A/N: You know, I'm not quite sure how I feel about Ben/Vestara yet. I kinda feel like it's a pretty obvious cliché, what, with the Jedi falling for the Sith, but maybe it could work if Vestara became a Jedi. On the other hand, I've noticed that men of Skywalker blood have a thing for curly hair. I mean, come on now: Padmé, Tahiri, Tenel Ka, Mara Jade… Ben needs a girl with curly hair! Maybe if Vestara got a perm… maybe…

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Ben Skywalker was in love. That was good. He was in love with a Sith girl. That was bad. Very bad. Why a Sith, for stars' sake? And why did he love her, anyway? He hated Sith (or as close as a Jedi got to hating, anyway). He looked at Vestara as he sat behind her aboard the Jade Shadow, just thinking about his odd choice of a love interest. 'I hate everything about you,' he thought. 'Why do I love you? Why couldn't I fall for a Jedi, or even any ordinary person? I don't need a Force-sensitive. I could have been perfectly happy with an ordinary human, or Bothan, or Twi'lek. Even a Hutt would be better, as long as she wasn't a Sith .I know you feel the same. I'm pretty sure you hate everything about me so why do you love me?' Sure, Vestara could deny her love for Ben, but those few times her control over her Force aura cracked, Ben could feel her emotions. All of them. The love for him, the resentment she felt towards his dad for keeping her away from the Lost Tribe of the Sith, the longing to be with her family again, the confusion, the anger, the hatred, the darkness… Ben had to suppress a groan. He may hate it, but he couldn't deny his feelings for Vestara.

As his feelings spiraled more out of control, Ben's grip on his Force aura slipped. Barely, but enough for his dad to feel the emotional turmoil raging within his son. Luke turned around and raised an eyebrow, but Ben just shook his head and mouthed, 'Later.' Luke nodded and turned back around to face the controls of the Shadow, but kept a close watch on Ben all the same. He had been worried about his only son, his only child, lately. He knew exactly how Ben felt about the Sith girl aboard their ship and as the Grand Master of the Jedi and Ben's father, it worried him to no end. He just made sure Ben didn't know he knew. Ben would come to him in his own time. They would talk about this later.

Ben shifted his gaze from Vestara to Luke. He would have to tell his dad sooner or later. He heaved a silent sigh. He might as well tell his dad tonight. Ben didn't think he could spend another night lying awake trying to smother his feelings. 'If only Mom was here,' Ben thought sadly. 'She would understand.'

A/N 2: Does anybody else sense a sequel coming on? I know I do. :)