A/N: This is set after Elizabeth has become the Virgin Queen. I had wondered what she must have felt, what she must have been thinking, after everything had settled down. The poem sprang from this, and it only took ten minutes in the library at college.

Is it fair to have your mother killed,
To be called a bastard?
Is it fair to be cared for by a sister,
One who hated your own mother?

This is not fair,
Nor is this poem done.

Is it fair to have four different mothers,
The first who births a son?
Is it fair to be accepted again,
Just because your mother is dead?

It is sad,
But not even half done.

Is it fair to lose a brother,
Sickly from the start?
Is it fair to be cruelly jailed,
Especially by your sister?

It gets better,
Though it is near an end.

Is it fair to become Queen,
Only because your sister is dead?
Is it fair to lose your first true love,
Mainly because he was married?

If there is really fairness,
Please tell me quickly.
Because from where I stand,
There is no such thing.