Part six: Wedded

Two days later Harry Potter and Severus Snape, stood in a clearing of a forest before an elderly wizard. The two men were holding hands, the only witnesses to their union where the wizard's son and daughter but this was all that was needed.

The two wizard's had both dressed in simple black robes for this special occasion. Quietly the two men held hands before turning to the wizard, who smiled at the obviously in love pair. The old wizard cleared his throat and began the ceremony to join these two men together forever.

As the one who began their wooing it was Harry who made his vows first. "I Harry James Potter, here by vow that I am under no compulsion and with free will wed this man. So I with love in my heart and joy in my soul, I do take you Severus Snape as my husband for all time, even beyond into the veil of death I will be yours." The young man's voice was clear and crisp as he slipped the ring Severus had taken off only for the ceremony back onto his finger.

With a small smile the dark wizard spoke in return. "I Severus Snape, here by vow that I am under no compulsion and with free will wed this man. So I with love in my heart and joy in my soul, I do take you Harry James Potter as my husband for all time, even beyond into the veil of death I will be yours." Gently the Potions master put Harry's ring back onto his finger.

Beaming brightly at the pair the wizard spoke. "I now declare you husbands you may kiss."

Slowly the two wizards turned to face each other, gently Severus placed his fingers under Harry's chin tilting the younger man's face up towards him, Snape lowered his head even as the emerald eyed wizard's moved to meet him. Their lips touched together in a short gentle kiss, before the moved apart and smiled at each other.

"Well Mr Snape, happy?" Severus asked his husband.

Harry smiled up at him. "Very."

"You never did explain to my why you wanted to use my surname?"

"I didn't want to be Harry Potter anymore and besides which I want the world to know I am yours and what better way is there than this." Harry said with a shrug.

Severus smiled down at his husband for a few moments before embracing him gently for a few moments. Now that they were quiet legally and irrevocably wed, the two men set about returning to Hogwarts, little knowing the chaos that their disappearance had caused at the school.

When Harry and Severus came through the main doors of the school it was to find the place behaving like an upset wasps nest. The formidable potions master folded his arms and glared angrily around them. "What on earth is going on?" He demanded in a voice that despite the business of the hall carried far.

All the people there went still, they turned towards the voice, they all openly gaped at the presence of the Potions master and Harry Potter standing side by side. "Severus, Harry! Thank goodness, we were all scared rigid." The headmistress announced appearing out of the crowds. Her hands went to her hips and she glared at the two men. "Where have you both been?" She asked them in a tone reminiscent of a scolding mother.

"We where busy..." Said Harry softly.

"Busy! Busy! Doing what pray tell!" The witch demanded.

The dark wizard was the one who answered this. "We were getting married Minerva."

"Married!" The older woman screeched, while everyone else listened on.

"Yes, I am afraid you will need to change your records to include a Mr Snape now." Severus said with a smirk for the headmistress as he possessively placed his hands on Harry's shoulders.

Slowly the brown haired man smiled up at his husband, before turning that same smile onto the spluttering headmistress. "And since I am a married man now, I think you had best have my things moved into my husband's rooms."

The older woman snapped herself out of her shock. "Yes, yes of cause that will be done. It is a good thing that you are graduation in a few weeks. Though I dare say that this marriage will be a complete shock to the whole of the wizarding community, but if you are both happy then I will not object."

The headmistress swept off to organise things appropriately. Mad and shocked gossiping was echoing in all around the hall. Ron, Hermione and Ginny fought there way threw the crowds to Severus and Harry. The red head man offered them a hand, the Gryffindor shook it first and then the dark man followed this example. "Congratulations."

"Thank you Ron." Said Harry sincerely.

Ginny just smiled at the pair, Hermione hugged Harry hard before turning to Snape, she looked at him for a long moment before taking her Gryffindor courage in both hands and hugging the dark wizard loosely for a few moments as well. Slowly she released him and looked up into the dark eyes of the Potions master to find that they where shimmering with amusement. "Thank you Hermione." He said to her softly.

She smiled at the dark wizard widely before moving back to make way for Draco Malfoy, he shook his head slightly before stepping forward and offering Harry his hand. "You ever hurt my godfather I promise I'll kill you."

The two men took hands and shook firmly. "I promise you Draco, I have no intention of ever hurting your godfather, I love him too much."

Slowly they let go of each other's hand, unhurriedly the blond man turned to his godfather and also shook his hand in turn.

Quietly the two men settled down to life together, when a few months later the news of their union came out in the paper, there was a mixed reaction, some were happy for the two of them and others objected. The two men in question however paid absolutely no attention to the opinions of other people they were far too happy being married to each other to care about any of this.