Title: Love, a challenge, the best kind.

Author: Jessica M.C.

Rating: PG, so far...

Disclaimer: I don't own, any of the characters, or challenges only plot blah, blah ,blah

NaNoWriMo is an amazing program and I wanted to use their 'Challenge Machine'. When ever you go to their site they give you a challenge, so this is the challenges I have, all in order too. So, This is a collection of their challenges, my writing. Let the games begin! I'm starting in season 5; just after Dawn finds out she is the key :)

Challenge 1

We dare you to write a scene that includes all five of these words: liver, stepmother, vortex, spasm, grotesque.

Dawn ran, tears flowing from her eyes. She couldn't believe, couldn't understand. How could she be, how… So she ran. Didn't know where, anywhere. Anywhere but here. Anywhere but here, with all the secretes, the slayer stuff, the stuff she wasn't supposed to see. How could they… how? Her head was a spinning vortex of things. How... Who… What… How… She fell. The pain brought her back to reality, just for a second. She noticed the playground. It looked like all the other playgrounds, like the one her and Buffy used to go to adn pretend it was a castle, Buffy would tell her stories of beautiful princesses and evil stepmothers… Well guess not. She wasn't there. She held her stomach and just kneeled on the ground breathing.

"Bit?"Spike came up behind her. "You alright? I'm sorry you found out that way. Dawn?" He touched his back. Dawn jerked away.

"Don't" She told him. "Why do you even care? I'm not anything. I'm a thing. How… How…How… could?" She started to sob her body spasmed as she cried. Spike sat in front of her. "How…What…But…Buffy…and Mom…?" Dawn looked at Spike with tears in her beautiful blue eyes.

"Dawn you are not a thing. You are a person. Dawn. You . Are. Not. A. Thing. I know I was one and killed a lot of them." He told her.

"How do you know? You were human for what? 23 years? You have been a monster for a lot longer that that! The only thing you know about people is that they taste good. So how would you know? "

"Yeah, I've done some pretty grotesque things, especially with Dru. But I know a lot more than you! You are a person no matter how you got here."

"Yeah, sure, if you say so." She wasn't convinced. "None of my memories are real."

"Just think of it this way, love, you never actually ate the liver your mum made you eat as a kid." He suggested.

"My mom never made me eat liver. She hates it."

"When, I don't know about kids now a days." She gave him a small smile. "You are an amazing girl, Dawn. Intelligent, fun, creative."

"But then again, how do you know that. Who gave you and me those memories? I'm never going to be normal." She cried. She stud up and wiped her face. "Well, there was never a chance of that anyway. With Buffy, and all. Buffy. I have to go." She told him stiffly. She knew who's fault this was. Dawn turned and started to walk.

"Dawn, are you OK?"

"Yeah, I'll be fine." She told him, as she kept walking.

"Well why don't -" AHHHHHAHHHHHH They heard a scream. "Dawn stay here." He ordered her, as he ran towards it. Dawn kept walking she needed answers and she didn't have time to stand around here to wait for a vampire, chipped or other wise.