Dearly Beloved

Chapter 6: Blank Points

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Where the pieces all fall together now. (if you've read "Friendship")

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(12 Years Later at Robin's Nest Kindergarten…)

"I'm in your heart again, aren't I, Riku?"

Riku was speechless and could only stare at the blue-eyed brunette standing in front of him.

Sora smiled. "Do you want me to get out? I—"

Suddenly, he was startled to feel his silver-haired friend, hugging him tightly.

Sora softened his countenance and hugged him back.

Riku leaned his head against the brunette's, near his tan ear.

"Never. You're staying in my heart…whether you like it or not." he spoke with a grin.

Sora laughed. "Is that so?"

Riku looked fervently into the latter's cerulean eyes and nodded.

The brunette laughed and hugged the silver again. "Okay…then I will."

Riku paused and took something small and shiny out of his pocket.

That same pin…

Sora's eyes widened. Then, he took his out of his pocket as well.

Riku took the brunette's hand and slowly brought the pieces together…one more time.

The blue-eyed teenager gazed softly at the full heart.

The silver smiled and looked into Sora's eyes.

The brunette looked back.

Then his own real heart grew soft as he remembered…the very person who gave him that exact idea back then in the first place.

The blonde-haired stranger he'd met on the beach when he was little…and later found out to have died not long after that, along with the one he had mentioned before as his own best friend.

The words that had forever changed his life still ran through his very mind and soul.


"…an unbreakable connection between you and your friends—as long as you carry it with you, nothing can ever drive you apart because you'll always find your way back to each other.

"If the two of you really are best friends, then that means both your hearts are connected to each other."

"You never forget your true friends after all. That's why you'll always be together forever…"


At this, Sora pondered for a moment, briefly lowering his eyes. Then he spoke in a hushed tone.

"Hey, Riku…"

The silver turned to face the brunette. "…yeah?"

The latter continued, looking up at his green-eyed friend. "…we're best buds, right?"

Riku's eyes widened at the unexpected question, then nodded slowly. "Yeah…"

Sora paused again for a minute. Then, he asked another question. "…and we'll always be together…right?" The brunette now had a solemn expression on his face.

The silver gazed softly at the brunette, then looked at the evening sky. "…yes." He turned to his blue-eyed friend. "And do you want to know why?"

Sora looked confused for a moment. "…why?"

Riku smiled and shifted his eyes back to the brunette. "Because…" He lifted both their hands up, each still holding a pin.

Sora's eyes widened.

"…our hearts are connected."

The two grinned and looked back at the orangey pink sky.


(Aqua 1st Person POV)

It's late now—I really should be getting home…

I sighed, and looked around the classroom to see if I had forgotten anything else.

Everything was neat and tidy now that all the kids had gone home for the day.

With that, I nodded to myself, turning to pick up my purse from my desk, and walked out the front door with my keys in hand, ready to lock the place up.

But as soon as I stepped outside, I found myself looking at two teenage boys just hanging around in the children's playground—on the blacktop where someone had drawn a bunch of hearts with chalk.

And it surprised me a bit to see them both so close together like that, just looking up at the afternoon sky.

Haha…it kind of reminded two others I used to know.

My eyes softened for a moment.

Especially the happy-go-lucky one with short brown hair and glimmering blue eyes…definitely the spitting image of Ven. As for the tall silver standing next to him…the sincere expression face made him look just like Terra back then.

I chuckled quietly to myself as I turned to make my way back home. Some things can go for quite a while in this world…

I reached into my pocket, pulling out a shiny blue Wayfinder and holding it gingerly in the palm of my hand. Then I smiled, looking out at the sinking sun in the distant horizon.

Right…you guys?

The three of us will always be one.


Later that evening, Riku and Sora decided to hang out at the beach for a while, to kill any remaining time they had left of their day.

And yes—it was the very same sandy shore that the two of them used to play on back then when they were just toddlers…



The brunette stiffened, turning to see his green-eyed friend walking towards him with a Popsicle in each hand.

Riku grinned, giving one to the latter. "Here you go."

Sora nodded once, eagerly taking the dessert from the other. But then he raised an eyebrow to see that this Popsicle was indeed, light blue—different from any ice cream he'd ever had before.

"Hm…" he began, scrutinizing his gaze on the frozen treat. "Riku—is this a new flavor?"

"You bet it is," the silver replied, reaching into his pocket for a second. "Don't ask, though—they told me to try it. It's supposed to be sea-salt ice cream or something…"

He trailed off and frowned when he soon found his pocket to be empty. "Aw, great—I forgot to get my change from the guy at the stand." Riku exhaled sharply and turned to run back.

"I'll be right back, okay?" he called, briefly glancing over his shoulder.

The brunette sighed, closing his eyes and shaking his head. Then he turned to gaze at the great yellow-orange ball of light that slowly began to disappear behind dark blue waves.

His eyes softened. Just like how it was that day…

Sora smiled slightly and reached into his right pocket to pull out a pair of star-shaped charms—one bright green…and the other orange.


"Riku, come on! I heard it coming from around here!"

The young brunette panted as he sprinted through the trees, until he found himself standing at the edge of a paved road that he'd never seen before.

What the…

Little Sora frowned and looked all around him, only to have something catch his eye.

Lying on the ground not far away, he thought he saw a pair of star-shaped objects that to him, looked so familiar...

At this, the toddler immediately rushed over and bent down to see that they were charms of some sort. One of them had been orange, while the other had been…

His eyes widened in that instant.


At that moment, the brunette gulped, taking both Wayfinders in his hands. Then he stood up after recognizing the very objects in his hands, as well as remembering their owners.

But that was when he stiffened—after seeing what looked like a great big truck crumpled up against a tree no more than a few feet from where he was.

Sora gasped, then frantically began to shift his gaze in different directions, looking for his old friend.

"Ven?" the little one called out in a scared tone, his eyes darting all over the place.

Suddenly, he felt a hand on his shoulder, and he turned around to see that his silver-haired friend had finally caught up with him.

But his eyes were big, and his face was rigid upon seeing the banged-up truck in front of them.

In that instant, the younger toddler looked anxiously at the latter, and spoke in a tiny voice.

"Riku…what happened here?"

However, the green-eyed boy didn't answer. Instead, he took Sora's hand and began to lead him away from the truck—back in the direction of Robin's Nest Kindergarten.

"We shouldn't be in this place—it's too dangerous. We might get in trouble."

After that, the brunette hadn't said another word, for this was all too confusing for his small mind to take in…

Although later on, he would find out for himself after overhearing his classmates' conversations at school the next day.


At that moment, Sora flinched when suddenly he'd heard a splash somewhere beside him.

He paused, then turned to see a blonde male about his age with wavy hair and—sparkling eyes of azure

Immediately, the brunette's eyes widened. No way—he looked just like…

"Your ice cream's melting."

In that instant, Sora's train of thought broke. "Huh?" He shook his head, then glanced at his popsicle, which had already begun dripping down to his fingers.

The tan boy shrank back and stuck out his tongue to lick the stick blue stuff off. Then he shifted his gaze to see that the blonde was chuckling and that he was holding a blue Popsicle as well.

"Haha—tastes good, doesn't it? It's actually my new favorite flavor now—I always get it every time I come here these days."

The brunette thought for a minute and smacked his lips. "Yeah…it tastes really good." He looked at the frozen treat. "And it's amazing, too—it's salty and sweet at the same time."

The other grinned. "That's why they call it sea-salt ice cream."

Both laughed.

Soon, it became quiet again, and the blonde turned to pick up another pebble from the ground.

"What's your name?"

At that moment, the brunette froze, then replied in a low tone. "Sora."

Is it just me, or is this déjà vu…?

"What's yours?"

The latter paused, then tossed the pebble across the surface of the ocean. "Roxas."

Sora nodded, watching the small rock skid until it sank underwater. Then he spoke again, trying to start a casual conversation for the time being. "So…are you waiting for someone?"

"Yeah," Roxas replied, taking a bite of his ice cream. "I'm actually waiting for my friend to get off from his summer job. He's supposed to meet me here soon." He paused, glancing at the tan boy. "You?"

The brunette smirked. "Ha. I'm waiting for a friend, too—except he's just getting his change back from the guy at the ice cream stand."

At that moment, the blonde chuckled. "I see…"

At the same time, Sora laughed as well, turning to see the warm smile on the other's face—which reminded him…

The sound of the waves resonated in his ears in that instant, and he glanced back at the Wayfinders in his hands.

His eyes softened that time, upon looking at how precious the two of them had once been…and then the brunette lowered his hands—until the star charms were floating on the water's surface.

I guess your best friend came back after all, huh? Now you'll always be together…

Not long after that, the ocean's currents had begun to sweep them both away into the far distance—with Sora and now Roxas, who had just stopped laughing, looking after them.

As soon as the Wayfinders were just about to disappear from sight, the blonde and the brunette looked into each other's eyes, blue locked on blue.

And both began to think to themselves at the same time…

"A scattered dream that's like a far-off memory..."

"A far-off memory that's like a scattered dream…"

"I want to line the pieces up..."

"Yours and mine."


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