair.

"We know the feeling," Flash responded. Just last week Batman had tried to secretly give his life to save the planet, only to be rescued by Superman in the nick of time.

Superman walked back through the doors, pausing to take in the scene. Everyone still in their places. Good.

Turning towards the other two adults, he said, "It looks like it was a bluff. The kid hacked in all right, but the self-destruct wasn't armed."

"How do you know it was hacked, then?" Flash asked.

Superman gave the yellow-clad hero a Look as he responded, "All of the terminals were taken over by little bats all over the screens."

Flash-boy winced, though Superman could sense an underlying hint of amusement. "That sounds about right."

"Are we not fighting anymore?" "S" kid asked as he dragged himself through the hole in the wall.

"Do you want to?" Superman responded sternly.

"Not really. You hit hard," he answered, holding his head.

Superman merely nodded.

"Why don't you both tell us more about what's going on and we can see if we can help you," Superman said, the team's usual delegate.

The boys looked at each other uncertainly.

"I don't know if we can. We've had bad experiences in the previous universes," "S" boy responded.

"Man, I wish Robin was here. He'd know what to say," Flash-boy groaned. Seeing their interested looks, he added, "He's like our Batman."

"Way to give away our strategist, KF," Kaldur hissed, slowly standing and pulling a woozy Miss Martian up with him.

The boy had the decency to blush.

Superman shook his head slightly. They were powerful, but hardly fully trained.

"We already defeated you without knowing anything so..." Flash trailed off, hoping they'd fill in the rest on their own.

"Well, I guess we can tell you a few things. Uh, let's start with our names. I'm Kid Flash, that's Superboy, Miss Martian, and Aqualad," he said, pointing to each as he spoke. "And, of course, the injured guy is Robin. Like I said, we've been jumping from dimension to dimension, and this is our third. In our world, we're your guys' partners."

"Like our trainees? Our sidekicks?" Flash asked, surprised.

"We prefer partners," Aqualad corrected.

The others nodded in agreement.

"Right, partners. I'm going to take a wild guess as to which superheroes you kids belong to. Me, Flash, J'onn, Aquaman, and...Batman?" Superman finished in a question, wondering if it was truly possible for the Dark Knight to have taken on an apprentice, regardless of the batarangs stuck in the wall, in the opposite direction that Batman had been throwing. Bruce really wasn't the kid type.

As if reading his thoughts, the redhead smiled, "Yeah, I know. Bats isn't really the first guy you'd think of for a mentor. But, believe it or not, Robin's actually the longest-running hero of us all."

Superman's eyebrows rose, though he chose not to respond.

The kid could have only have been thirteen, maybe fourteen. When exactly had he started? Considering he didn't appear to have powers, he'd have to have been physically training for a few years, at least. He felt the sudden urge to have a serious talk with Bruce.

"They should be in holding," Batman said as soon as he walked through the door. Well, speak of the devil.

Superman sighed, "Batman, we're speaking with them."

"You can speak to them just as well through the intercom in holding."

Superman crossed his arms, ready to take the hard stance against his friend, when the redhead spoke up.

"Don't argue on our account, we're used to Bats. We don't mind. But, could we see Robin first?"



The two leading superheroes glared at each other.

"Superman, a word."

"Fine ."

The two left, leaving the four youngsters with the two experienced heroes. If there was ever a time to test their willingness for peace, it was then, as there was the possibility they could overpower them four-to-two.

Flash wondered if Batman had done it on purpose.

Still, the kids didn't try anything, but rather had the redhead fill them in on what happened to their smallest member. J'onn got the feeling the talkative guy was only just warming up. Seemed speed wasn't the only thing he had in common with his mentor.

"I thought I saw him get hurt earlier. But he brushed me off, claiming his armor had stopped it," Aqualad said, frowning.

"Yeah, that's a Bat for ya," Kid Flash shrugged.

Flash smiled at them, their conversation eerily reminiscent of one he'd had with Superman not two weeks ago in regards to the big Bat. Apparently, martial arts and gadgets weren't the only thing Batman had passed on to his protege.

Superman and Batman walked back in, and J'onn didn't need to use his mind-reading abilities to tell who'd won. Superman's blinding smile was answer enough.

"You can see your friend, though you'll have to stay on the other side of the glass. We have a machine running diagnostics, as well as doing any quick stitching that needs to be done. You'd just get in the way."

"You guys have machines that do that stuff?" Kid Flash said in awe.

"Don't you?" Batman asked, clearly suspicious.

Then again, when wasn't he?

"I don't need stitches," Superboy answered.

"Neither do I," Miss Martian added.

"We of the sea have different methods."

Kid Flash shrugged, "My uncle usually patches me up himself; we only use the fancy JL equipment if it's serious. I'm guessing the same goes for Robin."

"I mean getting patched up, by Batman, or whoever, not by my uncle," he added lamely.

Aqualad rolled his eyes, "Thanks for the clarification."

"Shall we go see your friend?" J'onn asked, sensing Batman's growing annoyance. He went around the other Martian, and gently pushed on her shoulder to get the group moving. She smiled up at him in response and started walking.

"I am most curious how you came to be. I was under the impression that I was the last of my kind."

"It's a long story. One I'm not certain I should tell. Will you wait for it?"

"Of course."

"The same applies for the last Kyrptonian," Batman said, giving the so-called "Superboy" a distrusting look.

Supeboy stopped suddenly and debated with himself as to what exactly he should say. Realizing that Batman would probably want to run them through tests anyway, including their blood (since that's what Bats did, even Robin), he figured it couldn't hurt to tell them.

"I am a clone of Superman, secretly made by Cadmus," he said with perfect blandness, as if it was a story he'd already told numerous times, before turning and following the others.

Superman gasped and Batman's eyes narrowed.

"Wow, talk about a whammy. Was so not expecting that," Flash tried to joke.

Not liking the sudden tension at the back of the group, he raced on ahead, calling over his shoulder, "Hey kid, let's see what you've got."

Kid Flash darted after him instantly and they were at their destination not two seconds later.

The boy pressed his face up against the glass, green eyes huge as they took in all the blood and tubes lit up by a blue diagnostic beam sweeping over the other. Bastard had been hiding a pretty big wound underneath his armor.

"Can he hear us?"

Flash nodded, "It's not soundproof."

Kid Flash banged on the window, before shouting, "You stupid idiot! I'm going to kick your butt once you're better!"

Surprisingly, the boy inside wasn't asleep as the older hero had thought (or, at least, he wasn't anymore) as he turned sleepy eyes towards them and gave the other boy a thumbs up. He didn't seem to mind the interruption to his relaxation. Judging by the playful kid sticking his tongue out beside him, perhaps it was normal.

Despite the trouble they'd caused, Flash couldn't help but smile at the young heroes.

"Are you two close?"

Kid Flash debated answering before nodding, "He's my best friend."

"Then I'm glad he's ok."

Kid Flash gave a smile in response and Flash could feel the trust and love radiating off the kid. Even with their previous circumstances, the need to look up to the other speedster was probably still ingrained in the teen.

Did the other Flash get to feel so...parental all the time? It was kind of nice. Perhaps he'd take on an apprentice once they'd gotten the current situation settled.

After what seemed like an eternity for the two speedsters, the rest of the group passed through the medical bay doors. Flash pointedly ignored Batman's glare.

"What's wrong with him?" Superboy asked, sounding somewhat horrified.

Superman understood the feeling. When he'd first started comprehending that others got injured, could actually die, he'd been horrified too. He wondered how long the clone had been alive to still garner such a reaction.

Then again, considering the kid was "a Bat," maybe he just never saw Robin injured. Lord knew he'd caught Bruce hiding potentially fatal wounds too many times to be normal.

"Chest wound, previously bound but aggravated by the fight."

"But he'll be fine, right?" Kid Flash asked Batman worriedly.

He gave a terse nod.

Aqualad huffed, "Idiot."

"When did he have time to wrap it?" Miss Martian asked and as one the boys looked at each other, the thought not having crossed their minds.

Batman resisted the urge to roll his eyes in front of other people. Hopefully the other Batman's protege was the smart one of the group.

They all stood outside for a few minutes, the kids just enjoying the feeling of knowing he wasn't dying, despite the numerous tubes and machines hooked up to the other. Not to mention the little stitch-robot, which was just too weird, in Kid Flash's opinion.

Finally, the boy inside made a series of hand gestures and closed his eyes.

"'Me'...that's all I got," Kid Flash said with a sheepish smile.

"'Stop staring at me,'" Superboy responded.

The three young heroes gave him an odd look.

"They taught you sign language as well?" Aqualad asked.

The older men didn't need to guess who "they" were. Created by Cadmus? Trained by Cadmus.

Just another fact that Batman added to his list of things he didn't trust about the group.

Superboy nodded.

"Will you teach me?" Miss Martian asked.

"Uh, Robin's probably a better person to ask," he answered awkwardly.

Kid Flash snorted, "Clearly not. I still only know like four gestures, and I've been at this for over a month."

"Perhaps you are just not a very good student," Miss Martian answered innocently, not meaning to be rude.

"Thanks Miss M," Kid Flash groaned.

"Go away," Robin snapped, pulling his breathing mask off temporarily in order to speak clearly.

Kid Flash stuck his tongue out for the second time.

"Time's up," Batman agreed. "Superman?"

Superman sighed, before indicating with his hand that they should follow him.

Kid Flash gave his friend a forlorn look before pulling himself away. The others nodded at Robin before following the adults out of the room, leaving Batman alone with the boy.

Robin turned towards him, and both of their eyes narrowed at the exact same moment.

AN: Slow start, hopefully you guys like it anyway. (LOL, how a life-endangering fight can be "slow," I'll never know.) As always, if you see any mistakes, either in canon or the writing, let me know! I don't mind constructive criticism!

Second AN to Flash Fans: Sorry? X_X I really don't know anything about Barry, except his minor screen-time in YJ, so please forgive me if he's really OOC. I just sort of made him like Wally. -_-0