Sam & Freddie.

Sam, the abrasive, sarcastic, troublemaker who can win any fight

And speaks her mind, no matter what.

At first glance, that's all she is.

But once you see beyond the image and get to know her—

and that's not an easy thing to do; she has a tough time letting anybody in—

You realize there's so much more to Sam Puckett.

Underneath the tough exterior,

She can be gentle and kind, sweet and caring.

But if you told anyone, she'd put you in a hospital.


Freddie, the smart techie who's in AP classes and tends to keep to himself.

He's both shy and outgoing at the same time, depending on who he's with.

Being friends with Sam helped him grow,

To learn to stand up for himself,

To not let people walk all over him.

She torments him daily, but he's learned to fight back, to her surprise.

And somewhere in there the troublemaker and the tech dork fell in love.

Sam and Freddie—

Total opposites, yet somehow they fit so perfectly together.

Yeah…I don't know. This is just something I scribbled into a notebook last night while I should've been doing my math homework, and I figured I'd put it on here. I hate the part I have about Freddie, though it's so much better than what I wrote in the notebook. Sam's I kinda like.