Now, Fate is a fellow set in his ways. While it is difficult to change him, it is possible…if he doesn't mind a quarrel with his sister.

Destiny, elder sister to Fate, is immutable. If she wishes something to be, then it is, with all the force of billions of centuries of stubbornness behind it. Unless, of course, Chance decides to joke.

Chance jokes all the time. He…she…it finds the practice of joking, pranking, and general fun to be a marvelous institution. Chance can't decide on a gender; it changes form as easily as changing its mind, and as Chance changes its mind all too often, this generally results in a sort of visual effect that I couldn't describe here. I couldn't show you a video, either, as it would probably induce some kind of allergic reaction characterized by intense nausea and vomiting.

Heck, even a still photo, a sketch, a stick figure could do the trick.

So one day, Chance, the youngest of the siblings, struck out to mess with the heads of its darling brother and sister. It accomplished this by whipping up a hero.

Chance was a woman today, a mousy, near-invisible little thing that nobody would pay much attention to. She found a place in time/space that she liked the look of; it was a dramatic place, with swords and robots and evil angels. Battles to the death, eternal war, vengeance sworn, dramatically lost love.

That sort of thing. She started with the place she was in; a fiery-haired man with golden eyes and red wings tore himself free from a series of spikes, leaving those lovely wings behind to fight for a girl on the ground, a human that he, a shadow angel, was in love with.

Tsk. Simply wouldn't do. She had to mess with this long-range, it seemed. She wound back several hundred years, to when a blond angel and his redheaded wife first conceived the child that would be Apollonius…or rather, as Chance pulled a quick swap, Apollonia.

She watched in fascination as Destiny pulled out fistfuls of hair in rage and Fate scowled darkly. Apollonia led a fairly similar life…only, instead of falling in love with the Seliene girl, she fell in love with Seliene's brother, Stellos. Still lost the wings. Still died a martyr.

Hmph. Boring.

But it was twelve hundred years later, when the souls of Apollonia and Stellos were reincarnated, that things got interesting.

Chance chuckled delightedly as her plotting unfolded.

Funny how one little X chromosome in the wrong place could change everything…