His black eyes glittered in anticipation as the young girl stepped out of the carriage. She was surrounded by a faint silver glow. Her pale skin and hair was rare in the Seven Deserts.

"My lord," she says, curtsying.

"Celestria." Two of my Mamluks take her things to her new room. "Come on." She follows obediently. "You will be staying in here until your bedroom is finished."

"Yes my lord."

"We will be eating in ten minutes—my apprentice will lead you to the dining hall." She nods and enters her room.


The room is plain with one bed, a wardrobe, and a mirror; all black. There is a window opposite of my bed; next to the wardrobe is a small circular mirror. By my reflection I see my white-blonde hair is disheveled, my once bright amber eyes are dulled by the sorrow of my parent's death. I change into a simple black dress and comb my hair.

There's a light knock at my door. Outside it is a man my age (about 18) with curly black hair and onyx colored eyes. His skin is as pale as my uncle and mine and he had a scowl on his face.

"Princess Celestria." I nod. "Follow me." That was all he said on the way to the dining hall. A Mamluk opens the door for us, another Mamluk put a bowl of soup in front of us.

"You will move into your permanent room tomorrow," says my uncle. I nod my understanding. "Have you lost your voice?"

"No my lord."

"That's better." We eat in an uncomfortable silence. After I finish I excuse myself and go back to my room. I change into a pink silk nightgown.

I fall asleep rather easily and wake up to another light knock on my door. It was my uncle's apprentice.


"You will begin your studies today." I get dressed and follow him to my uncle's lab.

"Good you brought her." He hands me a thick tolm over levitation. I read and after ten hours he tells us to stop. We go eat dinner, then I retire to my room and read a book of poems until I fall asleep.

The next day it starts all over again. I read and every now and then practice levitation for ten hours, go eat, read poems, and then sleep. This goes on for the next two weeks. My uncle rarely practiced his magic, but when he got mad at his apprentice his gauntlet glows an angry red.

Dinner had little if any conversation. One morning I woke not to a light knocking but to screaming. This wasn't unusual at night, for that's when my uncle abused his apprentice, in the mornings he stays quiet and keeps his temper in check. I pull on a sea green dress and shoes and run to my uncle's lab.

I see my uncle on the floor, groveling and his apprentice is standing. He has the gauntlet on and turns my uncle into a Mamluk. He turns and looks at me, his dark eyes glittering in anticipation.

"Good morning lord Mozenrath."