Ch. 1: My Life

It's not easy for a girl like me to be in the situation I'm in. I know that most kids would be bothered by it, but I'm used to it and it doesn't bother me anymore. My name is Crystal and I'm adopted by a man named Barney Ross. I never knew my parents, but I know that they gave me away when I was little. He adopted me when I was little and things got interesting after that. It wasn't until my teenage years that I figured that out. For a long time I wouldn't see him for weeks or months at a time and I was with an apparently well paid nanny so to speak. Eventually, he took me over to his place, which turned out to be very cool. He had a whole bunch of friends that were his team and his team was called The Expendables.

From what I understood was that, they were an extremely special forces group that took up extremely top secret missions all over the world. Apparently, what made him decide to adopt was from the fact that before he even got into this group, he retired from the military for a couple of years and had some quiet time from fighting. He wouldn't tell me who got him back into action, but he stayed in action ever since. At first the whole thing got me scared, but I got myself to get used to it.

Being around all those guys was fun at times because they were so goofy towards each other. They were all unique in their own way. Christmas was good with a knife, and he even had a girlfriend. Yang got made fun of because he was small, but he was fast because of his martial art skills. Gunner was a little risky with things in his life, but I could tell he was trying to make amends. Caesar was a guy who loved huge guns, particularly shotguns. He made fun of Road because of his cauliflower ears he got during his wrestling years. The elder of the group was Tool, who painted tattoos and had plenty of stories to tell. Ross was the leader and I was proud to call him my dad.

Some of them even taught me some of the things they knew. Christmas taught me how to throw a knife with good aim, while Yang taught me some martial arts. Dad taught me how to shoot and some basic moves himself I figured it might come in handy in case any guy wanted to put his hands on me. Which I knew would be soon since I started high school. I always made sure to stay in shape and had long curly brown hair that had black highlights. I decided on black because of the raven that was the teams symbols. The team had recently come back from a harsh mission in South America. They had a good night at home and everything seemed ok for the moment. I got home and was greeted by my dad.

"School going ok?" He asked me.

"Yeah things are going fine just boring I guess." I replied and I put my backpack onto the floor. I noticed there were several motorcycles in the garage.

"Gunner's here?" I asked.

"There in the back with the trucks." He replied. This whole building was an apartment complex and the whole team lived here. They had their computers and other high tech stuff on one of the upper floors, while the apartments were in another building. Most of them did mechanics and just hung around the city.

"Anything new?" I asked him.

"Nope not yet." He replied. We both turned at the sound of a motorcycle and I waved at Christmas. After taking off his helmet he walked over to me.

"Hey Crystal, how's life treating you?" He asked me.

"Good for the moment." I replied. He laughed.

"Yeah well just be careful of those boys at school." He said to me.

"Hey she doesn't need to hear that stuff. She's just a freshman." Dad said to him.

"I'm just giving her an early start." He said innocently.

"How's Lacy doing?" I asked him trying to change the subject.

"Great now that that loser is out of the way." He replied. I had never met Lacy, but I had heard all about her. She seemed like a nice girl and I wish I could meet her, but that really wasn't my business. Most of the days went like this. I would catch the boys coming in and out of the place and a little small talk. I was even allowed to have my own apartment, but technically it was connected to dad's apartment, so he could always keep a better eye on me when he could. I always tried to make sure I took care of my boys, so to speak.

They took care of me so I thought I should take care of them when I could or when they accepted the offer. I never understood what is it with guys accepting help from girls. I guess it was because most of them were guys well over six feet, full of muscle, and too macho to accept help from a skinny, five and a half foot tall teenage girl. Well it was normal to me and like I said I was used to it.

I got this idea from a dream I had once. (I swear I dreamed I was the girl who looked after all these cool guys) It was a story that I couldn't pass up. Crystal is Ross's adopted daughter during a slow time in his life. The story is told mostly from Crystal's point of view, with Ross's and Christmas's pov in every now and then. Hope you like it and please review. any questions send it in a review.