Titans Misadventures


Naruto x ?


Story Start


''Okay everyone I have an annoucement!'' Naruto stated as he entered the living room with a briefcase in his hand. Everyone from Starfire cooking, Raven reading, Robin overlooking old case filed, and Beastboy and Cyborg on the game station looked up at him. ''I have bought a mansion and I'm throwing a party. A VERY formal party.

Starfire squealed, "Ooh! What fun! I can finally wear my formal dress."

Naruto placed the briefcase on the table and opened it. He took out two invitations, ''...one for you,'' he said handing Raven an invitation, then he walked over to Starfire. ''...and one for my lovely orange angel.'' he said as Robin began to fume.

''What about us? Where's our invitation?'' Beastboy cried out in outrage.

''There was an error in the orders. I only got half of what I wanted so I made a decision and decided to only invite our esteemed, female colleagues. As I, Uzumaki Naruto will not be dealing with a sausage fest.''

''What the hell? Why wouldn't you invite us, your closest and dearest friends. I mean, surely you have enough for three more spots?'' Cyborg pleaded. For heavens sake at this point it was becoming public opinion Beastboy was getting more action then him. BEASTBOY! Now that wasn't right.

''Hhm, I'll send for you guys if some of them flaked on us.'' Naruto replied dismissively.

Starfire hovered over to Naurto and pulled him into a bone crushing hug "Thank you for inviting me!" she smiled brightly, her eyes sparkling before darting off to her room to get ready.

''Saaaaay...Raaaaae,'' Beastboy slyly began as he made his way to Raven.

''No,'' she simply said and closed her book.

''Oh come on! You don't even like parties!'' Beastboy whined.

''True,'' she said as a smirk, the closest Raven would allow to a smile formed on her face. ''But seeing you suffer amuses me so.'' she said, pinching his cheek before hopping off the stool and heading to her room. She was going to cut lose and get pissed crazy drunk and laid.

''And what if an emergency occurs?'' Robin asked.

''I'll keep my cellphone on.'' Naruto said as Robin nodded in understanding.

''The hell man? You're not even bothered?'' Cyborg asked as Robin paused, looked up and thought about it.

It was two weeks ago and they were in Las Vegas chasing after a criminal. ''Damnit, we lost them.'' Richard swore.

''I think he fled to the nearest strip club.'' Naruto prompted.

Richard sighed, ''...two dances and that's it.'' he allowed. After four bottles of Vodka, some jello shots, and a bottle of whiskey shared between them later. Richard groaned as he sat up with a pounding headache. ''What the hell did I do last night?'' he wondered as he brought up his hand and ran his fingers through his still spiked and jelled hair. He did somehow noticed the ring on his finger. ''What the hell is this?'' he asked as a moan drew his attention to the bump in the bed he was in. ''Wait a minute, where are my clothes?'' he wondered a loud as he drew back the cover to reveal Greta Hayes. ''Oh shit.'' fifteen minutes later he had ran into Naruto who was also trying to sneak out by disguising himself as a bellboy. ''Secret...you?'' he asked as Naruto blushed.

''Cheshire and Donna Troy.''

Robin whistled, ''Dude...that is such bullshit. Wait...Cheshire?''

''Dude, fuck Cheshire! Wonderwoman's going to kill me.''

''Senior-san is indeed el'boned.''

''Go to hell Robin! We never, and I mean we never speak of this again. Agreed?''


''Well, let's just say I had enough of Naruto's parties for a life time.'' he said, wondering what the hell was taking those divorce papers so long.

''Oh right, hey, if you guys promise not to burn down the place you can find some girls and bring them to my movie theather.'' Naruto said, pulling the keys out of his pocket.

''Movie theather! When the hell did you own a theather!'' Beastboy exclaimed.

''I sold the Coffee shop. Get a job, money is good.'' the blond explained, he just couldn't help himself and made a having money jab. A nice loud and fun filled evening with his sexy female team mates was just something Naruto needed to get his mind off the fact that he was going to have to spend the next six months hiding from Wonderwoman. All and all he was sure his movie theather was going to be fine. Robin was going to be there of course. He coul trust him where he couldn't trust Cyborg or especially Beastboy. He was sure nothing too crazy would happen. After all he was acknowledging something was bound to happen and not that everything was going to be fine so surely nothing too crazy would happen right.