My Eyes Are Open by planet p

Disclaimer I don't own Watch Over Me or any of its characters.

He cheats on her, he's not who he says he is, his daughter, Caroline, is obviously seriously traumatised, and still Julia doesn't see that there's anything suspect, anything wrong, with her fiancé, Michael Krieger. Heck, he hired me as her bodyguard! Now what on Earth should a promising young psych student need a bodyguard for if not because of her philandering, criminal fiancé? I don't know if she is aware that something is off, and if she deliberately chooses not to see it – Out of love? A grab for money and fame? Financial worries no more; the future's set – or if she honestly hasn't clued on!

But I aim to change that very soon! I aim to open her eyes to Michael's true nature. Everyone deserves to choose their lot in life with all of their cards on the table, after all, not with a good percent of them missing.

Before it's too late.

I don't know, yet, how I'm going to do it; all I know is I'm not giving up.

Krieger might be of the opinion that his money and dashing nature make him invincible, that the whole world owes him a debt of gratitude, but I'm not so sold on the guy's "good nature". I know he's bad news, and it's only unfortunate that nobody was around to save his kid from his dangerous – at times, deadly – ambition. But I'm not going to let that happen to Julia!

Me, I have faith in her. If I work this thing right, we might even be able to work together to turn the tables on "medical entrepreneur" Michael Krieger. If I do it right. So no pressure, Jack. We might still be able to save Caroline, and a whole heap other people, too.

So I work for the guy, that doesn't mean I have to like him, or even give a damn about him. I'm paid to protect Julia, not him.