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Chapter 6: Jadeite's New Life and Nephrite's Plan

Jadeite swept the area around the gate. Wondering if he should have gone with a better name. After all, the name "Jed" wasn't common in Japan. But that was the name he was going by now…

"Are you almost done?" asked Rei.

"Almost." Sighed Jed.

"We have a meeting later this afternoon." Said Rei.

"Yes ma'am." Said Jed.

"Please don't call me ma'am." Said Rei.

"Yes mistress." Said Jed.

"Don't call me that either." Said Rei with a sweat drop.

"What else am I supposed to call you. I don't feel like I should call you by your first name." said Jed.

"Call me Ms. Hino." Sighed Rei.

"Okay, Ms. Hino." Said Jed.

Meanwhile at a tennis club, Usagi decided to join Naru in watching proactive for a girl named Rui Saionji.

"You're doing great big sis." Said Naru.

Usagi smiled, "You two must be close." Said Usagi.

"Okay what is wrong with you?" asked Naru.

"What?" asked Usagi.

"I would have thought you were have questioned why I have an older sister." Said Naru.

"But you're an only child." Said Usagi.

"Yeah… but…" said Naru.

Before more could be said, suddenly a rather handsome man with long brown hair wearing a very nice suit jumped over the fence.

"Oh wow he's gorgeous." Said Naru.

However Usagi stared at him.

"Something's not right about him." thought Usagi, "It felt like I've seen him before"

They watched as the man who intruded himself as Masato Sanjouin, he asked to barrow one of the tennis racket of Rui's opponent. She served him, but when he hit back it was so powerful it hit her wrist causing her to drop her racket.

He picked it up for her, when he did there was a surge of evil energy that only Usagi felt.

"He's an enemy." She thought.

She barely paid attention to when Rui once again served, this time the ball was so powerful that it made a hole in the court.

"I have to ask Jadeite about him." Thought Usagi.

Sometime later, they gathered at meeting at the Shrine, Jed explained the details about the energy gathering.

"The reason why we gather energy is so that we can awaken Queen Metaria." Explained Jed.

"Queen Metaria?" asked Minako.

"She is the true leader of the Dark Kingdom." Said Jed.

"So the Dark Kingdom is what you're group is called?" asked Luna.

"That's right." Said Jed, "I don't know what they're doing now, I don't know if Nephrite or Zoisite is now in charge of gathering energy."

"Which one has long brown hair?" asked Usagi.

"Why?" asked Jed, "Wait? You think you saw one of them."

Usagi nodded, "He did something to Rui Saionji." Explained Usagi.

"He wasn't dressed like a woman was he?" asked Jed.

"No…" said Usagi.

"What?" asked Minako.

"Why dressed like a woman?" asked Rei.

"Because Zoisite tends to disguise himself as a woman…" said Jed.

There was an awkward silence as they processed what he just said.

"Anyways…" said Jed deciding to get off that topic, "I did once talk to Nephrite, he told me that my method was sloppy and once he takes over for me he knows of a method that will let him steal just as much energy from one person that I did from 100."

"Do you think that's what he's doing?" asked Ami.

"I don't know. But we'll have to watch Rui and see what happens." Sighed Usagi.

The others nodded in agreement.

"Jadeite." Said Usagi, "Can talk to you in private?"

"Just call me Jed." Said Jed.

"Oh okay." Said Usagi.

The two walked away to talk in private.

"So Rei…" said Minako.

"Please don't ask what it's like having a cute guy on at the Shrine." Said Rei.

This made Ami and the cats sweat drop.

Not too away, Usagi asked "Do you still have your powers?"

"You mean the ones I had under Endymion?" asked Jadeite.

Usagi nodded.

Jadeite conjured small fireball.

"Much like Sailor Mars I had power over fire." Explained Jed

"You have to help us then." Said Usagi.

"I don't know…" said Jed.

"Look it doesn't matter, you weren't in control of yourself." Said Usagi.

"But…" said Jed.

"Look if you want a punishment it will be helping us fight the Dark Kingdom." Said Usagi, "Okay…"

Jed nodded.

"Also, I would come up with the excuse that Jed is your nickname unless you decided to pretend to be someone from America or something…" said Usagi.

"I'll think about it." Said Jed with a sweat drop.

Over to the course of the next few days, Usagi and Ami (when she had spare time) kept an eye on Rui, who became more and more cruel with each passing day. As she did Minako, Rei and Jed joined in watching her, after all having a tennis star that was considered rather nice turn into someone so cruel would be something that got people to watch.

Naru noticed that Usagi was also watching over Rui so she decided to ask for help.

"I noticed you were watching Rui's recent behavior." Said Naru.

"What do you think happened to her." Said Usagi.

"I don't know." Said Naru, "But I'm really concerned, this isn't like this at all."

"Don't worry, I'll help you figure out what's wrong." Said Usagi.

Naru stared at Usagi.

"You know she's not my only friend who's changed recently." Said Naru.

"Really? Who?" asked Usagi playing dumb.

"You've been acting weird lately." Said Naru, "I don't know what is it but you've been acting much more mature."

"No I haven't." said Usagi.

Naru sweat dropped.

"Okay…" she answered.

"Look it's probably just your imagination that I'm acting strangely." Said Usagi.

Naru sighed realizing Usagi would just deny it.

"Okay, I'll just drop it." Sighed Naru, "For the time being." She added mentally.

Naru took Usagi to the tennis club where Rui was playing tennis. Turns out Ami, Minako, Rei and Jed were already they're covertly watching.

Rui had injured several professional tennis players and were coldly mocking them.

"Rui! Please stop this!" yelled Naru standing in front of the tennis players who used Naru as a distraction to escape.

"Naru leave now!" yelled Rui.

"No I refuse to leave!" yelled Naru.

That was when Rui suddenly used her tennis racket to launch black balls of energy at Naru.

"Naru!" yelled Usagi.

Ami decided to leave the area she was standing and check on Naru.

"She's just unconscious." Said Ami.

"That's good." Said Usagi, who turned towards Rui.

That was when something horrifying happened. There was a bright flash of light emerging from the tennis racket. Rui looked like she was screaming but she was silent as a horrific form came from her tennis racket.

Rui fell to the ground, all of her energy drained, while a Youma stood above her.

"If we destroy the energy the Youma will be destroyed." Said Jed.

The Senshi nodded.

"Venus Power! Make-Up!" shouted Minako

Mercury Power! Make-Up!" shouted Ami.

"Mars Power! Make up!" shouted Rei.

Usagi removed her discus and turned into Neo Queen Serenity, while Jed magically changed into his uniform, which looked the same.

"Wait you can change into your uniform?" asked Sailor Mars

"Yes." Said Jed… well Jadeite.

That was when the Youma readied a tennis racket and began to hit black balls towards them. The Senshi dodged as best as they could. However Neo Queen Serenity tripped.

The ball was about to hit her, however Jadeite got in the air of the attack, and his hit him the back.

"Oh no…" said Neo Queen Serenity.

However the attack wasn't as bad as she thought, as Jadeite was now trapped in a giant tennis ball.

"Well that was unexpected." Said Sailor Venus.

The youma knew that it was probably a good idea to use the traitor as a weapon and began to bounce Jadeite around aiming for the girls.

"Fire Soul!"

The fireball hit the Youma, stopping the bouncing ball and causing it to disappear.

"Are you okay?" asked Sailor Mars.

"I'm fine…" sad Jadeite, "Only a little dizzy."

The Youma readied its tennis racket again, however a rose zipped by, causing it to drop its tennis racket.

"Serenity!" called out Tuxedo Mask.

"Right!" said Neo Queen Serenity.

She took out the Moon Stick, "Moon Power!" she called out.

The light hit the youma, turning it into moon dust, which quickly vanished. They looked at Rui who regained her energy.

"You were right." Said Sailor Venus.

"Jadeite." Said Neo Queen Serenity firmly, "Don't do that again…"

"What?" asked Jadeite.

"I know you want to atone, but taking the blast for me isn't the right away to do it." Said Neo Queen Serenity.

"She's right." Said Tuxedo Mask.

Jadeite sighed.

"As I said before, if you really want to make up for what you did, help us." Said Neo Queen Serenity.

"Right." Said Jadeite.

"We'll meet again." Said Tuxedo Mask leaving.

"Are you going to let him leave?" asked Jadeite.

"He's suffering from memory loss. For the time being there nothing we can do." Said Neo Queen Serenity.

Jadeite nodded, he knew that he was really under Tuxedo Mask, but for now he would serve Serenity… until the memory loss clears up…

But he still wasn't sure how he could atone.

Thankfully with Rui, everything turned out fine, she didn't even remember her cruel behavior. However the Senshi knew from that point on to keep their eye out for strange behavior. Because that person might end up being Nephrite's victim.

Next Time: They have faced off against many of Nephrite's Youma, but not Nephrite himself. When he concocts a plan to lure out Neo Queen Serenity, will it succeed or will something else happen? Find out next time!