Scary hot

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Note: A fic I wrote ages ago and finally dug out and decided to share with you guys. Future fic.

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Scary hot

'I wanna kiss you.'

Igawa promptly fell off the couch. Mamoru looked incredulous.

'And you'd better let me,' continued the young woman, hands poised at her hips. Her lipstick accentuated the pursed lips and light blue eyeshadow did likewise to the determined eyes.

Igawa, having regained his composure (and seat), merely stared curiously at the sudden odd behavior from this housemate of theirs. Mamoru continued being disbelieving.

'Then, I wanna take your shirt off,' she covered her mouth to hide her hiccup, and giggled a little to mask her embarrassment. She bent down to take her heels off, struggling only slightly with the straps.

Igawa wondered how long he would be able to stay in the room with all his limbs intact and braved a glimpse at his friend. Mamoru was smiling, if a little menacingly, as if he would enjoy the idea of his shirt taken off very- Igawa stopped thinking.

Having successfully taken her shoes off, she continued in a tone that suggested she was explaining something simple and obvious, 'Because you're depriving the world of a piece of art!'

Igawa stifled a giggle in an act of self preservation. Mamoru, on the other hand, looked more and more amused.

'And then, I wanna take my shirt off,' and as if to proof her point, she shrugged off her jacket and let it drop neatly on the floor.

Igawa gulped as he took in what Haruka was wearing. Or more specifically, what she wasn't. She wasn't wearing a shirt, for one. Instead, she had on a figure-hugging, nosebleed-inducing dress. She also wore a thick silver necklace Mamoru had given her for her eighteenth birthday, and it ended up strategically in between her very, very nice cleavage. Mamoru, glasses or not, probably liked the idea of her with her dress off even more.

'After that, I wanna,' she frowned. Her steps were a little wobbly, but she was slowing sashaying her way towards the blind swordsman. 'Lemme kiss you first,' she bargained.

Mamoru sat completely still as she climbed atop the couch and pinned him under her. Her legs, peeking out from the slit of her dress, were smooth, white and placed comfortably on either sides of him. She wrapped her arms around his neck, grinned, and pressed her lips to his non-too gently. Igawa swore he could see the swordsman's teeth glinting.

Her hand reached behind her and she released the clip holding her hair up, allowing waves of blond strands to fall onto her shoulder blades. 'Actually, I'd prefer you take off my dress.'

Igawa wondered if either of them remembered him at all.


Igawa didn't need telling twice.

'Igawa-kun can stay and watch if he wants,' Haruka purred, licking her strawberry lipstick off the top lip.

Igawa, being one of sound mind and body, values his life and therefore did not stay to watch.

He made a mental note to never get Haruka drunk. She's scary when she's drunk.


Note: Haruka's a kinky drunk. Yay!