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April was sitting at her desk reading a news report, she was completely immersed in. A knock on her door sadly interrupted her, she looked to see it was her boss, he was holding something behind his back. "What is it?" April asked groaning

He slowly walked into the room "As you know we are having a competition against channel 8, and they are currently winning."

April got out of her seat, raising an eyebrow "So why are you in here, instead of thinking of ways we could win." April asked getting into his face.

Her boss smiled, showing what was behind his back, a yellow one piece suit "This is your new uniform, all the females are getting one, just not in the same color."

April looked at him mad "What! This is outrageous!"

Her boss nodded her head "Yes, but this was the only color left, you seem more of a blue or red."

April looked at him with; he just chuckled uneasily putting her uniform on her desk before leaving. April growled and slammed her door shut, sitting in her chair, giving the repulsive outfit a scathing look. Another knock was on the door; April just said a tired "come in" while looking at the outfit, wishing it would catch on fire. April looked up when she smelled a distinct perfume, her frown turned to a smile "Hey Audrey what color is yours?" Audrey's smile turned to a frown "Red." She said sitting in the chair "Not just any color red but a bright red that should only be used on your nails, but looking at yours I almost like my color." Audrey said poking at Aprils outfit.

"We had better get a raise or something." April said getting up from her chair to close the door; Audrey nodded her head "At least we don't have to wear bikinis like the girls on channel 8." The woman said watching April's every move as she sat down again.

"April sat down "You have a teenager daughter right?" Audrey nodded her head moving her black hair out of her face "She'll be 18 in two weeks why?"

"My niece will be staying with me for 3 months, and she already met someone." April said thinking of how to correctly word the next words she was about to say.

Audrey nodded her head "Ok go on."

"She met him at her modeling auction, and he's older than her." April said though she wanted to tell her so much more.

Audrey raised an eyebrow "How much older? What is his job? What's his name?"

April leaned in close "He's not as old, old as us, he owns the big tall sky scraper and his name is Oroku Saki."

Audrey had taken out a pen and a handy dandy notebook out of her bra ,writing the info down. "Anything else?"

April shook her head "He says s he lives a private life."

Audrey muttered a "not for long" I `ll do an exclusive report on him and what his company does, I'll put it on the website, so it wont be mainstream." April smile a thanks "I'll do my own as well."

April went back to reading the paper 20 minutes into it she got called to do a live report, before she could run, her boss reminded her of her new suit. April changed in the bathroom, she took a look at herself the outfit showed how great her legs were, how slim her stomach was, and it really showed her breasts. April left the bathroom muttering "Men" while ignoring the whistles of her male employees.