AUTHORESS: Amaya~Ikari

TITLE: Why Can't I keep My Mouth Shut


ANIME: Naruto

PAIRING: Yaoi: KakuzuXHidan

STATUS: Multichapter: Complete


WARNINGS: Graphic sex between two males, bondage, minor dub-con.

~Believe that life is worth living and your belief will help create the fact~

Hidan sighed in annoyance, he was bored, which was a spell for disaster. He was lying in his room, roaming through Kakuzu's stuff, hoping it would piss him off and give him something to do, even if it was running from his enraged partner. The miser hated when the "filthy albino zealot" even went on his side of the room, much less touched his belongings. He was currently fingering his precious money, idly wondering why Kakuzu saw it as being so special. He was better than the idiocy of money!

"Holy fuckā€¦ I'm not jealous of this stupid paper am I?"

He shook his head from the thought when suddenly he heard the door slowly creep open.

"Hidan, what the HELL, are you doing with my stuff!"

Kakuzu roared. Hidan dropped the money as he was startled and whipped around to face him, smirking. Kakuzu couldn't be more pissed, it was hilarious to him, and more than a bit arousing. Kakuzu's chest was heaving, and his eyes were slant, even with that mask on he could tell Kakuzu was gritting his teeth.

"I was just having some... fun. I was bored," Hidan mused, mockingly.

Kakuzu was close to exploding.

"You little shit I'll beat you un-"

Kakuzu was cut off by Hidan saying laughingly,

"I'm masochistic you retard! I love pain! Whatever you do, I still win so HA!"

He said, immaturely.

"Oh I'm sure I could find pain you wouldn't enjoy Hidan."

Kakuzu hissed. Hidan laughed.

"Not likely old man."

He said smiling. He enjoyed his little game. Kakuzu was about to give him a piece of his mind, when a sudden thought crept into his mind, an evil smirk spread over his face. Hidan went on instant guard when he saw his partner's eyes flash and body relax, he knew not to take his sadist of a partner lightly.

"Are you sure about that..." He asked, somewhat seductively. Hidan's smile faltered.

"Y-Yeah I'm fuckin' sure."

He stuttered. Kakuzu's smirk grew wider.

"We'll see."

And he turned to leave. Hidan leaned heavily against a wall, glaring at the floor. Kakuzu stopped, and without turning, said


Hidan looked up cautiously. Kakuzu slightly turned his head.

"See you later..."

He purred, sending a shiver down Hidan's spine. He left, leaving Hidan to his thoughts. The main thought running through his thick skull was,

"You're gonna get it now you idiot."

Authoress Note:

Short intro. Sex next chapter. Yay for yaoi!