Chapter 4: Trouble at Dream Land

Queen Beryl was not happy, not only had this new version of Sailor Moon defeated a Youma but there were two more Senshi they had to deal with.

"Jadeite, this will be your final chance, not only is this new version of Sailor Moon able to destroy Youmas but the Senshi have doubled in size." Said Queen Beryl.

"I understand my queen, I have already come up with another plan to lure out the Sailor Senshi." Said Jadeite.

And so he began to plan to lure the Sailor Senshi.

At the Hikawa Shrine, the four Senshi and two cats met.

"So do you get any money from your manga?" asked Rei.

"No… unfortunately…" sighed Minako.

Usagi was reading the paper, when she came across something, "There's people disappearing from that new theme park Dream Land."

"Oh yeah, that new theme park that's like Disney Land… only… not…" said Minako.

"That park isn't going succeed, is it?" asked Artemis.

"Jadeite is trying to lure us there." Said Luna.

"We have to go…" said Usagi.

The others nodded and so they went (sneaking the two cats with them).

"We should look around until we find some suspicious." Said Usagi.

Rei looked at Ami, "Was she always this serious?" she asked.

"No…" said Ami, "She didn't start acting like until she turned into Neo Queen Serenity."

"I see." Said Rei couldn't help to get the strange feeling that she really wasn't like that.

As they explored they came across the mascot for the park, the Dream Princess, both Rei and Usagi became suspicious of her immediately.

"Welcome to Dream Land." Said Dream Princess.

"Oh wow! You're the dream princess!" said Usagi trying to be like her old self.

The Dream Princess smiled, "Do you want to see the wonders of dream land?" she asked.

She took out an apple, and waved her hand over as animals appeared.

"I have a question." Said Minako, "Were those built by disgruntled Imagineers?"

"No… they were not built by disgruntled Imagineers…" said the Dream Princess sighing.

"You get that question a lot, don't you?" asked Minako.

"You have no idea." Sighed the Dream Princess, she then perked up, "Would you like to go the Party later today?"

"What party?" asked Usagi.

"Is a party where you can eat cakes and candy to you hearts desire." Said the Dream Princes, she then motioned to a castle not to far away, "It in the Dream Factory at 3:00, I hope you join us."

After meeting with the Dream Princess, they decided to get some ice cream.

"The Dream Princess is a Youma." Said Usagi.

"I thought so, she seems too suspicious." Said Rei.

"We should split up to see if there's anything else suspicious and meet at the Dream Factory at Three." Said Usagi.

They nodded, Luna gave a somewhat sad sigh.

"I miss the old Usagi." Thought Luna, "I know it good she became serious, but I can't help it."

"But first I think I'm going to get another ice cream." Said Usagi.

"I guess she's still there though." Thought Luna.

The two groups were Usagi, Rei with Artemis and Ami, Minako with Luna. Usagi's group watched the Dream Princess.

"I don't think we should be watching the Dream Princess." Said Usagi.

"Why because you want to ride the rides?" asked Rei.

Usagi shook her head no, "I don't want her to catch on." Said Usagi, "I might want to later."

Rei sighed, "What is it like suddenly maturating?"

Usagi sighed, "It's hard to describe." Said Usagi, "It was especially hard since I was under the influence of a Youma, but… it's really hard to put to words."

"Do you think you'll go back to your old personality when you get the Crystal?" asked Artemis.

"I think so." Sighed Usagi, "But I don't know yet."

They watched as the Dream Princess put a boy on the "robotic bear", Rei was about to take him off when Usagi stopped her.

"I don't think she'll do anything in plain site." Said Usagi.

Rei sighed and nodded.

Sometime later, it was nearing the party, Usagi and Rei (they had stuffed Artemis into a bag Usagi made with the disguise pen) were on a little train to get there since it would be faster than walking.

However the train had stopped for ducks crossing the tracks. It would have been so bad if it wasn't an abrupt stop making Usagi crash into the person in front of her, which oddly enough was Mamoru.

"Oh… hi Usagi…" said Mamoru who still wasn't used to not arguing Usagi.

"Oh Mamoru, it's good to see you." Said Usagi, "Weird bumping into you here."

"Yeah." Said Mamoru.

"Oh, this is my friend Rei." Said Usagi.

"Hi." Said Rei.

"Nice to meet you." Said Mamoru.

That was when the train started up again.

"Hey, doesn't he look like Tuxedo Mask?" whispered Rei.

Usagi tapped her nose, Rei knew that meant he was Tuxedo Mask, but didn't know it yet.

"Wow…" said Rei looking at Mamoru, "You're lucky."

That was when there was an announcement of the party.

"Excuse me." Said Usagi, "Is it possible to speed up the train?" asked Usagi.

"Sorry… one speed only." Said the robotic panda conductor.

Usagi sigh, "I just hope that Ami and Minako will be okay." Thought Usagi.

Several minutes later, after they got to the station and let out Artemis (who had a bump on the head because of the abrupt stop). They found Ami and Minako waiting for them outside.

"You decided to wait for us?" asked Rei.

"Sure… let's go with that." Said Minako.

Minako having the most experience of the four knew that usually they sent one Youma per mission so she managed to talk Ami and Luna into letting her ride a few rides. Of course this lead to them being late.

Usagi and Rei shrugged, and they decided to try to open the doors, but they wouldn't budge.

"Time to transform." Said Minako.

"Mercury Power!" called out Ami.

"Mars Power!" called out Rei.

"Venus Power!" called out Minako.

"Make-up!" called three called out.

Usagi removed her "disguise".

"Fire Soul!"

Sailor Mars burned down the doors, and they entered the fake amusement park castle. There they saw the Dream Princess there.

"We know what you are. There's no use hiding." Said neo Queen Serenity.

The Dream Princess smirked and her head went into her body. IT began to spin like a music box as her dressed became an evil version of itself. When her head came back it looked like an evil doll.

"I am Murid." Said the Youma, "Prepare enter my dream."

She then blew red smoke from her mouth, which changed everything to a strange dream world.

"This place isn't real." Said Neo Queen Serenity.

The others nodded as Sailor Mercury took out her computer.

"I can't seem to find her." Said Sailor Mercury.

That was when Tuxedo Mask appeared riding a white horse. Neo Queen Serenity narrowed her eyes.

"Tell me…" said Neo Queen Serenity, "What is your reoccurring dream?"

"What reoccurring dream?" asked Tuxedo Mask.

They knew what that meant (even if they three Senshi and two cats didn't know what she was talking about).

"This is only an illusion, I'm sure he can't hurt us." Said Neo Queen Serenity.

That was when the illusions disappeared. They saw Murid holding her hand while the apple she held was on the ground. They saw a rose nearby, meaning the real Tuxedo Mask was the one that broke though the illusion.

"The apple is the source of her powers." Said Sailor Mercury.

Murid scowled when she said.

"All right, we should combine our attacks." Said Sailor Venus.

"It will lessen any effects of me using my attacks." Said Neo Queen Serenity.

"Sabo Spray!" shouted sailor Mercury.

"Fire Soul!" shouted Sailor Mars.

"Crescent Beam!" shouted Sailor Venus.

"Moon Power!" shouted Neo Queen Serenity.

The four attacks merged and destroyed the princess Youma. The Senshi searched for the missing park goers and found them, they made sure they left the Castle and everything was fine.

Well… for the Senshi Anyway…

Jadeite last once again… he knew his time was up. Queen Beryl was not going to be happy about this, not at all…

Next Time: Jadeite has one final chance with Queen Beryl. He finally calls out to the Sailor Senshi and challenges them! Who will win in this final show down? But what if a certain Queen does give Jadeite a chance... a chance he would never expect... find out next time!