Summary: Kurosaki Ichigo is a relatively normal, well-adjusted student, in a steady relationship with fellow student Inoue Orihime. But he can't deny his illicit attraction to a certain schoolteacher. AiIchi. A semi-oneshot - it's a multi-chapter, but a short story multi-chapter. Probably only three at the most.

My first ever AiIchi story. Written for Sariniste as a cheering-up present, and because I need an excuse to write this. It's been sitting inside my head wanting to be written for some time now, and it finally has its chance. Written because I find the whole student/teacher taboo thing sexy. And AiIchi is sexy. For some reason, Ichigo annoys the crap out of me except for in AiIchi. I think it's because he gets uke'd, every single time. (Aizen always wins.)

There's some IchiHime (which I don't particularly like, but it adds to the AiIchi) and some KeigoxTatsuki fluff, just for funsies. And there is sexy, sexy taboo AiIchi. There is actually some semblance of a plot beforehand, purely because I feel guilty just doing lemon. I feel like a lazy author.

Warning: This is glorious smutty yaoi smut. (No shit Sherlock.) If you don't like, don't read. And don't comment/flame. I fully accept constructive criticism (even if I don't always like it) but no pairing bashing or yaoi bashing please. Constructive criticism should be just that. Constructive. Thank you. Kthxbai.

Well, you can randomly insult me for writing yaoi if you want. I just won't care. And you'll get the dubious honour of publicly announcing that you're an immature, small-minded homophobe. And I will then proceed to lol.

Love ya lots. 3

Dancing Lessons

Chapter 1


Giggles and blushes were already moving in circles around the school. To say the least, it was getting on Kurosaki Ichigo's nerves. Giggling girls made him uncomfortable at the best of times, and after four days straight of it, he most definitely wasn't at his best.

He slammed his locker door shut, hearing Orihime's laughter. She wound her arms around his neck, hugging him. 'You look so grumpy,' she teased.

'That's just how his face looks!' Asano Keigo's lunatic grin rapidly dropped into a grimace of pain. He clutched his arm, turning to glare at the culprit.

Arisawa Tatsuki didn't bother to retract her fist. She stared unabashedly at Keigo, looking completely unapologetic. 'And your face is so much better,' she said.

'Hey!' Keigo looked wounded, as per usual. 'A guy's girlfriend isn't supposed to say those kinds of things!'

Tatsuki's stare didn't drop, although the corner of her mouth began to twitch into a smile. 'And you're not supposed to insult your friends,' she told him. 'Apologise.'

'Only if you give me a kiss - ow!' Keigo dropped, clutching his head. Tatsuki was holding her schoolbag above him, unaffected as always by the act.

Ichigo ignored their antics. 'What's so great about this new teacher, anyway?' he grumbled. 'It seems like no one can stop talking about him.'

Orihime kissed him on the cheek, then let go. 'Aizen-san?' she asked. 'He used to teach at my old school.'

Ichigo turned to face her. 'Really?' he asked, momentarily confused. Then he remembered. 'Oh, right,' he said. 'You went to Seireitei High before you transferred here, didn't you?'

Orihime nodded. 'I was in his chemistry class,' she said, looking down. A blush spread across her cheeks. 'I kind of used to have a crush on him.'

Keigo laughed, still lying on the ground. 'Oh, a juicy scandal!' He sprang to his feet. 'Tell us, Inoue-chaaaaaaaaaan -'

Ichigo beat Tatsuki to it, giving his so-called friend a good hard smack on the crown of the head with the side of his fist. 'Shut up, idiot,' he growled. 'She said "used to." Didn't you hear that?'

Keigo collapsed again with a groan. Despite his words, Ichigo felt a tightening in his chest at the thought of Orihime having feelings for someone else besides him.

As if she could tell what he was thinking, she reached out to take his hand, intertwining her fingers with his. 'Kurosaki-kun is right,' she said, looking up at him with a reassuring smile. 'There's nothing to tell. It was just a silly crush. And it's all in the past now.'

'It looks like you're not the only one, anyway,' Tatsuki observed, looking in the direction of a nearby gaggle of girls. 'He must really be something.' Ichigo could hear snatches of their conversation, caught the name 'Aizen' mentioned repeatedly. He sighed.

'So why did he leave Seireitei?' he asked, changing the topic. 'There must have been a reason.'

'It's kind of sad, actually,' Orihime answered. 'It wasn't even really anything to do with him. You guys must have heard about what happened there just before I transferred, a couple of years ago.'

Nods went around the circle. Ichigo racked his memory. 'What was it again?' he asked. 'Some kid who was a pyromaniac?'

'There were a group of them.' Orihime's eyes were sad. 'They were burning parts of the school down. At first it wasn't that bad, and then - the houses nearby started being targeted as well. The police came to our school, and they caught him before too long.'

'Who?' Ichigo asked.

'Urahara-san, the biology teacher,' Orihime said. 'He was so nice, too. He used to let me sit out of class if I couldn't handle the dissections. They figured it out - because it was always the science labs being targeted, parts of the school where no one could have gotten in without a teacher's keys.'

'Couldn't someone have broken in?' Tatsuki asked.

Orihime shook her head. 'There weren't any signs of forced entry.' She sighed. 'It turned out he was running some sort of drug ring through the school, getting this group of kids to destroy the evidence he left behind in the science labs. I didn't really know anyone who was involved.'

Ichigo felt himself growing impatient, wanting to know how the story ended. 'So what did all this have to do with Aizen?' he asked.

'It was awful,' Orihime continued. 'The police caught Urahara-san red-handed, and he denied it. But that wasn't all.' She paused. 'The group of students that were found out along with him all blamed Aizen-san.'

Tatsuki's eyes widened. 'Why would they blame someone innocent? That's a horrible thing to do. Were they really that loyal to their ringleader?'

Orihime nodded. 'I guess so. Otherwise they would have just told the truth, wouldn't they?' She sighed again. 'What made it even more awful was that on the day they caught Urahara-san, Aizen-san was visiting his dying mother in hospital. There was no way he could have done it. I guess the rumours must have gotten too much for him, so he moved.'

Ichigo couldn't stand to see the sadness on her face. He hugged his girlfriend, and felt rather than saw her smile. 'It'll be better for him now that he's here, I guess,' he said, a little unwillingly. 'As long as you don't still have a crush on the guy.'

Orihime laughed. 'Don't be silly, Kurosaki-kun. I love you.' She kissed his neck.

Ichigo kept his concerns - if he could even call them that - silent. Something about the story seemed a little fishy to him. He supposed he could understand a group of drug-addicted teenagers trying to protect their supplier, not that he'd ever been in that position himself, but -

Why would they choose such an obvious lie to tell? It seemed stupid and pointless to him.

Ichigo shrugged it off. It was probably just jealousy talking, he thought to himself.