Fanfiction fot the end of, and just after the end of Autokill, with my OC, Susan Redman. Some bits are sketchy, particularly when describing bits that were in the show itself, but I wanted to keep the bits you'd seen short, just adding the occasional bit of dialogue on Susan's part

Richard Barrett, Craig Stirling and Sharron Macready are The Champions!

Endowed with the qualities and skills of super humans- qualities and skills, both physical and mental, to the peak of human performance. Gifts given to them by an unknown race of people, when their plane crashed near a lost civilisation in Tibet. Now, alongside Susan Redman, an orphan stranded in Tibet until discovered to have the same powers as them, with their secret known only to them, they are able to use their fantastic powers to their best The Champions of Law, Order and Justice. Operators of the International Agency, Nemesis!

"What if it's too late?"

Susan hesitated at the door to the old building. It had been disguised to look like a police station, and she, Craig and Sharron were about to enter. Richard had been taken by two men posing as police officers, as two other Nemesis agents had before: one of them being Tremayne. The other agents had returned with only one thing on their minds – to kill a fellow agent.

They had been drugged somehow, led to believe their friends were their enemies, and Richard was next.

"I knew this was a bad idea," Susan complained, "We should've found some other was, not used our friend as… as bait!"

"Well what do you suggest we'd have done, eh?" Craig snapped, "Let Tremayne die?"

The drug had a bad effect on the victims' brains. Over a short amount of time, they would deteriorate and die.

Susan frowned, "No.. no, you're right. Too many deaths…" she sighed as Sharron put a hand on her shoulder. "I don't want to fight him," she confessed.

"None of us do," Craig agreed.

"He'll be okay, Susan," Sharron assured, secretly hoping she were right.

"Yes… He's Richard, he'll be fine…" Susan sighed, "Let's do this, then. Too much time has been wasted."

Though Susan was an extremely intelligent girl, sometimes the twelve year old child she was fought to show through. As Craig led the way in, knocking out the first man he saw, she hoped she could stay grown-up enough to get through this.

"Don't… Don't mark my face!" A second man was being pinned mercilessly to the wall, his nose red and bloody from a rather accurate blow dealt by Craig.

"Mark it?" Craig repeated furiously, "I'll rearrange it for you! Where's Barrett?"

The man trembled under Craig's stare, "I-in there!" he pointed to a door to the left of him.

"Is he alone?"

"Y-yes, alone!"

"Where d'you keep the drugs?"

"In there! In a cabinet in there!"

The man fell to the ground as Craig punched him viciously in the stomach, and they cautiously entered the room.