Wipe your Tears


Finishing the story…



His heart stopped. There was a soft voice on the breeze; barely a whisper, almost a sob. Standing still, the sakura blossoms falling like a gentle summer rain around him he forgot how to breathe. He could feel the light tug to his coat; the trembling from fingers to newly mended. It couldn't be true. He'd prepared himself damnit! He knew the risks and truly he'd never believed he'd get anything back to begin with. Not his life, not his father, not his sanity, and certainly not his idiot of a partner. No, it's couldn't be true.

And yet…

"Hal, please…"

Those same overly large eyes welled up with tears, their salty hotness spilling over soft cheeks, spattering the cold concrete walkway; ripping out his heart with each drop. He didn't even want to know what type of a fool he looked like right then, his arms full of a sobbing Kai, their pants dirtied as they collapsed into a shuddering pile of limbs on the ground. Kneeling there holding the only person he realized had ever stayed by him, who put up with him, cared about him, supported and frustrated the hell out of him….

He wasn't crying. No way in hell. That was the blithering idiot's job and Kai'd be the first to agree with him so why…why was he shaking uncontrollably? The others were holding back, dubious expressions of sadness, joy, and well, in certain lab director's cases, consternation, if that pout was anything to go by. Any other time he'd have rather eaten his own gun than let anyone see him weak. To see him human, but right now it was all he could do to not crush the brunette against him and never let him out of his sight again.

He looked down at Kai, his face a mess of tears and snot, really, he was such a kid. How the hell he survived this long alone was truly a miracle.

One he'd about lost. One he'd tried to loose, even if it was to save him from himself.

He stared down into those large, puppy dog brown eyes, hands cradling his head, fingers brushing back unbidden tears and over open, gasping lips…

He hadn't even realized what he was thinking just then. Maybe he meant to rest his brow against Kai's, to close his eyes and breathe out a shaky breath, to know that they were both alive, that they were finally free. Maybe, but whatever he might have done didn't stop him from leaning down the rest of the way and kissing his idiot of a partner. It didn't stop him from crushing their lips together with enough force to bruise. It didn't stop him from taking the opportunity of a startled gasp to thrust his tongue in and swallow Kai's low moan, to murmur his assent and wrap an arm around the slender waist as Kai clung to him until he felt the contact of their bodies as a hot line down the length of him.

He couldn't tell you when the others made a hasty retreat or when the hospital security guard finally forced them out past the gate, grumbling under his breath the entire time. He couldn't have told you how he managed to find the car, or drive the twenty minutes to his apartment. He didn't even remember where he'd tossed his keys or his bag or, for that matter, any of their clothes. He could tell you about the mole behind Kai's left knee, or the way Kai trembles when he licks across his sternum, or the way when, just before, he finally stops talking long enough to really look him in the eye and smile. That slightly sad, tender smile he's never shown anyone else and whisper…


Actually, he wouldn't tell you about that last one. You see, that's the similarity between them, the one small part that's so much alike it'd terrify their coworkers if they ever knew because some things, some things really are meant to be kept a secret.