ATTENTION! I will be rewriting this story but as I do so, I need a favor from my faithful readers. Spells. I am going to get the Flamels to teach young Potter but I don't have any ideas for the spells to teach him. Here are the guidelines for the spells.

1. No element spells. Harry is an Elemental. He controls the elements with a thought. I do not nor want him saying useless words when he could do the same with a wave of his hand.

2. If you had gotten the spell from another fan fiction, please give the proper credits.

3. Must give details on how the spell works

4. If it's in another language, must also give translation.

5. Will be better if it's a wordplay on english words (ie. Expelliarmus- Expell Incarcerous- incarcerate aguamenti-aqua incendio-incendiary wingardium leviosa(sp?)-wing and levitate)

You will be given the proper credit at the end of the chapter in which I had used your spell. If more than one gives the same spell or almost the same, then I will credit both.


A lone traveler was walking down the rickety road as the silvery moon cast shadows on his face. A few straddlers watched him as he continued down the worn down road, his staff giving off an unearthly light. Diagon Alley was the same as ever. The same shops adorned the street that were here centuries ago. Quality Quidditch Supplies was selling the latest models of the Hydra-T Seeker Broom model, the successor of the Firebolt Broom. The traveler couldn't help but chuckle as he remembered the days that he had spent with Nicholas, learning the best way to evade on a broom on a Nimbus 1997 Class-Z9 model. Tearing his gaze away from the store, he continued on till he had reached his destination. Ollivander's.

He peered through the weather-worn glass as he searched for the quirky wandmaker. Say what you want about him, he had his uses. Spotting the hidden wandmaker, he gave a wave of his wand towards the door of the shop, unlocking it and directed a gust of wind at it to open it. Striding through the door, he turned to the disillusioned man, and directed his staff at him.

"I know where you are Samuel. Come out before I blast you and your shop to the next century."

Ollivander gave a slight shiver as he took off the charm and stepped out from the shadows behind a shelf.

"I never had the chance to catch you off guard ever since the first time I met you. If I remember correctly, Holly and Phoenix feather, 11 inches and a Willow and Dragon Heartstring, 12 and a half inches. Am I correct?"

Harry gave a slight nod but held out his staff.

"Oho! I don't remember seeing this during the Triwizard Tournament. A recent acquisition I presume?" Ollivander asked, running his had over the staff.

"I got it years ago," he started, meeting Ollivander's inquisitive, silvery eyes," Back in my sixth year."


"I had realized that no matter how good my wand is, it couldn't channel the amount of power I tend to release through my wand through spells. So I crafted my very own staff and have used it ever since."

"For 300 years?"

"I went to the Goblins to help me craft the staff. They added the complimentary charms on it."


"Yes. This is technically, another goblin crafted weapon. It could stand along side the Sword of Gryffindor if it were to be."

Ollivander's eyes went wide in surprise. A Goblin crafted staff. The last one that was created was Merlin's staff. After a moment, his features relaxed back to his old, creepy stare.

"Although I must admit, I didn't expect for you to live this long. Albus himself died at the age of 167, yet you've surpassed him by almost a century and a half."

Harry gave the wandmaker a smirk before replying, "Look who's talking."

At Ollivander's raised eyebrows, he sighed and sat down on the thousand year old chairs that were set out.

"I found out that I was somehow made into a god."

Conjuring himself a drink, he swirled it around in the cup before he gulped the whole thing down, ignoring Ollivander's shocked look.

"I traced it back to the day my brother was declared 'The Boy who Lived'. Apparently, I was hit with the killing curse and died. Seeing that, the gods decided to bring me back to life."

Ollivander shook himself out of his revere and then looked at Harry with both pity and understanding.

"Now you know how I felt."

Harry nodded into his chest.

"Yes, yes I do."

After a tense silence, Ollivander got up and walked behind the counter. Reaching under it, he drew out a bottle of firewhiskey.

"Want some? It's from the 1764 brew, the best ever if I might add." Receiving a nod, he poured out two glasses of it and walked back over to the fallen warrior. Handing it over to him, Ollivander then conjured himself a chair and sat down in front of him.

"So, what did you do for the past century or so?"

"I traveled and became a story teller."

"Oh? What stories?"

"The story of the Magnificent and Courageous Harry Potter!" Harry proclaimed, deepening my voice and puffing out my chest at the same time.

Ollivander gave a slight chuckle, asking, "Really?"

Giving a sheepish look in reply, "Well, I censored some of it."

"Like what?"

"Dumbledore's involvement with my past. It's better for them to remember the good things that were his legacy although it left a lot of holes in my story, let me tell you that."

"Yes, it must have."

After another tense silence, Harry gave a slight start, getting up from the chair.

"Now, all formalities gone, I need to speak to you."

"Aren't you speaking with me right now?" Ollivander asked jokingly.

Harry leaned over and whispered into Ollivander's ears, "Somewhere where the Ministry's surveillance charms will not be privy to the information."

With a curt nod, Ollivander led Harry to the back room which was filled with woods and cores of various kinds.

"Now, what is it that you wish to speak to me about?"

Harry paced back and forth a few times before stopping before Ollivander. Sitting on the crate of yew wood, he looked up at the expectant wandmaker.

"Samuel, do you know what the gem on top of my staff is?"

Ollivander gave a wince.

"No, and I'd wish for you to stop calling me by my first name. It's...ughh." he said, shuddering at the end.

"I have realized that my time on the mortal plane is coming to an end. At the zenith of the Winter Solstice, I will be returning to my home town, Olympus. There, I will have no use for such petty focuses."

Harry paused for a moment before continuing.

"The gem on top of the staff is the Necromancer's stone. A terrible but great gem in itself. It could kill many with just a touch, but it will only work for those who are worthy of it. If and when the dark times come, you will know when the staff is ready for it's new owner. Do not worry. It will come to it's owner if their greatest time of need. Just like the Sword of Gryffindor."

Ollivander's jaw was swinging, unhinged as he stared at Harry in shock. 'The Necromancer's Stone? The one he created? The stone that could kill a anything, even a phoenix, is in my possesions?"

"I trust you will take extreme care of it, no?"


Harry gave the wandmaker an inquiring glance before...

"Well, it was nice to see you again. I must better be off now."

"Would you like to stay here overnight? It's pretty dark out now and it would do you good for a whole night's rest." asked Ollivander.

"Well, don't mind if I do."

Following Ollivander up the flight of stairs, he was directed to his room. Lying down on the lumpy mattress, he recalled how his life became the way it was. How his love left him for the greater journey into the beyond . How he became...immortal.

As you can see, I changed it from being immortal from a prophecy, to being immortal because of him being a God. A God of Magic to be exact. He will still be an Elementalist. His first element shown will be fire.

This integration of Immortality:Part 1 and Without Regret is due to the fact that I have just re-read the guidelines because of some idiot claiming I overstepped the line posting my challenge, when I saw that we weren't supposed to write rewrites.


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