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Chapter 9


I felt something warm against my skin. It took me several minutes to recognize it was a hand wrapped around mine. A man's hand. His fingers were calloused and rough, but his touch so tender and soft. I heard the gentle hum of machines around me next. I slowly remembered where I was. The hospital.

My eyelids fluttered open. I was prepared to be assaulted by bright lights, but the room was dim, just a sliver of light from the window lightening the darkness. I took in the small room and tried to sit up. My whole body ached, but I managed to get into a sitting position.

Jake's fingers twitched against mine. I looked over at him slumped down into a hard chair. His other hand was folded together, his head resting on his closed fist. He looked tired. Ragged. His dark hair hung limply across his brow, and I could see the dark circles under his eyes.

I gently squeezed his hand, and his eyes shot open.

"Bells," he whispered, leaning forward and capturing my lips with his instantly, before I even had a chance to respond or think or take a deep breath. His hands came up to frame my face, tender and rough, his long, calloused fingers stroked my cheeks, caught my tears, and slid back into my hair.

There was nothing in his kiss that told me he thought I was breakable, but everything about it told me he was terrified he'd lost me. A strong, intense need for him burned in my gut, and I raised my arms to wrap around his neck. One of his hands left my hair and snaked around my waist, holding me to him effortlessly. He was softly chanting my name over and over again, promising his love. His tears were warm and salty against my skin.

When he finally pulled away after several small kisses against my dry lips, his dark eyes shone with so much emotion it stole my breath away. He fell to his knees—both his knees—kissing my hand where his mother's ring sat.

"Marry me, Bells. Tell me the moment I can take you home that you'll marry me," he exhaled heavily, his voice shaky, but his whole face, every line of his features, the set of his jaw and shoulders, told me he was completely serious and desperate for my response.

"Yes," I said, and he kissed me again until I was breathless, he was panting, and my heart monitor was beeping crazily. A nurse running in caused the bubble to burst, and he pulled away from me. My cheeks burned a bright scarlet, but Jake just smirked and moved aside to let her work.

A few hours later, after I had been fretted over by my mom, who'd apparently flown in just that morning, and Charlie, who stood a little awkwardly with a suspicious brightness to his brown eyes next to my hospital bed, the doctor had deemed me ready to leave the next morning. I was relieved and elated... and filled with anxious butterflies. I felt little pinpricks of electricity all over my clammy skin thinking about what Jake had said.

That tomorrow we were flying to Las Vegas to get married. Just us.


"Ready?" Jake asked, taking my hand as we stepped into the elevator from the honeymoon suite of the Venetian hotel on the Vegas strip. I looked up at him with bright eyes. My heart was fluttering as fast as a hummingbird's wings, my throat was dry and scratchy, and my knees were weak—

But I knew beyond a shadow of a doubt, somewhere deep inside me, in my bones, that this was right. That this—me and Jake—was how it was meant to be.

I nodded my head, my lips stretching out into large—albeit anxious—smile.

"It's just us, Bells. Don't be nervous. Just you, me, and a preacher or Justice of the Peace... or whatever," he assured, leaning down to kiss my cheek softly. I nodded again.

It seemed like it was only a few minutes later that I was standing alone in the back of a small, white chapel, clutching a small bouquet of yellow roses, interspersed with red tulips. I opted for a dress, even though Jake said he would have been perfectly happy with me in my jeans, a faded t-shirt (preferably his, since he loved to see me in his clothes) and my ratty old sneakers. But Renee had loaned me her dress, a faded white, simple, tea-length sun dress. And Sue had loaned me her pearls. It was nice to have some of my family with me today, even though I was glad it was simple, and it was just me and Jake.

Alice and Rosalie had wanted to come, but both of them were still recovering. Apparently, I'd taken the brunt of the accident, but Alice had needed a few stitches, and Rosalie had a mild concussion. They packed my bag though, and there was an assortment of frilly, lacy, very French-looking lingerie in my suitcase.

The music started playing, and I walked slowly into the small chapel to the start of the narrow aisle. My breath caught at the sight of Jake. He was wearing some black slacks and a white, thin cotton, long sleeve, button down shirt with the sleeves rolled up to his elbows. His tan skin contrasted perfectly against the crisp white shirt. His black hair was pushed back from his face.

But it wasn't these things that made me have to remind myself to breathe. It was the look in his eyes, the silent, soft tears that trickled down his russet cheeks and fell from his square, rugged jaw. I didn't realize until I was standing in front of him and he took my small trembling hand in one of his and stroked his thumb across my cheek that I was crying too.

"I love you," he choked out, and I repeated the same in an almost inaudible whisper, overwhelmed by the emotions swimming inside me.

The ceremony itself was short, and it only took Jake a few minutes, seconds really, to rush us back to our room. He pushed me up against the elevator wall, kissing me frantically, all but ripping the white dress from my arching body.

When the doors chimed open, we stumbled our way down the hall, and he deftly unlocked our door with the card key. I backed away from him, slowly sliding the dress off my shoulders, a sly little smirk playing at the corner of my mouth.

His eyes narrowed and darkened-they were almost black with lust and want-as he stalked towards me. He grabbed the front of his shirt and ripped it open. The silver buttons went bouncing around the room, and he shrugged it off.

Damn, the man was sexy-his shoulders broad, his chest muscles hard, and his abs ripped. His tan skin was smooth; his arms muscles looked like thick ropes underneath. My mouth watered at the sight. It felt like forever since we'd been together, since he'd really touched me, been inside me. And the deep ache between my thighs was throbbing with need.

The back of my legs collided with the foot of the bed, which was littered with rose petals, just as I dropped the dress into a puddle on the floor. Jake's pants were gone in a flash as well as his boxers. I fell back onto the thick mattress, my hair fanning out behind me, as he stepped in between my thighs.

My eyes traveled up and down his body once, taking in the sight of him, hard for me, before our eyes locked, and I was unable to look away. His strong hands glided up my legs, his fingers just barely brushing the sensitive skin. I pressed my lips together and waited for him to touch me, but he didn't.

He fell to his knees, his lips to my inner thigh, kissing a slow, blazing trail up, and his scruffy cheeks with his day old stubble scratched a delicious sensation across my skin. When his mouth finally touched my wetness, I thought I would combust.

Jake's soft tongue parted my folds, delving inside me as his thumb came up to apply pressure to my sensitive bundle. My hands fisted in the sheets, and I moaned his name as he made love to me with his tongue.

He lapped at my wetness until he couldn't stand it any longer and climbed up my body, taking my lips in a fierce hungry kiss. His mouth was warm and soft, and I could taste myself on his tongue, causing me to moan against his lips. Jake hovered above me, leaning on his elbows with one hand fisted in my hair as he slid his hard thickness inside me slowly, inch by inch, and our eyes were open, watery, and full of the love we shared.

His fingers intertwined with mine, raising our hands above my head, as his thrust became a little deeper, a little faster, and he leaned down to kiss me. His lips met mine briefly then they grazed along my jawline and up to that spot behind my ear. He flicked his tongue out against my pulse at just the right moment, burying himself deep inside me. The tingling sensation of my orgasm shot through my body, coursing through my veins and burning along my nerve endings. The tingles licked up my body and across my heated skin like flames consuming me.

"I love you, Mrs. Bella Black," he whispered into my neck. I felt my throat close at hearing my new name. It sounded so—

Perfect. Easy. Unbelievably amazing.

I fell asleep in the crook of his arm that night. We woke up just before dawn, ravenous for each other, and made love until the sun came up, casting bright, brilliant streaks of golden white sunshine into our hotel room. He was tender and gentle, rough and hungry. I was screaming his name breathlessly into the sheets when he flipped me over and shoved inside me from behind.

"I love you," he whispered, "I'll always love you; I'll always want you."

His promises, his vows, filled the room and my heart until it felt as if it would burst from the satisfied contentment. At one point, he held me to him, and I could feel his shoulders shaking; I knew he was thinking about how he'd almost lost me.

"You'll never lose me," I promised, "Never."

The End.

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