Challenge 4- flooding SPike's crypt...

Sorry life go out of hand again. My muse was really not happy when I told her I had actual work to do... So she said well fine and left when I rally needed her most. But she is back with full force. i hope you like this chapter. Oh and I think, If I haven't said this before, this is AU, cause it isn't really following the same course as the TV show and i think I made dawn a bit older, cuz well it would be a bit creep if she was still 14, so...yeah... hope you like it!

Disclamer: I don't own, It makes me sad when I think about it...

We dare you to create weather inside a character's house for one chapter. (Perhaps a tornado in his or her living room?)

All Dawn could see was green. The light had blinded her. She blinked. Dawn could feel Spike's arm in her grip.

"Spike? You okay?" Dawn asked without moving.

"No, I bloody well am not! What the bloody hell was that?" Spike yelled at Dawn, He could finally look at her without thinking he wanted to find the nearest bed, although her being naked still didn't help. "Dawn!" Spike yelped as he realized fully that she was naked. He grabbed his coat off his couch and threw it over her.

"Thanks," Dawn pulled it closer around her. It was much more fun being naked under water, and when Spike didn't mind.

"Come with me, we'll get you some actual clothes." Spike averted his eyes as he leader her down the ladder leading to his chamber below. "Here 'Bit." He threw a pair of black jeans, and one of his red button up shirts. Spike started up the ladder, so she could get dressed. He had some clothes with him.

"Thanks," She said after him. She felt stupid, all she really wanted was to crawl under her bed and never come out. She got dressed quickly. The clothes didn't fit right on her. The pants were too long, the shirt too large. She adjusted them as best she could, which consisted of rolling the pant legs and sleeves up and tying the shirt, her belly button barely showing. 'Good enough'

"'Bit you done?"

"Yeah," He poked his head through the hole carefully, not wanting to see anything he wasn't supposed to. Dawn looked down at the floor again only to see water at her feet. It was rising, fast. "Oh, My, God, Spike! Your crypt is flooding!" In the middle of the floor there was a whirl pool forming, the green water rising rapidly.

Spike grabbed Dawn. "What the FUC-"The water filled the bottom of the crypt, as soon as they made it up the ladder. The water, still rising was up to their knees before they could make it half way to the door. It was causing a whirl pool to form. Spike shouted as the water pulled both of them under. The current was strong, pulling them towards the middle of the crypt. Dawn held on to Spike, Spike had a bruising grip on Dawn.

Dawn could feel the cold water rushing over her, her body turning numb. She tried to scream for Spike, only to have water filled her lounges. She sputtered, trying to push the water out. It wasn't working, she couldn't breathe, the water was so cold, wet, burning, strong, black…


"Dawn! Dawn!" He felt her go limp. She wasn't moving. Spike held on to Dawn, she had become dead weight. If he didn't get her out of the raging water she was going to drown. He grabbed the nearest piece of furniture, the couch. It wasn't going to hold. It was slipping, his weight and Dawn's was going to make it topple. "Dawn! Dawn!" He grabbed her around her waist and launched off the sofa towards the door. If he could get it open, If he could just get to it…

Dawn's eyes opened, they were completely green. "Aperire." The door shot open. Dawn went limp again. Water was rushing out the door, helping Spike. He reached the door pulling Dawn with him. She was still limp, unmoving. She wasn't breathing, her heart beat was faint.

"Dawn, Dawn!" He pulled her on to the lawn, under the night sky. "Dawn, you can't die on me, Dawn, you are all I have, you can't leave me." He put her on her side, hoping, wishing, it would help. "Dawn, 'Bit, you can't lea-" He sobbed, didn't know what else to do. "Dawn," Sobs wracked through his body. He put his lips to hers, maybe he could try, maybe it would help if he tried CPR. He had no breath but maybe, maybe. He pushed the unused air out of his lungs, like he did with his cigarettes. He pushed hard. His unused air pushing into her lungs…

His lips on hers, his breath in her lungs, pushed her through the blackness. She felt the fog in her head lift as she felt his lips, then the burning in her chest. Dawn tried to remember how to breathe. She couldn't pull the air in. Why couldn't she breathe in? She couldn't remember how to…

"Come on, 'Bit, breathe!" Spike's sobbing plea broke through her thoughts. She tried to tell him she was trying to, trying to come back to him. Water came out of her mouth, instead. Oh, yeah, out then in.

Dawn coughed up water. The liquid burning her throat.

"Dawn." Spike hugged her. "Don't you ever drown again!" He hugged her more.

"Spike,..." Dawn sighed, hugged him back. "Sorry, couldn't help it." She crocked. "What now?" She pointed to his crypt. Water was gushing out the door. They could see the whirl-pool inside.

"How the bloody hell should I know? You're the one to blame for my crypt to be under water. " He looked her over making sure she was ok.

"Sorry, I didn't mean to… Oh, wait! It wasn't me! It was me, but not... me. The goddess we went to for help wasn't really a goddess. She was part of the key! Part of me! We have to find the other part, before the evil goddess does." Spike looked at her funny.

"I think the oxygen was caught off from your brain, love, there was no goddess. We went to go see her, but before we got to the cave we were transported back."

"No, No, NO, There was! She freezed you guys! And she told me how we were split in to three. I have to find the other. She is either in a necklace or in the stars, or…. something"

"Dawn, what are you talking about? We need to get you to the hospital. Come on!"

"No, we need to get the gang and figure this out. We don't have time to waste." She stood up and fell back wards, Spike catching her. "Or maybe we could just sit awhile."

"C'mon Bit." He lifted her in his arms, and the world went black again…

"Spike? DAWN!" Buffy yelled as Spike walked through the door carrying Dawn. "What happened?"

"Ssshhhhh, slayer. She's fine. She's just sleepin' let her be." Spike gently placed her on the couch. "Towels?" Spike asked as Giles came into the room with Xander and Anya on his tail. "I'm telling you if we just –""An, let it go…" "Dear lord," Giles stared at the scene in front of him, Dawn, drenched on the couch; Spike, drenched wrapping a towel around Dawn; Buffy, looking worried and mad at the same time. "Dawn?"

"Shes fine for now, but she is seriously messed up. She knows she the key, we were teleported under the sea and my crypt is full to the brink with water."

"What did you do?" Buffy acused Spike.

"Wasn't my fault! Your sister has gone round the bend!" Spike yelled back.

"Did not!" Dawn told them from the couch. She wrapped the towel around her tighter with a look of defiance. "Listen…" Dawn told them everything, except the part where she wished Spike would love her.


"So, you are saying that you are split in three and need to find the other you's?" Xander asked. Anya was sitting beside him, looking patronizing. Buffy was sitting on the edge of the couch, trying to look as if she had everything under control. Giles was flipping through books. Willow was helping, magically. Tara was the only one who looked as if she was really trying to understand.

"Well ,kind of… I made a wish to find the key, to figure out what I'm supposed to do. And apparently I'm not the only one. There are two others. I need to find the last one." Dawn explained for the umpteenth time. "I think I'm the only one who can find her.'

"Dawn, If what you are saying is true," Giles took his glasses off to rub his eyes. " then we need to put you somewhere safe so Glory can't find you either. I don't think bringing the three pieces of the key together is a good idea."

"I think Dawn has a point." Tara spoke up timidly. "We need to know what we're dealing with, without the rest of the pieces we won't know." Tara smiled encouragingly at Dawn.

"I'm all for finding the rest of the key, but we can't just go up to the stars and say 'hey you have a piece of my best friend's little sister, Can we have it back please?'" Xander pointed out.

"I have an idea!" Anya piped in. "We could just go and hide you away! We could put you in a protection program!"

"I don't think this is a good idea, any of it. You were sent to me to keep you safe. We aren't running or hiding, Glory will know something is up. And we aren't finding the rest of the key. She… it.. them? Are hidden safely away." Buffy stood up. "Dawn, I think it's bed time." Joyce nodded her agreement.

"Good night, sweet heart. I'll check on you in a few minutes."

"Really? You guys aren't even going to consider it! Fine!" Dawn ran upstairs and for the second time that night snuck out of her room to find Spike waiting for her.

"Out for a walk 'Bit?" Spike asked, pulling a soaking pack of cigarettes out of his coat pocket.

"What's it to you?" Dawn snapped, pulled her knapsack over her shoulder and started to walk towards Spike's crypt.

"What's it to me? I just saved your arse!"

"Yeah, before or after you didn't stand up for me in there?"

"'Bit this isn't a good idea. You heard Buffy! You're safe where you are. "

"Oh, now you're going to take her side? Of course! Buffy this and Buffy that! God is she all you think about? I suppose after Dru dumped you, you needed a new obsession. Weren't getting your rocks off on an undead princess, you just had to go for the unobtainable. The slayer, The only one in the world who could protect a key, a powerful thing. Well, I'm going to find the rest of me no matter what it takes, so screw you!"

Spike's eyes flashed in anger, "What? You're just going to put yourself in danger! You think you are the only one you can hurt. But what about Buffy, or Willow, Xander, Giles? If not for them, for your mum! What about her? You think she wants to end up with a dead daughter, just because you think 'poor me, I need to find who I am?' You should take the time to think this through before you do something you'll regret!"

"Why should I take the time? Nobody takes the time. Not Buffy, or Mom. Not even you! You never have time for me, unless we are talking about Buffy, You didn't have the time to see what was right in front of you! Well screw you! I'm going to find the rest of me with or the gang… or you." Dawn kept walking.

"You bloody well are not going by yourself!" He grabbed her shoulder, his fingers almost leaving marks. Dawn cried out in pain at the same moment Spike did.

"Can't hurt anyone any more, my ass!" Dawn ran from him, and the pain he caused her physically wasn't half as by as what he did mentally or emotionally to her. 'Why couldn't he just see? Why did he not get it?'

Spike gripped his head in pain and watched her run off. 'Why couldn't she just see? How could she not get it?'

Dawn ran towards Spike's crypt. She didn't look back. She couldn't hesitate or she wouldn't go through with it.

The door was still open. Water was gushing out, creating a marsh. Running was hard on the mushy ground. Dawn caught sight of the vertex in the middle of Spike's crypt. It was glowing green. She ran as fast as she could, thinking of only to find her other part. This was her only hope.

"Dawn! No!" Just as she dove under water, she felt Spike's strong arms encircle her waist.