Disclaimer: They're not mine, this is not for profit, please don't sue me, I just love the show.

Rating: PG

Spoilers: The main one is for IP:IA, but there are numerous references to episodes all the way though, see if you can spot them! :)

Setting: Late S3, possibly AU considering the events of DWTB

Authors Notes: I wrote this for Minh. By way of thanks for everything. Without her I wouldn't be writing today, no exaggeration. She is simply the best beta and I thank her from the bottom of my heart. This one's for you Minh. Thank you :)

One Perfect Moment
For Minh

One perfect moment,
A snap shot in time,
A moment that lasts forever,
Engraved on my mind

One perfect beginning,
Three words, saying so much,
Words so simple,
Yet life changing, for all of us,
She could be more,
She was more and
She still is so much more.

One perfect kiss,
The first or the last, or the many in between,
All different,
All perfect,
All her.

One perfect evening,
A thunderstorm,
An imperfect planet,
Another life-threatening situation,
A human reaction

One perfect parting,
A painful goodbye,
The words that were never uttered,
The event that never occurred,
An impossible situation,
An arrogant captain,
A ship in need of guidance.
No choice, no goodbyes,
History repeating itself.

One perfect memory,
The smell of her hair,
The touch of her skin,
The sound of her laugh,
Her gentle smile,
Holding her in my arms,
Time stood still.

One perfect truth,
Three little words,
Said at the perfect moment,
So easy,
So hard
One perfect ending,
For him, not me,
Not perfect, but fate,
Not choice but destiny,
For our country, for our world, for humankind, for peace.
Sacrificing his life for ours.
A hero

One perfect place,
Out among the stars,
We sit here, in this, our favourite place,
Remembering the good times and the bad,
Our future not yet written,
The past unchangeable.
Whatever fate may chose to throw at us,
Whatever decisions lay ahead,
We are in charge of our own destinies,
Our lives are what we make of them,
We are who we want to be,
We love who we want to love.
This is not the end, but the beginning,
Anything is possible, and it was.
A journey we took together, long and hard, difficult and painful
But sometimes our fears and dreams exist in the same place and
To get to heaven we must brave hell,
So we braved hell and now it's the perfect moments that get us through, they keep us going,
The looks, the glances, the love, the memories, the beginning, middle and the end.

Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take
But by the moments that take our breath away.
Aeryn is that moment.
She takes my breath away,
She makes me better,
She is my world, my life, my everything,
She is my perfect moment.