A/N: The Second of the new stories I came up with, this is my first pure Sailor Moon story, sure I have done a lot of Sailor Moon Crossovers in the past but this is the first time I did a strait up one. Anyways enjoy the first chapter and I'll get chapter two out soon. Also I'm not sure if anyone did this plot before and if someone did I'm stealing the idea. Enjoy.

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Usagi: But... they might be.

Emma: No... I don't think they are... at all...

Now and Future Queen

By Emma Iveli

Chapter 1: Just a Step to the Left

The Dark Kingdom had created s Youma that messed up everyone's perceptions of time. And of course Sailor Moon and Sailor Mercury had to fight this Youma and stop her plans.

It would be easier if Sailor Moon wasn't one of the ones affected.

Sailor Moon ran towards the room where the Youma was.

"Wait Sailor Moon!" cried Sailor Mercury.

Sailor Moon was headed right to an area that would cause her to age.

"What?" asked Sailor Moon.

That was when there was a bright light it engulfed everything in the room. The Youma in her room was confused.

"What's going on!" she yelled, before being engulfed by the light.

Outside Tuxedo Mask witnessed the light. He wasn't sure what to think.

"What's going on?" he thought.

With Sailor Moon, knowledge came into her head, knowledge about the past. She was the one they were looking for, she was the Princess. And Tuxedo mask was her beloved. Not only that but she knew that sometime in the future she would become queen of Earth and everything would become peaceful.

The light died down, everything but Sailor Mercury was destroyed.

"Sailor Moon!" cried Sailor Mercury.

Luna who was outside the building ran towards Sailor Mercury. The two stopped when they saw…

"Usagi?" asked Sailor Mercury.

"It can't be…" whispered Luna.

There stood not Usagi Tsukino nor Sailor Moon, but a beautiful woman dressed in a white gown, a golden tiara was on her head and a yellow crescent moon was on her forehead.

"I should explain what happened, shouldn't I?" asked the older version of Usagi.

"Yes…" said Luna unsure what to say.

"You see in that time warp I grew older, however as it turns out my destiny is to lead earth in a rein of peace." Explained Usagi, "Because of that the power I would one day get appeared, I accidentally destroyed everything meaning I can not turn back into Usagi or Sailor Moon until I get the Silver Crystal."

"Silver Crystal?" asked Sailor Mercury.

"You know where it is, don't you?" asked Luna.

"I do… but…" said the older Usagi, "I can't get to it."

"How are we going to hide this?" asked Sailor Mercury.

The older Usagi took out the pen, "Moon Power! Turn me into Usagi!"

She turned back into her younger self.

"We'll try to keep this a secret for as long as we can." Said Usagi.

"You're the Princess we've been looking for." Said Luna.

"I am." Said Usagi.

Luna sighed, "Of course, it had to be you. I guess I shouldn't be surprised."

"What is the Silver Crystal?" asked Sailor Mercury.

"It was a crystal that belonged to Queen Serenity. It's extremely powerful." Explained Luna, she turned to Usagi, "What is your future title."

"Neo Queen Serenity." Answered Usagi.

"I see…" sighed Luna, "Is it okay if I stay if Ami for a while I sort everything out."

"Of course." Said Usagi.

Sailor Mercury detransformed and sighed.

"Things are going to change aren't they?" she asked.

"It is." Said Usagi.

Sometime later Usagi was walking him alone.

"I know you're there." Said Usagi stopping.

Tuxedo Mask jumped down from a tree.

"You have something to ask me. Don't you?" asked Usagi.

"I do." Sighed Tuxedo Mask, "Are you the Princess from my dream."

"I am." Answered Usagi.

She ran over and hugged him, she then broke apart.

"Until your civilian identify realizes what's going on. Then we will be together." Said Usagi.

Tuxedo Mask flinched when she said that. He didn't know what that meant only that it was something important.

"Don't worry, I'm sure soon you'll know." Said Usagi.

Usagi turned around and ran away. Giving time for Tuxedo Mask turn back to Mamoru wondering what just happened.

"What's going on?" he thought, he sighed as it happened again.

Within the Dark Kingdom, Queen Beryl knew what happened and called Jadeite.

"Your plan to change human's perception of time failed badly." Said Queen Beryl.

"I know." Sighed Jadeite.

"Now Sailor Moon has somehow become more powerful, as powerful as Queen Serenity!" yelled Beryl.

"What?" asked Jadeite in shock.

"I won't punish you for this, as this is something that I don't anyone could have foreseen." Said Queen Beryl.

Jadeite nodded and left.

"She better not beat us to the Silver Crystal." Growled Queen Beryl.

That night, Luna went to the arcade, she really needed to talk to talk to Central Control about what just happened.

"Luna, what is so urgent?" asked the mysterious central control.

"Something happened in the fight with the Youma." Said Luna, "It' very good news, but I don't know how to react."

"What is it?" asked Central Control.

"The Youma we were facing had control of time. It caused Sailor Moon to become older." Explained Luna.

"How is this good?" asked Central Control.

"She became her future self, she is trapped as her future self for the time being." Sighed Luna, "The thing is that she is the Princess and her future self is a queen."

There was a silence.

"Central Control?" asked Luna.

"You're serious?" asked Control Control.

"I am" answered Luna.

Central control stared processing the information, it really didn't think that they would find the Princess so soon. It knew that they had to protect the Princess, there was only one way.

"Artemis has been training his own Sailor Senshi, Sailor Venus." Explained Central Control, "But you might know her as Sailor V."

Luna's eyes winded when it said that.

"They were planning to show up sometime after you found Sailor Mars and Sailor Jupiter." Explained Central Control, "However I will inform them that the Princess has been found and that that they need to join with you."

Luna sighed.

"What is it Luna?" asked Central Control.

"There's also the problem that Usagi can't turn into Sailor Moon until the Crystal is found. I'm not sure if she can fight any more." Explained Luna.

"I'm sure she will have a way to fight." Explained Central Control.

Luna sighed, "I hope you're right." She sighed.

Meanwhile at the Tsukino Residence, Usagi was brushing her hair. When she put down the brush she sighed.

"Nothing is ever going to be the same." She sighed.

Next Time: Usagi and Ami meet Sailor V, or Sailor Venus, who will help them fight the Dark Kingdom. Meanwhile Mamoru runs into Usagi again and noticed something's different, and he can't help this nagging feeling he knows what it is.