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If you guys have read ZAFA, you may notice that I seem to be less serious in ZAFA. See, since the main plan for ZAFA was supposed to make people laugh, I kind of get less tense when writing ZAFA with Fan-chan. For these, I kind of have to be more serious in writing. Not like: "IMMA KILL YA!" but like "The sky watched tearfully (It's raining) as the man plummeted towards Death's suffocating arms."

WARNING: This chapter contains Oldrivalshipping. If you are a choosenshipper, I will give you this: Later, Silver will come along and…interesting things happen. But, don't forget, this is an ORS story.

Disclaimer: I don't own Pokespe. This counts for the whole story.

Summary: Yellow may have been able to escape, but World Gorger still got some of her blood. His experiment is finally complete, using some pokemon blood along with a select few humans'. Meanwhile, the dex-holders are facing challenges, but not some you expect. Trust and ultimately, and their love is tested in this epically lame sequel! Yellow dresses as a guy sometimes only.

"Yes," a man rubbed the glass tank greedily, "It's finally done."


"Guys," Red said, welcoming Blue and Green into his house, "How's it going?"

"Great," Blue smirked, linking her arm around Green's.

"Pesky woman," Green muttered under his breath, but didn't do anything.

"So, why'd you call us over?" Blue sat down on the couch, Green's arm over her shoulder.

"Well, it's been a year since the Toxin-Wing incident, right?" Green and Blue nodded.

"Well…Yellow came over since her little house is being rented out, and her uncle's away. Well, I woke up one night for a glass of water and she wasn't on her bed. I looked outside the window and saw her sitting on the grass, looking at the crescent moon."

Blue put her hands together in concern. "You think that Toxin-Wing might have somehow gotten her blood?"

"Well, she did lose a lot of blood on the floor. It wasn't full-moon-mature-Yellow-blood, but it was still blood," Red sighed, staring into space.

"Is she here now?" Green asked, taking his hand off Blue's shoulders.

"No," Red pointed to the fridge, "She's at the market."

"We shouldn't let her go off alone!" Blue protested.

Red glared. Over the year, he had matured and gotten less oblivious. "Of course she's not alone alone! I have the video camera that Ruby leant me in her purse!"

"You're very pervy, Red," Blue smirked at Red's scowl.

"Red? I'm-Oh! Green, Blue!" Yellow came through he front door with 3 bags of groceries.

"Let me help you with that," Red took the bags from her hands and smiled at her. She blushed slightly and smiled back.

Blue whispered to Green, "They're kind of lovey-dovey, huh?"

"Yeah," he agreed, "but then, so are we. And so are Crys and Gold."

"Huh?" Red turned to face the couple. "'You guys getting married already?"

"No," Green's face turned as red as the fires of the place underneath.

"Not yet," Blue added in.

Yellow smiled at them and asked, "If you get married and have kids, will you make us the godparents? Or the aunt and uncle? Along with the others?"

"Of course, Yellow-chan!" Blue teased.

"So, do you guys want lasagna or-"

"I forgot to tell you guys!" Blue gasped and grabbed Green. "You guys-and us-are all going on a trip to a beach resort!"

Red turned around, dropping the Chesto berry he was peeling. (Do Chesto berries even have peels? =_=;;) Yellow also dropped her bag of pasta. "Seriously?" they asked in synch.

"Yup!" Blue took out 4 tickets from Green's pocket and showed them. "1st class tickets for the Vermillion Beach Resort!"

"We go…tomorrow?" Red inspected the fancy ticket.

Blue grinned, gesturing to Green. Green groaned and went outside. She walked outside, too, and it seemed like she expected them to follow. They followed. They saw Green leaning against his car with an open trunk. (The car's trunk.) It had 3 bags marked 'Blue' and one bag marked 'Green'.

"Pack today, go tomorrow!" Blue took Yellow's hand and led her to her room. "Let's get your bags!"

That left Green and Red to discuss…something.
"Shouldn't you pack?" Green asked.

"Huh? Oh…yeah, I should…" Red and Green went inside, to have Yellow and Blue come outside carrying 2 bags marked 'Yellow'.

After Red packs

Red came downstairs with 1 bag marked 'Red'.

"Everyone ready? Okay!" Blue clapped and asked Yellow, "'Mind if we stay for dinner?"

"Oh, no, I don't mind!" Yellow started boiling the pasta and took a frozen pack of beef out. (Made out of naturally deceased MilkTank!)

Red started chopping a Watmel* berry and some Magost* berries. He put them in a blender to make a sweet, but slightly sour and bitter, drink. They poured cane sugar in together.
Yellow poured it out and served it. Blue and Green both rated it a 5 star cocktail. Yellow mixed the beef with some tomato sauce, imported from the Gaea* region. She sprinkled imported Gaea garlic and cheese on it and put the lasagna together. Red stuck it in the oven and they sat at the mahogany dining table, drinking the savory sweet berry juice.

PING! The lasagna's delectable aroma wafted through the room as Yellow brought it out. Green, who was used to Blue's somewhat gross cooking and every other night take-out, almost drooled. It was covered with gouda* cheese and garlic, making a slight spicy taste. The beef and sauce inside created the spaghetti flavor, and everyone asked for seconds. Even though Red had had Yellow's cooking for 3 days now, he couldn't get used to the deliciousness of each dish. On the first night, she had made the best fried-rice, and each grain had tasted like a gift from Arceus. The second night, they had finished every morsel of an asparagus casserole. Just the night before today, he was bloated with onigiri of all sorts!

"Oh my Arceus…Yellow, that was so good!" Blue complimented as she finished her second helping.

"I agree," Green wiped his mouth with his cloth napkin.

"I will never get used to your awesome culinary skills," Red patted his stomach.

Yellow blushed, "Thanks! Uh, I learned to cook by myself since my uncle isn't the best cook…"

"That's even more amazing!" Blue patted Yellow's shoulder.

"Should we sleep here?" Green asked Blue.

"No, we all should sleep in the car. We want to leave as soon as possible!"

After Yellow and Blue washed the dishes, they went to the car. Blue immediately claimed shotgun, leaving Red and Yellow to sit in the back.

"WAIT!" Blue screamed suddenly, causing Red to cover his ears, Yellow looked concerned, and Green just sighed.

"You did pack swimwear, right, Red, Yellow?" Blue grabbed their shoulders.

"Yes," Red answered.

"Um…no…?" Yellow looked nervous.

Blue was shocked, "HOW COME?"

Yellow backed away a little. "I don't own any…"

"THEN WE NEED TO GO TO THE PALLET TOWN MALL!" Blue grabbed Yellow's hand and ran, leaving a trail of dust behind.

"…How did you get used to her?" Red asked Green.

"…a mystery…"

At the Pallet Mall


I couldn't believe Yellow didn't own a swimsuit! But I suppose if she went and bought it herself, it would be very covering and unflattering.

I dragged her to 'Swimsuits Magnific'. (Sweem-sewts Mac-nee-fic, like how Fantina pronounces things.)

"How about this one?" I held up a bikini with a small flower on one strap. It was a light pink.

She shook her head. I looked over it again and decided it looked a tad too 'I'm a girly girl who wears skimpy clothes'.

After 18 rejected swimsuits, Yellow showed me the most wonderful swimsuit for her ever! I can't describe it. It was just so…pretty.

We rushed home. I won't be able to stop laughing when I see Red's face when Yellow wears it…


"Super-Serious Gal! Blue got us tickets to the Beach Resort!" Gold showed Crys the shiny embossed tickets.

"Well, seeing as she spent-ON THE HOLY HOPE OF ARCEUS'S ARSE! 300,000,000 pokeyen for 2 tickets?" Crys dropped the tickets.

"We have to go," Gold said, "And we should leave tomorrow."


No one's POV, arriving at the Resort

"This place is beautiful!" Yellow exclaimed, looking at the marble floors and crystal chandeliers.

"Thank you," a woman said. She was dressed in a tropical shirt and had Chatot earrings. A name-tag read, 'Owner: Yvonne Utayo'.

"Welcome to the Vermillion Resort! Your names?" Yvonne asked, taking out a clipboard.

"Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow," Blue introduced them.

Yvonne's eyes widened. "OH! You're the famous Kanto dex-holders! Follow me-I have your rooms. 2 rooms, yes?"


They went up the elevator to the top floor, floor 8. She led them to their rooms. The door was granite and the gold knocker was shaped like a Dragonair head.

"Room 926 for the ladies," Yvonne handed them each a key, "And room 927 for you boys."


In Red and Green's room

"WOAH!" Red stared in awe at the spacious room. It had a huge bathroom to the right, (with a hot tub) two kind sized beds with silver legs, a stainless steel coffee table with delicately carved wooden chairs, and a 78 in. plasma flat screen television.

"OHMYARCEUS!" Red felt the soft pillows in his hand, feeling as though it was the lightest cloud in the sky. The view outside the giant window was amazing-flapping wingulls, the giant sun, and the beach itself.

Green, though shocked at first, was now calmly sipping a cup of decaf. Though he normally didn't like coffee from a coffee machine, he was in need of a coffee very badly. "Calm down, Red. It's 1st class. What did you expect?"

"I don't know," Red answered, turning on the television. "Just not this awesome."

"Mmm hmm…'want some coffee?"

"Is there some soda, you know, Cran-i-dosa*? Or even some Pok`eUp*?"

"Nope, seems not. You might want to write a note for room service when they come to clean the rooms," Green sipped the decaf.

"Good idea! But I'm still thisty…"

"Here…have some coffee. Decaf or espresso?"

"Decaf. I can't trust myself with espresso…"

-Flashback, day before Green and Blue came-

"Red? I brought home some coffee mix!" Yellow came into the dining room with a container of espresso.

"Why do we need coffee?" Red asked curiously.

Yellow shrugged. "Well, we might need to be energized. I kind of get excited or angry easily when I drink 4 cups of espresso…"

"Yellow…I think you shouldn't drink that much. My mom's away for a year, and when she used to drink coffee, she would only drink half of a cup."

Yellow blushed, "Oh."

Yellow mixed some coffee for Red and watched him drink it. One sip and…he was running around the house.

Yellow was blushing furiously while he was running, as he had ripped a big chunk of his shirt on a convenient, non-existent hook. She watched him run around until she fell asleep 3 hours later. When she had fallen asleep, he ran over, picked her up, and set her on her bed, then rushed off to do whatever crazy, hyperactive people do.

-End of Flashback-

Green smirked, handing Red his mug of decaf. "How can you be that hyper?"

"I don't know," Red answered, "In the morning, she said that I must have bottled up energy staying in the house and training only a little bit."

"I see," Green refilled his cup, then started reading an invite to a dinner…

With the Girls

Blue was utterly amazed. Their room looked like the boys', with the exception that they had a bigger bathroom counter, filled with millions of soaps, shampoos, and other products.

"WOW! Yellow, what do you think of it?" Blue asked, then looked where Yellow was. Yellow, apparently, had fainted on the spot.

"…" Blue ignored it somewhat well and put her bags near her bed. She took out their swimsuits and inspected them once more. She had bought cover-ups for them, so the boys would have to wait.

Yellow got up and gazed at the beautiful room. She walked into the bathroom. "KAWAII!"

Blue ran in and her eyes grew huge. "AWWW! I can't believe they have soaps in Lapras shapes and Azurill shapes!"

"They look so real," Yellow picked one up, "But there are no emotions."

"Well, the boys have emotions!" Blue smirked.

Yellow looked away and picked up a bottle of shampoo. "Look, Blue, this is Vanilla and cinnamon!"

"Cool! Ooohhh…and this is apricot and peach!"

The girls ogled over the millions of shampoo scents, and even admired the scent crystals you put into baths. There were several bubble baths, and the fluffiest mat ever to be touched.

Yellow walked out the bathroom. She picked up a paper she hadn't seen before. It read:




Yvonne Utayo, manager of the Vermillion Resort

"Wow! Formal attire…Blue, did we bring that?" Yellow asked Blue, who had just walked out smelling like blueberries.

"Hmm? Oh, yes, we did. She told me when I went to buy the tickets. When we went to buy your swimsuit, remember when I asked your opinion on that dress?"

"Yeah, I do! That was a very pretty one…"

"I also got matching earrings and jewelry."

"Thanks," Yellow said appreciatively. The dress had been absolutely gorgeous!

At 6:45

The boys were waiting outside near the Grande Cuisine. The girls were supposed to meet them at 6:30.

"They're late," Green grumbled. He was wearing a black suit and a dark green tie. His shoes were nicely polished.

Red smiled, "Well, girls do take a long time to get ready." He was wearing a white button-up shirt tucked into his black pants. He had a red argyle tie.

They watched people come into the Grande Cuisine. There were several dining rooms at the Grande Cuisine, and the feast in their honor was the finest, biggest ball-room.

"There they are!" Green exclaimed, pointing to the right. Yellow and Blue were walking towards them with black shawls covering their dress. That didn't block their faces, however.

Blue's makeup was flawless. She had light pink lipstick and an extremely light dusting of black mascara on. She smiled at Green, and he felt like he was going to melt.

Yellow had no lipstick on, and she looked totally natural, except for her eyes. It seemed that her hazel eyes were brighter.

"Please, please come in," a butler appeared out of nowhere, ushering them in. Red took Yellow's hand and took her in, and Green and Blue likewise.

They were led into a room with a huge chandelier, at least 50 tables, and a big stage. It had a dim light, though, and Blue almost tripped on a lace banner that had fallen down. Green steadied her.

They were directed to the table closest to the stage. Strange, there were 2 more seats then needed…

"GOLD! YOU HAVE TO BE MORE POLITE!" scolded a very familiar voice.

"Chill, Super-Serious Gal, chill. But then again, if you were less serious, I couldn't call you Super-Serious Gal…" Gold smirked, walking towards RYBG's table.

"Hey guys! Thanks, Blue for sending us the tickets!" Gold smirked, "We got room 928."

"Stop making everything sound…wrong!" Crys slapped Gold across the face. He winced, but then smirked.

"Well, aren't ya a pretty gal-a pretty serious gal!" Gold cracked up at his own lame joke. Well, in his head, she certainly was pretty.

She had on a pale white dress that went below the knees, with white strapped-heels to go with. The dress had ribbon fringing the short-sleeves, and ribbon formed a bow around the neck of the dress. She had the 2 usual star earrings, with white pearl-clasp clutch. All in all, she had a flattering outfit on.

Gold still had his cap on, and didn't tuck his shirt in. He had a beige tie on crookedly, and black pants covering his tennis shoes. He carried a billiard cue around, occasionally pointing it towards an unsuspecting waiter asking for soda.

"Time to show our dresses," Blue whispered to Yellow, and she nodded in agreement. Blue made it dramatic: She tore off her shawl, making it fly onto a waiter. The waiter tripped and fell on a table, having a severe concussion. Yellow, however, just slid off her shawl silently.

Red's jaw dropped, while Green couldn't believe his eyes. Gold was too busy drooling over Crys, but Crystal thought they looked beautiful…

Yellow had on a yellow dress with the top part horizontal black and white striped spaghetti strap. She had black and white peek-toe heels (Black shoe, white strap) and around her neck was a long metal chain with a rose at the end. To Red, she looked very beautiful. Gorgeous, even.

Blue was wearing a sky blue dress that was almost to her ankles. It slitted up until the knee, and it was a v-neck. She also had thin straps, a silver belt that hung off her waist diagonally, and silver peek-toe flats. Green…he was pretty much dead by now.

Yellow was blushing furiously at Red's dazed gaze. Blue, however, smirked at their reactions and declared, "Let's dance."

Was this chapter long or what? ^^ I asked Fan-chan what she thought of the dresses-in fact, she helped me choose from a few choices. I am a girl, mind you, and I pride myself in coming up good outfits, whether it fits the character or not. Not really a cliff-hanger, actually, and it might take longer because I want my chapters to be as long as this one. 8D I take critical feedback, but not flames!